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Էջ 27 - The supreme power of the Federation is divided for its exercise into legislative, executive and judicial. Two or more of these powers shall never be united in one person or corporation, nor shall the legislative power be vested in one individual except in the case of extraordinary powers granted to the executive, in accordance with the provisions of Article 29.
Էջ 368 - Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Right Honourable...
Էջ 140 - In the name of God and by the authority of the Mexican people. The Representatives of the different States, of the District, and of the Territories which compose the Republic of Mexico, called...
Էջ 28 - The citizens of both countries, respectively, shall be exempt from compulsory service in the army or navy; nor shall they be subjected to any other charges, or contributions, or taxes, than such as are paid by the citizens of the States in which they reside.
Էջ 249 - Congress, instead of enabling the Government to put down the frightful disorder which reigns throughout the length and breadth of the land, is occupied in disputing about vain theories of so-called government on ultra-liberal principles, whilst the respectable part of the population is delivered up defenceless to the attacks of robbers and assassins, who swarm on the high roads and in the streets of the capital. The Constitutional Government is unable to maintain its authority in the various States...
Էջ 236 - Yon are aware that it has not been the custom of her Majesty's government, although they have always held themselves free to do so, to interfere authoritatively on behalf of those who have chosen to lend their money to foreign governments, and the Mexican bondholders have not been an exception to this rule.
Էջ 217 - The President, however, deems it his duty to express to the allies, in all candor and frankness, the opinion that no monarchical government which could be founded in Mexico, in the presence of foreign navies and armies in the waters and upon the soil of Mexico, would have any prospect of security or permanency.
Էջ 395 - ... shall seek or obtain any acquisition of territory, or any advantage peculiar to itself, and not equally left open to the United States and every other civilized state, within the territories of Mexico; and especially that neither one nor all of the contracting parties shall, as a result or consequence of the hostilities to be inaugurated Under the convention, exercise in the subsequent affairs of Mexico any influence of a character to impair the right of the Mexican people to choose, and freely...
Էջ 6 - ... expect that you will allude to the origin or causes of our domestic difficulties in your intercourse with the government of Mexico, although that government will rightfully as well as reasonably ask what are his expectations of their course and their end. On the contrary, the President will not suffer the representatives of the United States to engage in any discussion of the merits of those difficulties in the presence of foreign powers, much less to invoke even their censure against those of...
Էջ 6 - Mexico, instead of being benefited by the prostration or the obstruction of federal authority in this country, would be exposed by it to new and fearful dangers. On the other hand, a condition of anarchy in Mexico must necessarily operate as a seduction to those who are conspiring against the integrity of the Union to seek strength and aggrandizement for themselves by conquests in Mexico and other parts of Spanish America.

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