A History of England: During the Reign of George the Third, Հատոր 3

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J.W. Parker and son, 1860

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Էջ 443 - When that nameless thing which has been lately set up in France was described as "the most stupendous and glorious edifice of liberty which had been erected on the foundation of human integrity in any time or country...
Էջ 350 - In his firm opinion, his royal highness the Prince of Wales had as clear, as express a right to assume the reins of government, and exercise the power of sovereignty, during the continuance of the illness and incapacity with which it had pleased God to afflict his Majesty, as in the case of his Majesty's having undergone a natural and perfect demise...
Էջ 151 - If you mean there should not be a Government by departments, I agree with you ; I think it a very bad system. There should be one man, or a Cabinet, to govern the whole, and direct every measure. Government by departments was not brought in by me. I found it so, and had not vigour and resolution to put an end to it. The King ought to be treated with all sort of respect and attention, but the appearance of power is all that a king of this country can have.
Էջ 274 - This cannot be done but by making England and Ireland one country in effect, though for local concerns under distinct Legislatures ; one in the communication of advantages, and of course in the participation of burdens.
Էջ 500 - How could we ever be so deceived in the character of the French nation as to think them capable of liberty ! wretches, who, after all their professions and boasts about liberty, and patriotism, and courage, and dying, and after taking oath after oath, at the very moment when their country is invaded and an enemy is marching through it unresisted, employ whole days in murdering women, and priests, and prisoners!
Էջ 203 - Temple to say, that whoever voted for the India bill was not only not his friend, but would be considered by him as his enemy. And if these words were not strong enough, Earl Temple might use whatever words he might deem stronger or more to the purpose.
Էջ 204 - December 17, it was declared a breach of fundamental privileges, &c., to report any opinion or pretended opinion of the king on any bill or proceeding depending in either House of Parliament, with a view to influence the votes of the members.
Էջ 502 - Honourable friend no more." No sooner had he said this, than he darted across the house and seated himself by the side of Mr. Pitt, on the ministerial benches.
Էջ 222 - Ministry, — for that word may now with propriety be used, — readily consented. Indeed the great question touching the currency could not be brought forward more conveniently than in such a Committee. When the Speaker had left the chair, Howe harangued against the war...
Էջ 91 - the best of messages to the best of people from the best of kings.

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