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that this volume will be approved by your Lordship, and

contribute, under the blessing of God, to promote the cause of the British and Foreign Bible Society.

With prayers that your Lordship may be preserved long to labour for the Bible Society, and to witness its increasing triumphs, in advancing the kingdom of our Lord and Saviour,

I have the honour to remain,

My Lord,
With sentiments of the highest esteem,
Your Lordship’s obedient servant,



MORE than forty years ago, the author of this work became a member of the British and Foreign Bible Society. He contemplated with cordial satisfaction its noble object, and felt constrained to aid its benevolent progress. He has been interested in its wonderful successes; as he has been privileged in various ways, to unite with its faithful friends in the seasons of its trials, co-operating with its honoured labourers in furthering its triumphs. He has been acquainted with many of its devoted officers, and its powerful advocates. He has, therefore, been delighted to anticipate and to witness its glorious year of JUBILEE !

Interested thus in this great Institution, the author has long given some care and labour to the preparation of this volume. It is designed as a MEMORIAL of the successes that have attended the mightiest apparatus of Christian benevolence that ever was constructed and set in motion by the sanctified wisdom of the people of God.

Judicious friends have expressed strong approbation of the plan of this work. They deem the “CLAIMS of the Bible” as most important to be represented in its FIRST PART. The SECOND PART has been drawn up on the plan of the Rev. Mr. Owen’s “History of the First Ten Years of the British and Foreign Bible Society,” but is far more brief—to offer a condensed record of the various labours, trials, and triumphs, of the great Institution. MeMORIALS of its principal labourers appear to require the THIRD PART; and a brief view of its glorious RESULTS, seems appropriate to the FOURTH PART; while the FIFTH PART proposes to anticipate the future PROSPECTS of the Society, as gathered from the indications of Providence, and from the sure testimony recorded in the Bible.

The author commends his work to the generous patronage of all who are lovers of the Sacred Oracles; as a desirable and suitable memorial of labours and triumphs, that will not fail to instruct the successors of the “Fathers and Founders of the Bible Society,” but especially he commends it to the mercy and grace of the DIVINE HEAD of His universal Church, the BLESSED GIVER of the Holy Scriptures !

Lewisham, June 21, 1853.

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