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seeing that the prince marched towards Con- J.C. 1514.

'Heg, 917 ftantinople, though the janissaries did not seem to think of joining him, he thought it high time to stop his son. We know not how it was, thac the revolt did not then break outi it is certain that Bajazet opposed the enterprises of Selim with these same janissaries, who would not have Achmet for their emperor. Perhaps those, who entered into this conspiracy, were not yet fuf ficiently, sure of the foldiers. Be that as it may, The sultan met his son at a village called Ogris near Tchorlo : he commanded an, aşmy superior in number and courage, Selim was soon defeated; his father did not pursue him, and the prince retired to Varna with the broken remains of his army. We don't well know if this facility of saving his head from the chastisement that he merited, was owing to the clemency of Bajazet, or the love of the troops who refused to pursue him. It is certain, that the emperor had pur nilhed two other sons with more severity for less crimes,... icons : nitori

The revolt of Selim, and the trouble that the sultan had been obliged to take to repress him, confirmed Bajazet in his resolution of abdicating the throne in favor of Achmet. But that timid prince preferred the repose of his seraglio, to the dangerous honor of governing a ferocious people, who made themselves formi


OF THE OTTOMANS. J.C.1511.dable to their masters whenever they were at a

loss to employ them against their enemies. ' Achmet, on his return to his fangiacate, wrote to The sultan, who preffed him to return to Conftantinople, that, fince the janiffaries would not have him, he, in his turn, would not be their master against their consent. Korcút, Bajazet's second fon, apparently ought to inherit the rights resigned by his brother ; he had formerly governed the empire in the name of his father, and the Ottomans seemingly should have adopted him, rather than his brothers whom they did not know. He left Magnesia to come to Conftantinople and claim this magnificent heritage ; but fince Achmet had refused the sceptre, the grand vizier, Mustapha, persuaded - Bajazet, that he alone could support it in his hands. The em peror therefore no longer thought of abdicating. But the people and the janissaries, who always look upon the words of the sovereign as facted, and who moreover did not love Bajazet, remembered that he had announced his resignation, and were so daring as to demand it aloud around the seraglio, and in all the streets of Conftantinople. The vizier could think of no other way to revoke what appeared to be irrevocable, than having the emperor" solicited by all the bashaws who composed the divan, to remain on his throne. The viziers, seraskiers, and bashaws of the ban


or three tails, * consented to what the grand J.C. 1511.

Heg. 917 vizier' required of them; but the cries of the janissaries, and even of the people, cooled the zoal of these courtiers, who never durst publish their proceeding, and who even denied it when they were reproached with it. Korcut did not please the troops better than his brother Achmet; they would have Selim, who, all vanquished as he had been, appeared to them brave, enterprising, and made for conquests. The senberekchi The janis.

saries press bakchi set out for Caffa in Crimea, where Selim Selim to had rețired on leaving Varna; he again pressed efforts. the prince to come and put himself at the head ings of of the troops, all ready to place him on the the same throne and to maintain him thereon. Selim, purpolca taught by misfortuune, would not trust to this first solicitation; he declared he would not again expose his enterprise and head to the hazard of a battle, and be combated by those who had promised him their assistance; that, in consequence, he should not appear in the environs of Constantinople, 'till he were sure, not only of all the janissaries quartered in the city, but even of all


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Korcut for

* All these titles are nearly the same. The rank of bashaw of three tails gives entrance to the divan. The seraskiers are bashaws of three tails. The beglerbeg is a balbaw of two tails, and he commands, not only the army where he is, but the troops that may be in the same province, commanded by other bahaws fubordinate to him. There are but two feraskiers, the one of Asia, the other of Europe. This title, which gives likewise superiority over all the troops, has no function but when the emperor pleases. The bathaws of two and one tail are net admiçred into the diran.

F.C.15Ir the garrisons in the European dominions. This

negociation took up much time, which Bajazet and his vizier might have turned to advantage ; but they thought themselves so sure that Selim, weakened, would never think of repairing his loffes, that they seemed only occupied about Korcut, whose underhand proceedings fatigued the minister, though the janissaries did not appear to relish him. At length Mustapha found means to fend this ambitious, timid being to his fangiacate, either by demonstrating to him the fatal consequences of a too great earnestness to reign, or promising that he should one day be preferred

to his brothers. 7.C.1612. Korcut was hardly gone, when they learned Heg. 9380 that Selim was arrived, still under the pious preSelim are rives before text of paying his respects to his father. He had tinople, at brought no troops from Tartary; but all those the Euro- of the European governments joined his standard. troops. These news caused the greatest joy in the city, faries join and the greatest confternation in the feraglio.

The janissaries of Conftantinople marched in arms to the camp of Selim, leaving Bajazet under the guard of the bostangis. The people exclaimed in the streets, that the glory of the empire was going to revive, whilft Bajazet and his divan were chilling with terror. This prince faw, that all refiftance was useless, he sent his vizier to confer with his rebellious for. The minister tried to move the heart of Selim, by asking


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him, if he would have the sceptre or the life of 1.C.1512. his father. The prince answered respectfully in appearance; he assured him, that he did not Bajazet ab. want to reign; that he was come, only to throne, and talk with the emperor on the present go- his retreat vernment, the luxury and indolence of which tica. appeared to him condemnable; and to hear the complaints of these brave janissaries who pined with impatience and grief to see the neighbours of the Ottoman empire become powerful by its weakness; that the sophi of Persia and the soudan of Egypt seized at their pleasure che places bordering on their dominions, whilst the valour of the Ottoman troops, and the conquests of Mahomet II. seemed to order his successor to conquer, in his turn, both Egypt and Persia ; that the military spirit of the nation was on the decline; that it would even affect good order, and 'that Bajazet was not in safety on his throne. Selim refused to give the vizier any other explanation ; he sent him back to Bajazet, more alarmed than ever...?

The sultan, feeing his son, the people, and the army, all against him at the same time, thought only of resigning the sceptre, which so long had fatigued his hands. A dream, which he had in the midst of these contests, in which he fancied he saw the officers of the seraglio strip him of the royal ornaments to inveft his son with them, appeared to this weak prince an order from



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