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To the Lamb our song shall be
Through a glad eternity.
Farewell earthly mom and even,
Sun and moon, and stars of heaven :
Heavenly portals ope before me ;
Welcome Christ, and all His glory.




O Thou that dwellest in the heaven so high,
Beyond yon star, within yon sky;
Where the dazzling fields need no other light,
Nor the sun by day, nor the moon by night!
Though countless myriads around Thee stand, —
For the sake of Him on Thy right hand,
O, think on the souls He has died for here,
Who are wandering in darkness, in doubt and fear!

The powers of darkness are all abroad,
They own no Saviour,—they fear no God;
And we are wandering in dumb dismay,
Our night is dreary, and dim our day!
O, turn not Thou Thy face away!
For if Thou turnest Thy face away,
We have none to look to, and none to trust,
We are weak and helpless and sinful dust.

Thine aid, Almighty One, we crave ! Not shorten'd is Thine arm to save. Alas, from Thee we here sojourn,Return to us, O God, return !




A HARE, who, in a civil way

... (Gay) 277
A poor wayfaring man of grief (J. Montgomery) 132
A true good man there was there of religion (Chaucer) 3
Abide with me! fast falls the eventide (H. F. Lyte) 182
Afar in the Desert I love to ride

(Pringle) 165
Afore the Lammas tide ..

(Smibert) 224
Ah! my heart is weary waiting (Anonymous) 286
All in our marriage-garden.... (G. Massey) 254
And call the vales, and bid them hither cast (Milton) 35
And hark ! the Nightingale begins his song(Coleridge) 137
And, if I give thee honour due

(Milton) 36
And is there care in heaven? and is there love(Spenser) 5
And the mute Silence hist along.. (Milton) 38
And thou hast walk'd about (how strange a story !)

(Horace Smith) 279
Ask not, who ended here his span (Gambold) 71
Attend, all ye who list to hear our noble England's

(Macaulay) 194
Avenge, 0 Lord, Thy slaughter'd saints, whose

(Milton) 41
Beneath, a sleeping infant lies.... (S. Wesley, jun.) 57
Beside yon straggling fence that skirts the way...

(Goldsmith) 81
Blessings, O Father ! shower :(Mrs. Hemans) 177
Between the dark and the daylight .. (Longfellow) 245
Brother, thou art gone before us, and thy saintly
soul is flown

(Milman) 258
Can angel-spirits need repose (Eliza Jones) 221



Can any mortal mixture of earth's mould (Milton) 34
Clasp me a little longer on the brink (Campbell) 146
Clear and cool, clear and cool

(Kingsley) 242
Clear, placid Leman! thy contrasted lake (Byron) 160



Deep in the shady sadness of a vale (Keats) 184
Did sweeter sounds adorn my flowing tongue (Prior)
Dim as the borrow'd beams of moon and stars ..

Do ye hear the children weeping, O my brothers ..

(E. Barrett Browning) 205
Earth has not anything to show more fair .......

(Wordsworth) 119
Earth’s joy but lights the look, or tunes the voice ..

(W. M. Bunting) 203
Eternal Light ! Eternal Light !

(Binney) 230
Ethereal minstrel ! pilgrim of the sky (Wordsworth) 118

Fair images of sleep

(Mrs. Hemans) 176
Fair pledges of a fruitful tree

(Herrick) 19
Farewell, a long farewell, to all my greatness...

(Shakspeare) 7
Father of harmony, farewell !

(C. Wesley) 63
For Thou didst die for me, O Son of God! (Milman) 260
For Thou wert born of woman ! Thou didst come..

(Milman) 256
Fountain of light and living breath (Quarles) 20

God that madest earth and heaven.... (Bp. Heber) 152
Go now, and with some daring drug (Crashaw) 43

Hail, holy Light ! offspring of heaven first-born! ..

(Milton) 29
Hail to thee, blithe Spirit

(Shelley) 172
Happy insect! What can be

.. (Cowley) 47
Hast thou a charm to stay the morning star (Coleridge) 138
He is dead, the beautiful youth ...... (Longfellow) 249


He that from dross would win the precious ore....

(J. Montgomery) 134
Here as I take my solitary rounds .... (Goldsmith) 82
Here it comes sparkling

(Southey) 281
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face.. (Bonar) 231
How happy is he born and taught (Sir H. Wotton) 11
How sleep the Brave who sink to rest.... (Collins) 76
I am old and blind .... (Ascribed to Milton) 41
I'm wearing awa', Jean

(Lady C. Nairn) 115
I long a lay from heaven to hear (Eliza Jones) 224
I miss thee from my side

(Alaric Watts) 187
I paid a visit first to Ukenheim (H. Taylor) 266
I saw thy form in youthful prime (T. Moore) 149
I sprang to the stirrup, and Joris, and he (R. Browning) 232
I wander'd lonely as a cloud

(Wordsworth) 118
I was a stricken deer, that left the herd.. (Cowper) 94
I would I were an excellent divine (Ascribed to

Nicholas Breton) 25
If cherubs slumber, such is their repose (Eliza Jones) 223
In age and feebleness extreme. (C. Wesley) 68
In sure and certain hope to rise (C. Wesley) 67
In the young merry time of spring .. (Mary Howitt) 238
It happen'd on a solemn eventide (Cowper) 91
It is a place where poets crown'd may feel the heart's

(E. Barrett Browning) 211
It is not growing like a tree

(Ben Jonson) 13
It must be so: Plato, thou reasonest well (Addison) 51
It was a brave attempt ! adventurous he (Dr. Watts) 53
It was a pleasant morning, in the time (N. P. Willis) 273
It was a summer's evening

(Southey) 148
John Anderson my jo, John

(Burns) 106
Let high-birth triumph! What can be more great ?

(Young) 56
Let me not to the marriage of true minds (Shakspeare) 11
Life ! I know not what thou art.. (Mrs. Barbauld) 98


Life's mystery, deep, restless as the ocean

(H. B. Stowe) 265
Lord, what a change within us one short hour

(Abp. Trench) 271
Lord, when Thou me shalt gather (G. Wither) 18
Lord, with what care hast Thou begirt us round !

(G. Herbert) 23

Many sounds were sweet

(Pollok) 189
Mary! I want a lyre with other strings.. (Cowper) 96
Mild, sweet, serene, and cheerful was her mood

(S. Wesley, jun.) 58
Morn on the waters !--and, purple and bright ...

(T. K. Hervey) 199
My days among the Dead are past...... (Southey) 143
My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains (Keats) 185
My heart goes with thee, dauntless man (W. Howitt) 241
My loved, my honour'd, much-respected friend !

(Burns) 106
My prayers for her being done, I took .. (Patmore) 262

Near yonder copse where once the garden smiled

(Goldsmith) 79
Night is the time for rest .(J. Montgomery) 135
No sooner had the Almighty ceased, but all (Milton) 27
Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note .. (Wolf) 170
Not as all other women are

(J. R. Lowell) 252
Now glory to the Lord of Hosts, from whom all
glories are !

(Macaulay) 190

O dark, dark, dark, amid the blaze of noon (Milton) 33
O man, (and legion is thy name,)..... .(Patmore) 264
O! my love's like the steadfast sun (Allan Cun-

ningham) 152
O that those lips had language ! Life has pass'd ..

*(Cowper) 87
0 Thou great Arbiter of life and death! .. (Young) 54

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