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When the great Earl of Chatham first made his appearance in the House of Commons, and began to astonish and transport the British Parliament and British nation by the boldness, the force and range of his thoughts, and the celestial fire and pathos of his eloquence, it is well known that the minister Walpole and his brother Horace, from motives very easily understood, exerted all their wit, all their oratory, all their acquirements of every description, sustained and enforced by the unfeeling insolence of office, to heave a mountain on his gigantic genius, and hide it from the world.

When he breathes his master-lay

Of Alloway's witch-haunted wall,
All passions in our frames of clay

Come thronging at his call.
When to the common rest that crowns our days,
Called in the noon of life, the good man goes' ;
Or, full of years and ripe in wisdom, lays
His silver temples in their last repose';
When o'er the buds of youth the death-wind blows,
And blights the fairest'; when our bitterest tears
Stream, as the eyes of all that loved us close:
We think on what they were, and leave the coming years.

When thoughts
Of the last bitter hour come like a blight
Over thy spirit, and sad images
Of the stern agony, and shroud, and pall,
And breathless darkness, and the narrow house,
Make thee to shudder, and grow sick at heart;
Go forth under the open sky and list
To nature's teachings.

Had'st thou but shook thy head, or made a pause,
When I spake darkly what I purposed;
Or turned an eye of doubt upon my face,

And bid me tell my tale in express words :
Deep shame had struck me dumb, made me break off,
And those thy fears might have wrought fears in me.

Compellatives Delivered with the Bend. The heavens and earth, O Lord ! proclaim thy bound

less power.

O blessed spirit freed from earth, rejoice !

This, O men of Athens ! my duty prompted me to represent to you on this occasion.

Sir, the declaration will inspire the people with increased courage.

Yes, land of liberty, thy children have no cause to blush for thee.

Haughty lord !
Think not I stoop to deprecate your wrath.

For heaven's sake, Hubert, let me not be bound !

For your sake, jewel,
I am glad at soul I have no other child.

Departed spirits of the mighty dead !
Ye that at Marathon and Leuctra bled !
Friends of the world! restore yonr swords to man,
Fight in his sacred cause, and lead the van!

Compellatives, with Falling Slide, as Following Strong

Charge, Chester, charge! On, Stanley, on!

Down, soothless insulter! I trust not the tale.

Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites !

Stand ! the ground's your own, my braves ! How could ye do this, ye slaves and miserable panders of tyranny!

Then melt, ye elements ! that formed in vain
This troubled pulse and visionary brain;
Fade, ye wild flowers ! memorial of my doom;
And sink, ye stars ! that light me to the tomb!

Compellatives with Falling Slide, Because Repeated in Order

to be Heard.

Mr. Speaker! Mr. Speaker!
Lord ! Lord ! open unto us.
Hamlet. Hold off thy hand !
King. Pluck them asunder!

Queen. Hamlet! Hamlet!
Lysander ! what! removed ? Lysander ! lord !
What, out of hearing ? gone? no sound, no word ?

O mother, mother, do not jest
On such a theme as this.

Compellatives Repeated with Rising Slide. O Jerusalem ! Jerusalem I thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee, etc.

Oh! Raimond ! Raimond !
If it should be that I have wronged thee, say
Thou dost forgive me.

O mother! mother! mother!
How strange it seems to me!

O Cromwell, Cromwell,
Had I but served my God with half the zeal
I served my King, he would not in mine age
Have left me naked to my enemies.

Parenthesis, Delivered with the Eend. He had not been there (as I was informed by those who lived in the neighborhood, and were acquainted with him) since the year 1796.

Should liberty continue to be abused in this country as it has been for some time past (and though demagogues may not admit, yet sensible and observing men will not deny that it has been), the people will seek relief in despotism or in emigration.

Know ye not, brethren (for I speak to them that know the law), how that the law hath dominion over a man as long as he liveth ?

Could he possibly have committed this crime (I am sure he could not), which, as all will acknowledge, is at variance with the character he has borne, and the whole tenor of his life?

And what now (I ask you) is to save us from the abuse of all this power?

She had managed this matter so well (oh! she was the most artful of women !) that my father's heart was gone before I suspected it was in danger.

It was represented by an analogy (oh! how inadequate!) which was borrowed from the religion of paganism.

Indefinite Interrogatires in Parenthesis. Sir, to borrow the words of one of your own poets, whose academic sojourn was in the next college to that in which we are now assembled, and in what language but that of Milton can I hope to do justice to Bacon and Newton ?) if their star should ever for a period go down, it must be to rise again with new splendor.

I am so ill at present (an illness of my own procuring last night: who is perfect ?) that nothing but your very great kindness could make me write.

While they wish to please (and why should they not wish it ?) they disdain dishonorable means.

God hath a special indignation against pride above all other sins; and he will cross our endeavors, not because they are evil, (what hurt could there be in laying one brick on another; or rearing a Babel more than any other editice?) but because this business is proudly undertaken.

Perhaps (for who can guess the effects of chance ?)
Here Hunt may box, or Mahomet may dance.




The rising slide carries the voice upward through a succession of tones; as, “Does God uniformly work in one way'?” Is this a dagger that I see before me, the handle towards my hand'?”

Note.—a. The voice is carried gradually upward through a whole clause or sentence.

b. In this volume the acute accent is employed to mark both the rising slide and the bend. The pupil must distinguish between them by considering the principles involved. Systematic exercises on vowels, etc., are recommended to train the ear to nice discriminations in inflection.

c. A clause that is inverted, often takes the rising inflection, when, if the sentence were logically arranged, it would naturally take the partial close.

The rising slide is used :

In the delivery of definite interrogative sentences (VIII, p. 13), the voice continuing to rise from the beginning to the end of the sentence; as, “Would you wish to ruin yourself in public opinion, merely to gratify your resentment' ? ” (See CHAP. IV, on the Falling Slide, Note, p. 43.)

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