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before he sank down upon the much fury as his antagonist. shore, and feared that if he got | The seal appeared to have a up to fetch it he might disturb great affection for the water, the gentle slumbers of his re- while Lord wished to keep it a posing companion, and thereby short time on land; they therebe prevented from again con- fore struggled for the mastery; verting, notwithstanding his but the seal was too strong, in former loathing, part of its liver despite of all he could effect, and blubber to his own accom- and they both rolled into the modation and enjoyment. He sea. This certainly increased therefore relinquished all idea the odds against the capture; of regaining his club, and de- the animal seemed to redouble termined on commencing an its struggles at this advantage. attack with his knife, although Although nearly half drowned, fearful from its bluntness that our hero made a last attempt, it would not prove a very for- by rising on his feet, to drag midable weapon. However, he his slippery seal-ship again on darted suddenly upon it, and shore, but he was too much exdriving the knife with all his hausted. force at its throat, succeeded in Vexed and confounded at

drawing first blood,' and also the escape of his prey, the in encircling the seal in his more so when he found his arms and legs, rolling the crea- hands much lacerated in the enture over and over; it made counter, he crawled on shore, the most desperate efforts to where he luckily recovered his escape, and practised sundry knife, which he had dropped on flip-flaps and tourbillons, blow- the spot where they foundered. ings and sniffings; still he | As he did not expect another succeeded in holding on its visit from this animal, he picked greasy carcase, with as much up his club, and began to puraffection as ever the old man of sue his road back, benumbed the sea did about the neck of with cold, and much reduced our old acquaintance Sinbad by the heavy fatigue of the the sailor.

day; he had not gone half a There is nothing so indis- mile, when, to his great joy, he pensably requisite for the estab- beheld a tolerably large turpin lishment of good stamina as moving up from the sea towards good living; and it therefore the woods. Exerting his utwill not be wondered at that most strength, he was so suche of the club found himself, cessful as to arrive in sufficient after a few rolls and tumbles, time to intercept its retreat, in what is called bad condition, and he proceeded to despatch and getting the worst of the it without delay. It must be fight, and that he also began to confessed that this supply came sniff and blow with almost as very opportunely, for he was

more dead than alive; and after to be convinced, he lay down, this meal (which lasted a con- and brought the stem of a small siderable time), he found him- tree to bear upon the distant self so much the better, that object, which he now perceived he reached the tree where he moved along the level horizon. always put up for the night, It must be a ship; but she was when he composed himself to passing the island, and he kept rest, and slept without disturb-anxiously looking, in the exance. The next morning, he pectation of her fading from his finished the remains of the view. In a short time she turpin, and he then mustered loomed larger, and he could up resolution to enter the

now perceive her to be a vessel forest, in order to keep a look- of some size; but his heart sank out from the mountain from within him when he observed whence he had beheld the soon afterwards that she hauled American ship prepare for her wind, and stood away upon sailing He succeeded in gain a different tack. In about half ing the summit without much an hour she tacked again, and difficulty, as he could perceive it now became evident that she it from the beach ; here he re was making for the island, as mained all this day viewing the she stood directly in for the bay. distant horizon, but no sail ap- The extreme joy of the poor peared, and the night passed sufferer at this welcome sight heavily. About the middle of broke out in sundry raptures the next day, he was obliged and transports. He rushed by hunger to return to the down the mountain with such beach, the island being destitute little caution, that he stumbled of berries or fruits.

over the broken rocks, and In this manner he subsisted pitched headlong down the till the morning of the twenty- broken and rugged descent first day, which found him on This fall almost rendered him the top of the mountain, reduced helpless; he received a severe to the greatest extremity, and cut above the ankle, besides more like an apparition than a other bad contusions; but the human being; sharp misery idea of losing this only chance had worn him to the bone,' and inspired him with fresh energy, he expected to die very shortly. and he made his way down, As his eye wandered round the after many painful efforts, stagglittering expanse, he thought gering from the woods upon the he distinguished in the extreme sea-shore; and when he beheld distance a dark speck, which the ship come fairly into the he took to be a sail. He gazed bay and anchor, a boat hoisted at it most intensely, but it did out, and pull with long and not seem to move, and he con- rapid strokes towards him, he luded it was a rock; in order fell overpowered upon the sand.

On the boat reaching the the surgeon succeeded in disshore, the poor fellow appeared lodging from his stomach) in at his last gasp, and all he his miserable and emaciated could articulate was, “Water, state, the medical gentleman, water!' One of the sailors when he first saw him, had but brought some in a can, and faint hopes of his surviving ; suffered him to drink his fill. indeed, this gentleman declared Soon afterwards he again that he could not have lived swooned away, and in this state upon the island many hours they carried him alongside, longer. In a short time he was where he became sensible, but well enough to leave his cot, unable either to speak or move. when he was informed by CapHis helpless condition rendered tain Cook, that about a week's it necessary to hoist him on sail from the Galapagos he had board. Nothing could exceed luckily fallen in with the ship the kind and humane treatment by which Lord had been left, which he received from Captain when the master told him that Cook and the surgeon of the a youth had been missed, and ship, to whose skill and atten- was left upon the island ; this tion may be attributed his ulti- induced the captain to bear mate recovery, as from the up for the place; otherwise quantity of water the sailor had he had no intention of making suffered him to drink (which it.




'I SAILED from Liverpool for sharp, for sailing fast, and I did Jamaica, and after a pleasant not trouble myself about convoy voyage, arrived at my destina- (it was during war), as I could tion, and discharged my cargo. run a fair race with a common My vessel was called the Lively privateer ; and we trusted to Charlotte, a tight brig, well found mancuvring, four heavy carfor trading, and navigated by ronades, and a formidable show thirteen hands. I reloaded with of painted ports and quakers, sugar and rum for Halifax, in- for escaping capture by any tending to freight from that enemy, not possessing such an place for England, before the overwhelming superiority of setting in of winter. This ob- force as would give him conject I could only achieve by fidence to run boldly close using double diligence, allowing alongside, and find out what a reasonable time for accidental

1 Wooden guns : so called by seaobstacles. My brig was built men because they will not fight.

were really our means of de in much less time than we had fence.

remained there. We sailed 'I speedily shipped what pro- prosperously through the windvisions and necessaries I wanted, ward passage, so close to Cuba and set sail. A breeze scarcely that we could plainly distinguish sufficient to fill the canvas car- the trees and shrubs growing ried us out of Port Royal har upon it, and then shaped our bour. The weather was insuf- course north-easterly, to clear ferably hot; the air seemed full the Bahamas and gain the great of fire, and the redness of the ocean. atmosphere, not long before sun "We had seen and lost sight set, glared as intensely as the of Crooked Island three days, flame of a burning city. Jamaica when it became all at once a was very sickly; the yellow fever dead calm ; even the undulation had destroyed numbers of the of the sea, commonly called the inhabitants, and three-fourths of ground swell, subsided; the sails all new-comers speedily became hung slackened from the yards ; its victims. I had been fortu- the vessel slept like a turtle on the nate enough to lose only two ocean, which became as smooth men during my stay of three or as a summer mill-pond. The four weeks (Jack Wilson and atmosphere could not have susTom Waring), but they were the tained a feather : cloudless and two most sturdy and healthy clear, the blue serene above and seamen in the brig; the first the water below were alike spotdied in thirty-nine hours after less, shadowless, and stagnant. he was attacked, and the second Disappointment and impatience on the fourth day. Two hands were exhibited by us all

, while besides were ill when we left, the sun, flaring from the bumwhich reduced to nine the num- ing sky, melted the pitch in the ber capable of performing duty. rigging till it ran down on the I imagined that putting to sea decks, and a beefsteak might was the best plan I could adopt have been broiled on the anchorto afford the sick a chance of fluke. We could not pace the recovery, and retard the spread- planks without blistering our ing of the disorder among such feet, until I ordered an awning as remained in health ; but I over the deck for our protecwas deceived. I carried the tion; but still the languor we contagion with me, and on the experienced was overpowering. evening of the day on which we A dead calm is always viewed lost sight of land, another hand with an uneasy sensation by died, and three more were taken seamen, but in the present case ill. Still I congratulated myself it was more than usually unwelI was no worse off, since other come. To the sick it denied the vessels had lost half their crews freshness of the breeze, that would while in Port Royal, and some have mitigated in some degree

their agonies; and it gave a hours in every second. A day's predisposition to the healthy to space must then be an age of imbibe the contagion, lassitude misery. There was still no apand despondency being its pearance of a breeze springing powerful auxiliaries. Assisted up; the horrible calm appeared by the great heat, the fever ap- as if it would endure for ever. peared to decompose the very A storm would have been welsubstance of the blood; and its come. The irritating indolence, progress was so rapid, that no the frightful loneliness and tranmedicine could operate before quillity that reigned around, death closed the scene of suf- united with the frequent prefering. I had no surgeon on sence of human dissolution thinboard, and from a medicine chest ning our scanty number, was I in vain administered the com more than the firmest nerves mon remedies. But what re- could sustain without yielding medies could be expected to act to despair. Sleep fled far from with efficacy, where the disease me; I paced the deck at destroyed life almost as quickly night, gazing upon the remnant as the current of life circulated? of my crew in silence, and I had now but five men able to they upon me, hopeless and do duty, and never can I forget speechless. I looked at the my feelings when three of these brilliant stars, that shone in were taken ill on the fourth day tropical glory, with feverish and of our unhappy inactivity. One impatientfeelings, wishing I were of the sick expired, as I stood among them, or bereft of conby his cot, in horrible convul- sciousness, or were anything but sions. His skin was of a deep a man. A heavy presentiment safíron hue; watery blood oozed of increasing evil bore down my from every pore, and from the spirits. I regarded the unruffled corners of his eyes; he seemed sea, dark and glassy, and the redissolving into blood, liquifying flection of the heavens in it, as a into death. Another man rushed sinner would have contemplated upon deck in a fit of delirium, the mouth of hell. The scene, and sprang over the ship's side, so beautiful at any other time, into the very jaws of the sharks, was terrible under my circumthat hovered ravenous around stances. I was overwhelmed us, and seemed to be aware with present and anticipated of the terrible havoc death was misery. Thirty years I had making.

been accustomed to a sea life, 'I had now the dreadful pros- but I had never contemplated pect of seeing all that remained that so horrible a situation as perish, and prayed to God I mine was possible; I had never might not be the last; for I imagined that any state half so should then become an ocean frightful could exist, though solitary, dragging on a life of storms had often placed my

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