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several places; and issued in 1833, from the depôt at Frankfort, in the surrounding nations, 30,968 copies of the Scriptures; of which 3,471 were Protestant Bibles ; 14,774 Lutheran Testaments; 9,482 Catholic Testaments; and 881 Bibles and Testaments in different languages.

The central and Prussian Bible Society issued 7,602 Bibles, and 371 New Testaments ; but a larger number from its various auxiliaries.

Russia contained a few active friends of the Bible; but the operations of the Society were checked in various ways, though it was protected by the Government, and the Rev. Mr. Riall was still enabled to remain at St. Petersburgh.

Sweden and Denmark possessed several Societies, which were zealous in circulating the Scriptures.

Malta, Corfu, Smyrna, and Constantinople, still maintained their former importance in this work, disseminating many copies of the sacred books in Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, and the Greek Islands. Some useful efforts also in favour of the Bible were made in Syria and Armenia.

The Calcutta Bible Society proceeded with translations in the Persian, Bengalee, and Hinduwee. The Serampore Missionaries granted 1,000 copies of the entire Bible in Bengalee, translated by Dr. Carey, “ with his latest corrections, the fruit of thirty-nine years' unremitted study. Of a great part of the New Testament, this forms the seventh edition, and of the remainder the sixth.The issues of the Scriptures by this Society, in two years have been 22,332

copies, in several languages; and it was aided by the Committee in England by a grant of £500.

The Madras Bible Society carried on the revision of the Tamil and Canarese New Testament, and the Malayalim Old Testament; and the Scriptures were circulated also in the Hindoostanee, Mahratta, Teloogoo, and Goojurattee versions ; in the whole, 14,858 copies of the Scriptures.

The Bombay Bible Society, also, had issued 5,381 copies in twelve different languages; and 2,158 copies were issued by the Colombo Bible Society.

Some worthy services in the Bible cause were rendered still in New South Wales and Van Dieman's Land.

Mr. Gutzlaff, and other Missionaries at Malacca, laboured in circulating the Scriptures, principally in the Malay, the Tamul, and the Chinese ; and they were authorized to circulate, at the charge of the Society, 5,000 copies of the Chinese Testament. In a tour of six months, Mr. Gutzlaff found the natives on the coasts of the Chinese Seas eager to obtain the Scriptures.

Translations of the New Testament into Manchou and Mongolian, the other two principal languages of China, had been obtained, the latter of which was printed at St. Petersburgh.

The Malagasse Testament was printed in England, for the native converts of Madagascar. The Bible cause was still carried on at the Mauritius, and at Cape Town. Dr. Philip bears testimony to the vast benefits derived by the converted Hottentots from the Scriptures, which were circulated both in English and Dutch ; while parts of the Bible were printed in the Sichuana language, translated by the Rev. R. Moffat; and in the Caffre language by the Wesleyan Missionaries.

Many copies of the Scriptures had been issued, also, at Sierra Leone and other parts of Western Africa, and at Algiers, and Tunis, in Arabic, French, Spanish, Turkish, and especially Hebrew and Greek.

Some success attended the Bible in Mexico and in South America; and much more in the several islands of the West Indies, particularly by the agency of Mr. Thomson.

The issues of the American Bible Society, aided by its 863 Auxiliaries, were 91,168 copies of the Scriptures; and it granted 5,000 dollars to aid in printing 20,000 New Testaments in the Hawaian language.

British America had many Auxiliaries, which nobly aided the Bible Society in circulating the Scriptures.

Domestic proceedings, aided by 3,258 Auxiliaries, Branches, and Associations in the British empire, indicated the accustomed zeal for the Bible; and at the Thirtieth Annual Meeting, held at Exeter Hall, Lord Bexley in the chair, there were reported the receipts for the year £83,897 2s. 6d. The grants of the Committee amounted to £25,047 12s. 10d. The issues from the Depository were 132,764 Bibles, and 155,427 Testaments; total, 288,191 ; and, on the Continent, 13,498 Bibles and 92,211 Testaments; a grand total of 393,900 copies of the Scriptures,

including 14,250 Bibles and 53,150 Testaments for schools and the poor in Ireland.

A hallowed Christian feeling seemed to pervade the large assembly, which was addressed by the Marquis of Cholmondeley, the Earl of Chichester, Viscount Morpeth, the Bishops of Chester and Lichfield and Coventry, the Rev. Mr. Abeel, from China, the Rev. R. Knill, from Russia, Rev. H. Stowell, Rev. G. Browne, Rev. W. Marsh, Rev. J. A. James, Rev. T. Lessey, and Mr. Pease, M.P. One incident of this meeting led to a grand result, in the ensuing year, as it was now suggested by the Rev. Hugh Stowell, that every slave should be presented with a copy of the New Testament, on the day of emancipation, on the 1st of August.





EXTRAORDINARY success attended the Bible Society this year; as we find reported, "the largest issue of the Scriptures—the largest amount of contributions —and some of the brightest evidences of usefulness of the Scriptures.” Everything was encouraging in the Biblical field, indicating the blessing of Almighty God.

The Society's agent, at Paris, M. De Pressensé, reported his issues of 62,194 copies of the Scriptures, offering a mass of interesting correspondence regarding the progress of the saving knowledge of Christ, in the countries around France.

Dr. Pinkerton reports :-“We have, during the past year, issued to our correspondents in the surrounding nations, 37,935 copies of the Holy Scriptures. Of these, 15,111 were for the Roman Catholics; 21,307 for Protestants; and 1,517 for both with Jews.” His correspondence shows the progress of the Bible cause in Switzerland, and many parts of Germany, among those who had obtained the Scriptures from his depôt at Frankfort.

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