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act to regulate the collection of the duties imposed by law on the lonnage of ships or vessels, and on goods, wares, and merchandises, imported into the United States, and for other purposes," did, by virtue of the adoption of the constitution of the United States, by the said state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, cease to operate in respect to the same.

§ 4. That the acı, entitled “ An act for registering and clear. Act for regis ing vessels, regulating the coasting trade, and for other purpos- &c. in force on es,” shall, after the expiralion of five days from the passing of the 20th June, This acı, have the like force and operation within the state of 1790. Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, as elsewhere within Vol. i. p. 33. the United States, and as if the several clauses thereof were repealed and re-enacted in this present act. (Approved, June 14, 1790.] Chap. 45. (21.1 An act for giving effect to an act, entitled "An act to establish Vol. i. p. 233.

the judicial courts of the United States," within the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations,

§ 1. Be it enacted, f.c. That the act, entitled "An act 10 es. Judicial act tablish the judicial courts of the United States,” shall have the

declared in

force in Rhode like force and effect within the state of Rhode Island and Provi. Island. dence Plantations, as elsewhere within the United States.

Vol. i. p. 53. § 2. That the said state shall be one district, 10 be called Rhode Island

one district. Rhode Island district : and there shall be a district court there. in, lo consist of one judge, who shall reside in the district, and One resident be called a district judge, and shall hold, annually, four sessions; Four. annuni the first 10 commence on the first Monday in August next, and sessions, at the other three sessions, progressively, on the like Monday of Newport and every third calendar month afterwards. The stated district court

Providence. shall be held, alternately, at the lowns of Newport and Provi. dence, beginning at the first.

§ 3. That the said district shall be, and the same is bereby, Annexed to annexed to the eastern circuit : And there shall be held, annual. eastern circuit.

Circuit courts; ly in the said district, two circuit couris ; the first session of the

two sessions circuit court shall commence on the fourth day of December annually, &c. next, the second session on the fourth day of June next, and the subsequent sessions on the like days of every December and June afterwards, except when any of the days shall happen on a Sunday, and then the session shall commence on the day following. And the sessions of the said circuit courts shall be held, At Newport alternately, at the said towns of Newport and Providence, begin- and Provi

dence, ning at the last.

§ 4. That there shall be allowed to the judge of the said dis- Salary of the lrict, the yearly compensation of eight hundred dollars, to com. judge, 800

dollars. mence from his appointment, and in be paid at the treasury of the United States, in quarterly payments. [Approved, June 23, 1790.] Chap. 49. [22.] An act providing the means of intercourse between the United Vol. i. p. 282, States and foreign nations.

318, 489. $ 1. Be it enacted, 8c. That the president of the United States President aushall be, and he hereby is, authorized to draw from the treasury draw 40,000 of the United States, a sum not exceeding forty thousand dol- dolls. for suplars, annually, to be paid out of the moneys arising from the port of foreign


duties on imports and tonnage, for the support of such persons
as he shall commission to serve the United States in foreign

parts, and for the expense incident to the business in wbich they Proviso ; as may be employed. Provided, Thal, exclusive of an outfit, which to outfits and

shall, in no case, exceed the amount of one year's full salary to
salaries of
ministers, &c. the minister plenipotentiary or charge des affairs, to whom the

same may be allowed, the president shall not allow to any mi-
nister plenipotentiary a greater sum than at ibe rate of nine
thousand dollars per annum, as a compensation for all his per-
sonal services, and other expenses ; nor a greater sum for the

same, than four thousand five hundred dollars per annum 10 a Charge des af- charge des affaires ; nor a greater sum for the same, than one faires, and ini- thousand three hundred and bly dollars per annum to the secrenister's secre

tary of any minister plenipotentiary. And provided, also, Thal
President to the president shall account, specifically, for all such expendi.
account speci- tures of the said money as, in his judgnient, may be made pub-
fically, &c.

lic, and also for the amount of such expenditures as he may
ibink it advisable not to specify, and cause a regular slaiement
and account thereof to be laid before congress annually, and also

lodged in the proper office of the treasury department. Limitation of

§ 2. That this act shall continue and be in force for the this act to the 20 March,

space of two years, and from thence until the end of the next 1793. session of congress thereafter, and no longer. [Approved, July

1, 1790.]

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CHAP. 52. [25.) An act for giving effect to an act, entitled “An act providir.g for

the enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States," in respect to the

state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Act for enu

§ 1. Be it enacted, fc. That the act passed the present session meration of inhabitants,

of congress, entitled “ An act providing for the enumeration of declared in the inhabitants of the United States,” shall be deemed to have force in Rhode the like force and operation within ihe siate of Rhode Island and

Providence Plantations, as elsewhere within the United States;
Vol. i.


and all the regulations, provisions, directions, authorities, penal-
ties, and other matters whatsoever, contained or expressed in
the said act, and which are not locally inapplicable, shall have
the like force and effect within the said stale, as if the same were

repeated and re-enacted in and by this present act. Compensation

§ 2. That the marshal of the district of Rbode Island shall of the mar- receive, in full compensation for the performance of all the dushal.

ties and services confided to, and enjoined upon hiin by this act,
one hundred dollars. [Approved, July 5, 1790.]

Chap. 53. (26.] An act to authorize the purchase of a tract of land for the use of

The United States.

President au

§ 1. Be it enacted, fc. That it shall be lawful for the president thorized to of The United States, and he is hereby authorized, 10 cause to purchase West be purchased for the use of the United States, the whole, or Point, four pur such part of that tract of land situate in the state of New York, fications, &c. commonly called West Point, as shall be by him judged requi.

site for the purpose of such fortifications and garrisons as may
be necessary for the defence of the same. (Approved, July 5,

CHAP. 54. (27 ] An act further to provide for the payment of the invalid pen

sioners of the United States. § 1. Be it enacted, fc. That the military pensions which have Military penbeen granted and paid by the states, respectively, in pursu- paid from 4th ance of former acis of the United States in congress assem- March, 1790, bled, and such as, by acts passed in the present session of con- for one year. gress, are, or shall be, declared to be due lo invalids who Vol. i. p. 200. were wounded and disabled during the late war, shall be continued and paid by the United States, from the fourth day of March last, for the space of one year, under .such regulations as the president of the United States may direct. [Approved, July 16, 1790.]

Cuap, 55. [28.] An act for establishing the temporary and permanent seat of the

government of the United States. § 1. Be it enacted, fc. That a district of territory, not ex. District on the

Potowmac acceeding ten miles square, to be located as hereafter directed,

cepted for peron the river Polowmac, at some place between the mouths of manent seat of the Eastern Branch and Connogochegue, be, and the same is government. hereby, accepted for the permanent seat of ihe government of

Vol. i. p. 196. the United States: Provided nevertheless, That the operation of Proviso; as to the laws of The state within such district, shall not be affected the operation by this acceplance, until the time fixed for the removal of the of state laws government thereto, and until congress shall otherwise by law in the district. provide.

§ 2. That the president of the United States be authorized to a ppoint, and by supplying vacancies happening from resusals to act, or of her causes, to keep in appointment as long as may be : necessary, three commissioners, who, or any'two of whom, shall, Three com. under the direction of the president, survey, and by proper metes missioners to and bounds define and limil, a district of territory, under the define the limitations abuvementioned; and the district so defined, limited limits of the and localed, shall be deemed the district accepted by this acı,

district, &c. for the permanent seat of the government of the United States.

3. That the said commissioners, or any two of them, shall Land in the have power to purchase or accept such quantity of land on the district for the eastern side of the said river, within the said district, as the pre- United States, sident shall deem proper, for the use of the United States, and &c. according to such plans as the president shall approve, the said commissioners, or any two of them, shall, prior to the first Mon- Suitable day in December, in the year one ihousand eight hundred, pro, congress, &c. vide suitable buildings for the accommodation of congress, and of the president, and for tie public offices of the government of first Monday

in December the United Siates.

$ 4. That for defraying the expense of such purchases and President to buildings, the president of the United States be authorized and accept grants requested to accept grants of money.

of money, &c. § 5. That prior to the first Monday in December next, all offi- Removal of ces altached to the seat of the government of the United States, the govern: shall be removed to, and until ihe said first Monday in Decem- ment to Phila

delphia, &c. ber, in the year one thousand eight hundred, shall remain al, the city of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, at which place the session of congress next ensuing the present shall be held.




Removal of $ 6. That on the said first Monday in December, in the year the govern- one thousand eight hundred, the seat of the government of the ment to the district accep. United States shall, by virtue of this aci, be irapsferred to the led : viz. dis- district and place aforesaid. And all offices attached to the trict of Co

said seat of government, shall accordingly be reinoved thereto lumbia.

by their respective holders, and shall, after the said day, cease Expense of

to be exercised elsewhere, and that the necessary expense of removal. such removal shall be defrayed out of the duties on imposts and Vol. i. p. 418, tonnage, of which a sufficient sum is hereby appropriated. [Ap

proved, July 16, 1790.] Vol. ii. p. 971. Chap. 56. (29.) An act for for the government and regulation of seamen in the

merchants' service. Written $1. Be it enacted, f.c. That from and asier the first day of Deagreement cember next, every master or commander of any ship or vessel between masters and sea

bound from a port in the United States 10 any foreign pori, or of any ship or vessel of the burthen of fifty ións or upwards, bound from a port in one state 10 a port in any other ihan an adjoining state, shall, before he proceed on such voyage, inake

an agreement in writing or in print, with every seamen or mari. Apprentices, &c. excepted.

ner on board such ship or vessel (except such as sball be apprenlice or servant to himself or owners) declaring the voyage or voyages, lerni or terms of time, for which such seainen or mari. ner shall be shipped. And if any master or commander of such

ship or vessel, shall carry out any seaman or mariner (except Master to the highest apprentices or servants as aforesaid) without such contract or

agreement being first made and signed by the seamen and mariwages, &c. on ners, such master or commander shall pay to every such seaman failure.

or mariner, the highest price or wages which shall have been given at the port or place where such seamnan or mariner shall

have been shipped, for a similar voyage, within three months Proviso; as

next before the time of such shipping : Provided such seaman or formance of

mariner shall perform such voyage: or if not, then for such time the voyage by as he shall continue to do duly on board such ship or vessel; and the seamen, shall

, moreover, forfeil iwenly dollars for every such seaman or &c.

mariner, one half to the use of the person prosecuting for the

same, the other half to the use of the United States : and such Seamen not signing con

seaman or mariner, not having signed such contract, shall not be tract, not bound by the regulations, nor subject to the penalties and forfeil. bound by this ures, coplained in this act. act. Memorandum

§ 2. That at the foot of every such contract, there shall be a at foot of con- memorandum in writing, of the day and ibe hour on which such

seaman ur mariner, who shall so ship and subscribe, shall render

themselves on board, to begin the voyage agreed upon. And if Seamen neglecting to

any such seaman or mariner shall neglect lo render himself on render them- board the ship or vessel, for which he has shipped, at the time selves on mentioned in such memorandum, and if the master, commander,

or other officer of the ship or vessel, shall, on the day on which

such neglect happened, make an entry in the logbook of such hour's ab- ship or vessel, of ihe name of such seaman or mariner, and shall, sence, &c.

in like manner, note the time that he so neglected to render himself, (after the time appointed), every other seaman or mariner shall forfeit, for every hour which he shall so neglect to render


to the per


a day's pay for every

amount of wa

himself, one day's pay, according to the rate of wages agreed upon, to be deducted out of his wages. And if any such sea. Seamen failman or mariner shall wholly neglect to render himself on board ing to repair of such ship or vessel, or having rendered himself on board, shall deserting, &c. afterwards desert and escape, so that the ship or vessel proceed to forfeit dou10 sea without him, every such seaman or mariner shall forfeit ble the and pay to the master, owner, or consignee, of the said ship or

ges advanced. vessel, a sum equal to that which shall have been paid to him by advance at the time of signing the contract, over and besides the sum so advanced, both which sums shall be recoverable in any Recovery of court, or before any justice or justices of any state, city, town,

forfeitures or county, within the United Siates, which, by the laws thereof, or their sure

from seamen have cognizance of debts of equal value, against such seaman or ties. mariner, or his surety or surelies, in case he shall have given surely to proceed the voyage.

§ 3. That if the mate, or first officer under the master, and a Return of vesmajority of the crew of any ship or vessel, bound on a voyage sel to port, beto any foreign port, shall after the voyage is begun (and before land, on acthe ship or vessel shall have left the land) discover that the said count of leakiship or vessel is loo leaky, or is otherwise unfit in her crew, bo- ness, &c. at dy, tackle, apparel, furniture, provisions, or stores, to proceed on the mate, &c. the intended voyage, and shall require such unfitness to be enquired into, the master or commander shall, upon the request of the said mate (or other officer) and such majority, forth with proceed to or stop at the nearest and most convenient port or place where such enquiry can be made, and shall there apply to the Master to apjudge of the district court, if he shall there reside, or if not, to ply to district some justice of the peace of the city, town, or place, taking with

judge, &c. him iwo or more of the said crew, who shall have made such request; and thereupon such judge or justice is hereby authorized and required to issue his precept, directed to three persons in Judge to issue the neighborhood, the mosi skilful in maritime affairs, that can precept, &c. be procured, requiring them to repair on board such ship or vessel, and to examine the same, in respect to the defects and insufficiences complained of, and to make report to him, the said judge or justice, in writing, under their hands, or the hands of iwo of them, whether in any, or in what, respect the said ship or vessel is unfit to proceed on the intended voyage, and what addition of men, provisions, or stores, or what repairs or alterations in the body, tackle, or apparel, will be necessary; and upon such report, the said judge or justice shall adjudge and deier- Judge to demine, and shall endorse on the said report his judgment, whether termine on rethe said ship or vessel is fit to proceed on the intended voyage ; and if not, whether such repairs can be made, or deficiencies supplied, where the ship or vessel then lays, or whether it be ne. cessary for the said ship or vessel to return to the port from whence she first sailed, to be there refilled; and the master and Master, &c. to crew shall in all things conform 10 the said judgment; and the conform to master or commander shall, in the first instance, pay all the judge's deciscosts of such view, report, and judgment, to be taxed and allow- Master to pay ed on a fair copy thereof, certified by the said judge or justice. costs, &c. But if the complaint of the said crew shall appear, upon the said Damages, &c. report and judgment, 10 have been without foundation, then the in case of un

port, &c.

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