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cause is advancing; and an edition of 5,000 of the entire Bible is being printed for Madagascar.

In the West Indies, the demand for the Bible increases, and larger supplies have been sent to Demerara, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominica, Barbadoes, and the Bahamas.

The American Bible Society still advances ; receiving in the past year 308,744 dollars, besides large sums for its new premises—a vast Bible-house in New York, and the issues were 666,015 Bibles and Testaments.

In British America, the Upper Canada Auxiliary issued 15,705 copies ; the Kingston received 10,337; the Montreal issued 11,018; the New Brunswick ordered 5,406; the Nova Scotia 3,813; the Prince Edward's Island received 3,622; and the Newfoundland issued 958 copies.

Domestic operations increased in magnitude and interest : the receipts for the year were £109,160 10s. 8d.; and the issues 458,348 Bibles, 382,204 Testaments; total 840,552 ; on the Continent, 59,734 Bibles, 268,508 Testaments; a grand total of 1,168,794 copies of the Scriptures ! The grants this year amounted to £26,089 9s. 2d. ; including the value of 14,650 Bibles, and 18,700 Testaments for the schools and the poor of Ireland.

The Forty-ninth Annual Meeting of the Bible Society was held in Exeter Hall, May 4, 1853; when the very large assembly was addressed by the Earl of Shaftesbury, President, the Marquis of Cholmondeley, the Bishop of Cashel, the Hon. and Baptist W. Noel, Rt. Rev. Bishop MacIlvaine, of

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America, Rev. Dr. M‘Neile, Rev. Dr. Vermilye, Rev. Dr. Malan, of Geneva, Ven. Archdeacon Hodson, Rev. T. Binney, Rev. A. Barrett, Rev. J. Close, and T. Farmer, Esq.


ANTICIPATING the Fiftieth Year of the Bible Society's operations, especially considering its wonderful progress and prosperity, it was judged proper to celebrate it as a JUBILEE, therefore,

“At a Meeting of the Committee, specially summoned, held at the Society's House, 10, Earl Street, Blackfriars, London, on Monday, December 6, 1852, the Right Honourable the Earl of SHAFTESBURY, President of the Society, in the Chair, it was—

RESOLVED—I. That the year commencing March 7, 1853, being the Society's Fiftieth Year, be observed as a YEAR OF JUBILEE, with the view,

Of specially commemorating the Divine goodness, so abundantly vouchsafed to the Society in its origin, parly history, and subsequent progress;

Of bearing a renewed public testimony to the Divine character and claims of the Bible, and to the right of every individual of the human family to possess and read the same; and

Of promoting, by new and vigorous efforts, the widest possible circulation of the Scriptures, both at home and abroad.

II. That on Monday, March 7, 1853, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, a Special Meeting of the Committee be held at the London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street (in the room where the Society was formed in 1804);—the Committee to be open to all Presidents and Officers of Auxiliary and Branch Societies.

That on Tuesday, March 8, a Special Public Meeting be held in Exeter Hall, in the Strand, at Twelve o'clock precisely; when a Statement shall be presented, containing a brief Review of the History and Operations of the Society; to be followed by other Public Meetings in the Metropolis in the autumn of the year, should it be found desirable.

III. That all Clergymen and Ministers throughout the Empire, friendly to the Society, be respectfully requested to present its Objects and Claims to their Congregations, by preaching Sermons, and making Collections in its behalf. Where there is no local impediment, it is submitted that March 13, being the first Lord's Day in the Jubilee Year, would be appropriate for the purpose.

IV. That the JUBILEE Fund be appropriated to the further. ance of the following objects, the Contributors to be at liberty to specify to which of those objects their offering shall be devoted

1. Special Grants of Bibles and Testaments to Prisons, Schools, and Missions,—with other Charitable and Benevolent Institutions throughout Great Britain. 2. Special Grants to Ireland, in such ways as may hereafter be determined upon. 3. Special efforts in India, Australia, and other British Colonies, by Agencies, Grants, or otherwise. 4. Special Grants to China, and such other parts of the world as may appear open to special operations. 5. The establishment of a Special and separate Fund, from the annual produce of which pecuniary aid may be granted, at the discretion of the Committee, to persons in the employ of the Society, including the Colporteurs abroad; and to their widows and children, when in circumstances to require such aid.

According to the above resolution, the Special Committee was held on the 7th of March ; when, in addition to the officers of the Society, a large number of its friends, including many clergymen and ministers of different denominations, were present. The President, the Earl of Shaftesbury, in

the Chair, succeeded by Dr. Carr, late Bishop of Bombay.

The necessary Business of the Society having been transacted, friendly congratulations were read from the Bishop of Calcutta, the American Bible Society, the Central Prussian, the Netherlands, the Bâsle, the Danish, the Berg, the Geneva, and the Wurtemberg Bible Societies; and from the Church, the London, the Wesleyan, and the Moravian Missionary Societies ; and from the Committees of the Religious Tract and London City Mission Societies.

A paper was read containing a brief review of the Bible Society, by the Rev. G. J. Collison, and the Meeting was addressed by the Rev. Dr. Steinkopff, Rev. E. Panchaud, of Brussels, Mr. Jones, of the Religious Tract Society, and the Rev. Dr. Bunting.

The Special Public Meeting was held in Exeter Hall, on the following day, March 8th, the President, the Earl of Shaftesbury, in the Chair, supported by several of the Vice-Presidents, and an unusually large number of ministers, besides an immense throng filling every part of the great Hall. The assembly was addressed by the Chairman, the Duke of Argyll, the Earl of Carlisle, Lord C. Russell, the Bishop of Winchester, Rev. Dr. Duff, Rev. Dr. Cumming, Rev. J. A. James, Rev. H. Stowell, Rev. W. Arthur, Rev. D. Charles, Rev. G. Browne, J. Forster, Esq., and W. Jones, Esq.

On Wednesday, March 9th, a Sermon, commemorating the establishment of the Bible Society, was preached in St. Paul's Cathedral, by the ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY: his text on the occasion

was Isaiah xxxii. 20, “ Blessed are ye that sow beside the waters.”

It might be expected that the assembly, on this extraordinary occasion, would be very large,-to hear a sermon for the British and Foreign Bible Society, in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, by the Metropolitan of all England. Such was the fact; and seldom has that magnificent structure been so crowded with respectable, serious, and attentive hearers. Many friends of the Institution were present from the country; a considerable number of the clergy; and several of the nobility. The collection was liberal ; including donations of £100 each, from the Earl of Carlisle, and others, who are known friends of the Bible Society.

Many noble contributions have already been offered to the Committee in aid of the Jubilee Fund; which amounts at this time, June 10, 1853, to about £25,000.

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