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away all our old customs and practices, and we lived among civilized men. We are tame men now. Now we know there is a God; now we know we are accountable creatures before God. But what was our state before the Bible came? We knew none of those things. We knew nothing about heaven. We knew not who made heaven and earth. I thank God, in the name of every Hottentot-of all the Hottentots in South Africa, that I have seen the face of Englishmen. I have accompanied the Bible to the Caffre nation; and when the Bible spoke, the Caffre threw away his shield and all his vain customs. I went to Lattakoo, and they threw away all their evil works, they threw away their assagais, and became the children of God.”



VARIOUS statistical information is contained in the preceding portions of this work; and it seems only necessary to add the following.

The British and Foreign Bible Society, formed in 1804, soon became the parent of many others. They progressively increased, so that, at the present time, 1853, there are

IN GREAT BRITAIN. Auxiliaries 445 ; Branches 365: Associations 2,460 . . . . 3,270

IN THE COLONIES. Auxiliaries 69; Branches 280; Associations 200 .....

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IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Societies with Branches, about . . . . . . . . . . 4,000

Making a Total of Bible Societies . 8,219 The British and Foreign Bible Society circulated, copies of the Scriptures in the First Decade 987,087 Ditto ditto Second Decade 2,455,245 Ditto


Third Decade 5,097,024

ditto Fourth Decade 7,425,669 Ditto ditto Fifth Decade,

| 10,606,078 in nine years.)



Prospects of the Bible Society.




ANTICIPATING the future progress of the Bible Society, we must be guided especially by the inspired prophets. “The signs of the times” are indeed auspicious; and we may be encouraged by past successes; but we must rest our hopes on the word of the Lord, and proceed in the light of his sacred truth.

Divine prophecy, in its most sublime revelations, comprehends the whole course of time, commencing with the first prediction concerning the Saviour of the world, given to guilty Adam in the garden of Eden; and extending to the consummation of the mysteries of providence in the kingdom of heaven.

Contemplating Divine Prophecy in its original revelation - in its progressive fulfilment, in numerous tribes of people in the advent of Messiah

in the accomplishment of his redemption — in the dispersion of his enemies, the Jews — in the establishment of his kingdom—and in the propagation of his gospel to regenerate our depraved world

-no subject can be imagined so elevating to the brightest understanding, or so delightful to the pious mind. Events that are now transpiring in the silent, peaceful revolution which is taking place in the minds of men, not only in the British Empire, and through Europe, but through the vast regions of America, and of Asia,-manifestly declare the direction of Providence. But all the mighty movements of the human mind in our days, with the rapid and surprising changes which are taking place before our eyes, are only the results of those eternal purposes of God, assured to us in the predictions of the Holy Scriptures.

Minutely to examine in detail the prophecies yet to be fulfilled, in which the Bible Society is evidently adapted to perform a noble part, will be impossible within our brief limits. But a few notices of the most remarkable of them, appear indispensable; as the progress of science indicates momentous changes and a glorious improvement throughout the nations, by the advancement of pure Christianity.


THE NATIONS. Messiah was promised as the Saviour of the world. To Abraham it was delivered, “In thy seed shall all

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