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CHAPTER XI.-A.D. 1707 to A.D. 1709.

CHAPTER XIII.-A.D. 1710 to A.D. 1712.

Prince Eugene in London.-Opening of the Campaign under Ormond and Eugene.-Or-

inond's Secret Instructions.—The Allied army deserted by the British forces

Subsequent disasters of the Allies.-The Lords' Protest published.---Laws proposed

against the Press. - The first Stamp duty on Periodical Works. – Terms of peace an-

nounced to Parliament.--Bolingbroke's embassy to Paris.-Treaty of Utrecht com-

pleted —Tteaty of Commerce with France rejected by Parliament.--Dissolution of

Parliament.-Jacobite Intrigues. The new Parliament.--Libels. -Swift.--Steele.-

Death of the Princess Sophia of Hanover-The Schism Act.-Oxford dismissed from

office.-Death of the Queen.

Hogarth as the historian of manners in the transition-time between Anne and George

CHAPTER XV.-A.D. 1709 to A.D. 1742.

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CHAPTER XVI.-A.D. 1709 to A.D. 1742.

CHAPTER XVIII.-A.D. 1709 to A.D. 1742.

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CHAPTER XIX.-A.D. 1709 to A.D. 1742.

III.-His art essentially dramatic.--Society, in Hogarth's pictures, appears a sort of

chaos.---The life of the streets.-The anarchy out-doors a type of the disorder in houses

of public resort.--Genteel debauchery.-Low profligacy and crime. --The Cockpit.

The Gaming-House.--The prison.-Bedlam. - The Rake's Levee.-The lady's

public toilette.-Marriage à-la-mode.—The Election Prints. The sleeping Congrega.


Charles Edward retreats from Derby.-The retreating army pursued.-Skirmish of Clit-

CHAPTER XX.-A.D. 1714 to A.D. 1716.

CHAPTER XXI.-A.D. 1716'to A.D. 1719.

CHAPTER XXIII.-A.D. 1727 to A.D. 1734.

CHAPTER XXV.-A.D. 1737 to A.D. 1742.

CHAPTER XXVI.-A.D, 1741 to A.D. 1745.


ton.--Bombardment and capitulation of Carlisle.-Charles Edward in Scotland.

General Hawley takes the command of the king's troops. - Battle of Falkirk.-Re-

treat of Hawley to Edinburgh.Lord Lovat.--The duke of Cumberland in Scotland.

-Flight of the Highland army from Stirling.



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