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under their care, at all times when the unlading or delivery of goods, wares, and merchandise, is lawful, particularly from the rising till the setting of the sun, on each day, Sundays and the fourih day of July, in each year, excepled; for which purpose

they shall constantly attend and remain on board the vessel or Inspector not vessels, the deliveries from which they are 10 superintend, or at Lo quit his sta- any other stations where their inspection is necessary : And said tion without inspector or inspectors shall not quit their stations or places, leave, &c.

wiihout the leave of the surveyor of the port first had and obtained for that purpose, who shall appoint another inspector (if he

shall judge il necessary) 10 supply the place of such inspector Inspectors ne

or inspectors, during his or their absence; and any inspector glecting, or who shall neglect, or in any manner acl contrary to the duties acting contra. hereby enjoined, shall, for ihe first offence, forfeit and pay the

50 dolls: sum of fifty dollars, and, for the second offence, shall be disfor the first of placed, and be incapable of holding any station of trust or profil fence; and be under ihe revenue laws of the United Stales, for a term noi ex. displaced, &c ceeding seven years. And no inspector or inspectors shall perfor the second,

form any other duties or service, on board any ship or vessel, Inspectors not the superintendence of which is committed to him or them, for to perform

any person or persons whatever, other than what is required by Other duties than those pre- this act, under the penalty of being disabled from acting any scribed, &c. longer as an inspector of the custoins; and the wages or comWages of in. pensation of such inspector or inspectors, as may proceed from district to dis- one district to another, shall be defrayed by the master, or pertrict, to be de son having ihe charge or command of the ship or vessel coin. frayed by the milted 10 his or their care ; and every inspector, or other officer master, &c. Officers of the

of the revenue, while performing any duty on board any ship or revenue to be vessel, not in a pori of the United States, discharging her carsupplied with go, shall be entiiled 10 receive, from the master of such ship or provisions, &c. vessel, such provisions and accommodations as are usually supVol. ji. p.

plied to passengers, or as the state and condition of such ship or 100 dolls. for- vessel will admit, on receiving therefor fifty cents per diem ; and feit for refuse any master of any ship or vessel, who shall refuse provisions, and ing provisions, &c.

reasonable accommodations, as aforesaid, shall forseit and pay

one hundred dollars. Collectors, &c. $ 54. That it shall be lawful for all collectors, naval officere,

surveyors, inspectors, and the officers of the revenue cuiters, board of ves. sels bound to


hereinafier mentioned, to go on board of ships or vessels in any the U. States, port of the United States, or within four leagues of the coast & or out of ihereof, is bound to the United States, whether in or out of their their districts, respective districts, for the purposes of demanding the manifests

a foresaid, and of examining and searching the said ships or veg.

sels ; and i he said officers, respectively, shall have free access to Boxes, trunks, the cabin, and every other part of a ship or vessel ; and if any &c. found in box, Irunk, chest, cask, or other package, shall be found in the the cabin, &c.

cabin, sleerage, or forecasile, of such ship or vessel, or in any cargo, to be

other place, separate from the residue of the cargo, it shall be taken account the duiy of the said officer to take a particular account of every of, &c.

such box, trunk, chest, cask, or other package, and of the marka and nunibers thereof, if any there be, and a description thereof, and if he shall judge proper, to put a seal or seals on every such box, trunk, chest, cask, or other package ; and such an account

may go on


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es, &c. each

and description shall be by him forwarded, without delay, to the
collector of the district 10 which such ship or vessel is bound.
And if, upon her arrival at ile pori of her entry, ibe boxes, 200 dolls

. fortrunks, chests, casks, or other packages, so described, or any of feit for every

, . them, shall be missing, or if the seals put thereon be broken, ihe

missing, &c. master or commander of such ship or vessel shall forfeit and pay, on arrival, &c. for every such box, trunk, chest, cask, or other package, so inissing, or of which the seals shall be broken, le suin of two hun. dred dollars. And it shall also be lawful for the inspectors, who Inspectors to may be put on board of any ship or vessel, (and they are hereby secure hatchrequired and enjoined so to do) 10 secure, after sunset in each

evening, &c. evening, or previous to their quitting the ship or vessel, the hatches and other communications with the hold of such ship or vessel, or any other part thereof he or they may judge necessary, with locks or other proper fastenings, which locks or other fastenings shall not be opened, broken, or removed, until the morning following, or after the rising of the sun, and in the presence of the inspector or inspectors, by whom the same shall have been so affixed, except by special license from the collector of the port, and naval officer thereof, if any, for that purpose first had and obtained. And if the said locks or other fastenings, or any of 500 dollars them, shall be broken or removed, during the nighi, or before forfeit if fastthe said rising of ihe sun, or without the presence of the said in- ken without spector or inspectors, or without such license first had and ob- license, &c. or lained, or if any goods or packages shall be clandestinely land- if any goods ed, notice thereof shall be immediately given by the inspector or finely landed, inspectors, to the collector and naval officer of the district, port dic. or place, where the vessel may be ; and the master, or other person having the charge or command of any such ship or vessel, shall, for each or every of the offences aforesaid, forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars.

§ 55. That when the delivery of goods, wares, and merchan- When delivedise, from on board of any ship or vessel, shall have been com- ries have been pleted, copies of the accounts or eniries, which shall have been completed, co

pies of the ackept or made thereof, by the officer or officers who shall have

counts, &c. been charged with the said deliveries, shall be returned to the thereof, to be collector of ihe district, and naval officer of the sanie, if any returned to the there be, within three days after such delivery hath been com

collector, &c. pleted, if at the port where such officer or officers reside, and if nt any other pori, as soon as the nature of the case will admit, not exceeding fifteen days; and the accounts or entries to be Accounts, &c. telurned as a foresaid, shall comprise all deliveries made pursu. to comprise, ant to permits as aforesaid, and all packages or merchandise sent &c. to the public stores; also, each and every package reinaining on board of such ship or vessel, for the purpose of being exported therein, to a foreign port or place, or to some other district of the United States. And the returns of the inspectors, to be made as aforesaid, shall be according to the following form, namely:-Return of merchandise, unladen under my inspection, pur- Form of insuant to permits for that purpose, from on board the [insert the spector's renames of the vessel and master] from [insert the port from which the vessel arrived.]

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Returns to be And the reurns, to be made as aforesaid, shall be signed by the signed by in- inspectors, respectively, under whose superintendence the delispectors, &c.

veries shall have been made ; and after examination, and on beCountersigned ing sound correct, said returns shall be countersigned or certifi. by the survey, ed by the surveyor of the port, if any there be, at the port where

the deliveries have been made ; and the said returns shall be And compared transmitied by him to the naval officer, if any there be, who by the naval shall compare the saine with the manifels and entries in his the mani. possession, and if any difference shall appear, the particulars fests, &c. ihereuf shall be noted by endorsement on the said reiurns, and

if no difference shall appear, it shall be so noted by like en

dorsements; and transmit the same in the collector of the disCollector also frict; and on being reiurned to the collector, it shall be by him to compare,

compared with the nianifests and entries of such goods, wares, or merchandise, which shall have been made by ihe owner or

owners, consignee or consignees, or his or their factor, or agen!; Difference or and if any difference shall appear, the same shall be noted, by no difference endorsement on such manifesis, specifying the particulars there. to be noted,

of; and if no difference shall appear, it shall be noted, by like

endorsement, that the delivery haib corresponded with the enEndorsement try or enrries thereof; which endorsement or memorandum shall, to be subscribe in each case, be subscribed by the officer by whom such comed, &c.

parison shall bave been made. Goods romain. § 56. Thal if, at the expiration of tifieen working days, after ing on board the lime within which lie report of the master, or person having ing days to be the charge or command of any ship or vessel, so required to be taken posses- made the collector of a district as aforesaid, íhere shall be sion of by the sound on board any goods, wares, and merchandise, other than Vol. ii.P: 836. shall have been reported for some other districi, or some foreign Vol. jii, p.

port or place, the said inspictor or inspectors, shall take posses1819. sion thereof : Provided, Tha! with The consent of the owner or Proviso; with consent of the consignee of any goods, wares, or merchandise, or wish the con

sent of ihe owner or master of the ves in which the same may goods may be be imported, the said goods, wares, or merchandise, may be Laken posses taken possession of, at any time, after five days' notice, to the sion of, at any collector of the disirici. And all goods, wares, or merchandise, days' notice, laken as aforesaid, shall be delivered pursuant 10 the order of the &c.

collector of the districi ; for which a certificate or receipt shall Certificate to be granted for be granted, in the following form : District of — port of goods taken I certify, that there has been received into store, from on board possession of the [insert the denomination and name of the vessel] whereof Form of certi- [insert the name) is master, from [insert the port or place where

owner, &c.

advertised be.

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fron) the following merchandise, to wit : [here enumerate the ficate for goods several packages, their denominations, marks, and numbers, and, taken into pos

session, &c. is articles in bulk, ihe quantity] lodged by [insert the name) inspecior, under whose care the said vessel was unladen. A. B. And ihe said goods shall be kepi, with due and reasonable care, The goods to alihe charge and risk of the owner or owners thereof, for the be kept, althe term of nine nionths, and if, wirbin that time, no clain be made risk of the for the same, the said collector shall procure an inventory of ihe owner, for said goods, and an appraisement thereof, to be made, and to be nine montlis, verified, on oath or affirmation, by two or more reputable mer- it no claim, &c. chanis, before the said collector, and to remain with him ; and said collector shall afierwards cause the said goods to be sold at public auction (previously causing i he same to be advertised, in Goods to be one or more of the public newspapers, printed al or nearest 10

tore sale, ac. the port or place where the sale is to be, for the space of one month) and, retaining the dwies thereon, agreeably to such in- The overplus, ventory and appraisement, and all charges thereon, shall pay the after the duties overplus, if any there be, into the treasury of the United Siales,

and charges

are relained, there to remain for the vise of the owner or owners, who shall, to be paid into upon due proof of bis, her, or their, property, be entitled to re. the treasury, ceive the same; for which purpose the collector shall transtnil, the owners

, with the said overplus, a copy of the inventory, appraisement, &c. and account of sales, specifying the marks, numbers, and de- The collector scriprions, of the packages sold, their contents, the name of the to transmit a vessel and master, in which, and the port or place from whence, ventory, &c. they were imporred, and the time when), and the name of the person, or persons, lo whom the said goods were consigned in the ma nisest ; and i he receipı or cerrificate of the collector shall The receipt of

the collector exonerale the master, or person having the charge or command of any ship or vessel, in which such goods, wares, and merchan. master, &c. dise, were imported, from all claim of ihe owner or owners there. Proviso; noth. of: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be understood ing to prohibit to prohibit the sale of such quantities of goods, stored as afore- sale of goods

to pay duties, said, as may be necessary to discharge the duties thereon, at the &c. time or limes when such duies shall become due and pynble. Proviso; no And provided, That where any entry shall have been duly made appraisemen!

where there is of such goods, the same shall not be appraised; and that where

entry; and such goods are of a perishable nature, they shall be sold forih, sale, if perishwith : Provided further, That the said limitation of fifteen days

Proviso ; limishall pot extend io ships or vessels laden with salt or coal; bul tation of 15 if the said masier or owner of any such ship or vessel, so laden days not lo apwith salt or coal, requires a longer time to discharge her cargo, plyto vessels

salt the wages, or compensation of the inspector, for every day's ai-- or coal, &c. tendance, exceeding the said fifteen days, shall be paid by lhe Master, &c. said master or owper ; and thereupon, the collector is hereby to pay inspec

tor's wages af authorized and required to allow such longer time as, in his

ter 15 days, judgmen', he may think necessary to discharge such cargo, not &e. exceeding fifteen days. And if, by reason of ihe delivery of the The collector cargo in several districts, more than the said term of fifteen

to allow long

er time, &c. working days shall, in the whole, be spent therein, the wages or In case of decompensation of ihe inspector or inspectors, who may be em- livery of the ployed on board of any ship or vessel, in respect to which such cargo in seveterm may be so exceeded, shall, for every day of such excess, be and exceeding

15 days, the

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exonerates the


&c. for the ex

Cess, &c.

feit if any

master, &c. to paid by the said master or owner ; and it shall be the duty of pay wages,

such inspectors, previously to the clearance of such ship or

vessel, to render an exact account to the collector, of all such Inspectors to compensations as shall have been paid, or shall be due and payrender ac

able, by such master or owner. count, &c. 500 dolls. for- § 57. That if any package whatever, which shall have been

reported as aforesaid, shall be wanting, and not found on board package be

such ship or vessel, or if the goods, wares, and merchandise, on missing, or the goods, &c. do board such ship or vessel, shall otherwise not agree with the renot agree with port or manifesi delivered by the master, or other person having manifest, &c.

ihe charge or command of any such ship or vessel, in every such case the master, or other person having such charge or command,

shall forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars : Provided, Proviso; pe

nevertheless, That if it shall be made appear, lo the satisfaction nalty noi co be of the collector, naval officer, and surveyor, or to the major part inflicted if of them, where those officers are established at any pori, or lo made appear the satisfaction of the collector alone, where neither of the said that no goods orhers is established, or in case of trial for the said penalıy, lo have been im. properly una the satisfaction of the court, that no part whatever of the goods, shipped, &c. wares, or merchandise, of such ship or vessel, has been unship

ped, landed, or uoladen, since it was taken on board, except as shall bave been specified in the said report, or manifest, and pursuant to permits as aforesaid, or that i he said disagreement is by accident, or mistake, in such case the penally aforesaid

shall not be inflicied; but in all cases as aforesaid, ihe master, Post entry of or person having charge or command of any ship or vessel, goods, omitted shall be required, and shall make a post entry or addition to the in manifests, report or manifest by him delivered, of any and all goods, wares,

or merchandise, omilied to be included and reported in such manifest; and it shall not be lawful 10 grant a permit to unlade any such goods, wares, or merchandise, so omitted, before such post entry, or addition, to such report or manifest, has been made.

$ 58. That the following allowances shall be made for the

drafıs and tare of the articles subject 10 duly, by weighi, on the Allowance for importation and exportation thereof, that is to say: for draft, draft.

on any quantily of one hundred weighi, or one hundred and twelve pounds, one pound; on any quanlity above one, and not exceeding iwo, bundred weight, two pounds; on any quantity above two, and not exceeding three, hundred weighi, ihree pounds; on any quantity above three, and not exceeding ten, hundred weighi, four pounds; on any quantiiy above ten, and not exceeding eighteen, hundred weighi, seven pounds; on any

quantity above eighteen hundred weight, nine pounds. For Allowance for lare, on every wliole chest of bohea tea, seventy pounds; on tare.

every half chest, thirty-six pounds; on every quarter chest, twenty pounds; on every chest of hyson, or other green, leas, the gross weight of which shall be sevenly pounds or upwards, twenty pounds; on every box of other tea, not less than fifty, or more than seventy pounds, gross, eighteen pounds; if eighly

pounds, gross, twenty pounds; and from eighty pounds gross Tare to in

and upwards, twenty-iwo pounds; which tare shall include rope, clude rope, &e. canvass, and other coverings; on all other boxes of lea, accord.


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