Catalogue of the Dante Collection Presented by Willard Fiske, Volume 1

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The Library, 1921 - 606 էջ

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Էջ 53 - Critical, historical, and philosophical contributions to the study of the Divina commedia, by HC Barlow; The trilogy, or Dante's three visions, translated by JW Thomas.
Էջ 47 - Chaytor, Henry John. Folquet de Marselha, troubadour, bishop, and inquisitor. (In Dante Society, London. Lectures. [1904.] Vol. i, pp. 211-241.) The troubadours of Dante; selections from the works of the Provençal poets quoted by Dante, with introduction, notes, concise grammar and glossary. Oxford, 1902. 8°. pp. xxxvi + 242. 1019 с 452 Cherif, C. Rivas. .SV.. Rivas Cherif, C. Chervoillot, Louis. Dante Alighieri e l
Էջ 61 - L' allegoria fondamentale del poema di Dante. (In same. 1909. Vol. xvii, pp. 229268.) L' allegoria fondamentale del poema di Dante; nota. (In Reale Accademia dei Lincei. Rendiconti. Classe di scienze morali, storiche e filologiche. 1910. Serie 5*, vol. xix, pp. 249251-) See also Brognoligo, G. Note [on the above]. 191o. Filomusi-Guelfi, Lorenzo. Ancora della struttura morale del
Էջ 42 - IX. A Guide to the Middle English Metrical Romances dealing with English and Germanic Legends, and .with the Cycles of Charlemagne and of Arthur. ANNA HUNT BILLINGS, Ph.D.
Էջ 2 - MA, D.Litt. IN THE FOOTPRINTS OF DANTE. A Treasury of Verse and Prose from the works of Dante. Small Cr.
Էջ 22 - G 57 i Vita nova, suivant le texte critique préparé pour la " Società Dantesca Italiana " par M. Barbi, traduite, avec une introduction et des notes, par H. COCHIN.
Էջ 91 - Gli accenni al tempo nella Divina Commedia e loro relazione con la presunta data e
Էջ 97 - La data della composizione e le teorie politiche dell' Inferno, e del Purgatorio di Dante. (In Studj romanzi.
Էջ 50 - ... will probably be accepted as a permanent measure, and in spite of the threats of Mr. Bonar Law, there is, therefore, little likelihood that either party will, in the near future do more than modify it to remedy defects which experience may reveal. Ancient and Modern Letters LANE COOPER President of the New York Theta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at Cornell University* Phi Beta Kappa is "a Greek letter society.
Էջ 112 - Val D'Arno: Ten Lectures on the Tuscan Art Directly Antecedent to the Florentine Year of Victories.

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