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ounce rifle perpendicularly, I heard the wounded elephant fired exactly under his throat. crashing through the jungle, I thought he would fall upon and they had given him a me and crush me; but this shot volley just as he was crossing was the only chance, as B. was the river, over which the herd perfectly helpless. A dense had escaped in the morning. cloud of smoke from the heavy They described the elephant charge of powder for the mo- as perfectly helpless from his ment obscured everything. I wound, and they imagined that had jumped out of the way the he had fallen in the thick bushes instant after firing. The ele on the opposite bank of the river. phant did not fall, but he had As I before mentioned, we could his death-wound: the ball had not cross the river on account severed his jugular, and the of the torrent; but in a few days blood poured from the wound. it subsided, and the elephant He stopped; but collecting his was found lying dead on the stunned energies, he still blun- spot where they supposed he dered forward towards B. He, had fallen. however, avoided him by run "Thus happily ended the dening to one side, and the wounded struction of this notable pair ; brute staggered on through the they had proved themselves all jungle. We now loaded the that we had heard of them, and guns; the first rogue was quite by their cunning dodge of hiddead, and we followed in pur- ing in the thick jungle they had suit of rogue number two. We nearly made sure of us. heard distant shots, and upon killed three rogues that mornarriving at the spot we found ing, and we returned to our the gun - bearers. They had quarters well satisfied.'



ADVENTURE WITH A BUFFALO. ‘THE haunts of the buffalo are very active, and his hide is in the hottest parts of Ceylon. almost free from hair, giving a In the neighbourhood of lakes, disgusting appearance to his swamps, and extensive plains, india-rubber-like skin. He carthe buffalo exists in large herds; ries his head in a peculiar wallowing in the soft mire, and manner, the horns thrown back, passing two-thirds of his time and his nose projecting on a in the water itself, he may be level with his forehead, thus almost termed amphibious. He securing himself from a front is about the size of a large ox, shot in a fatal part. This renof immense bone and strength, ders him a dangerous enemy, as

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he will receive any number of was guilty of one great fault. I balls from a small gun in the despised the game, and gave no throat and chest without evinc-heed to the many tales of daning the least symptom of dis- ger and hair-breadth escapes tress. The shoulder is the which attended the pursuit of acknowledged point to aim at, wild animals. This carelessness but from his disposition to face on my part arose from my first the guns, this is a difficult shot début having been extremely to obtain. Should he succeed lucky; most shots had told well, in catching his antagonist, his and the animal had been killed fury knows no bounds, and he with such apparent ease, that I gores his victim to death, tramp-had learnt to place an implicit ling and kneeling upon him till reliance in the rifle. The real he is satisfied life is extinct. fact was, that I was like many

“This sport would not be others; I had slaughtered a very dangerous in the forests, number of animals without unwhere the buffalo could be derstanding their habits, and I easily stalked, and where escape was perfectly ignorant of the would also be rendered less diffi- sport. This is now many years cult in case of accident; but as ago, and it was then my first he is generally met with upon visit to the island. Some places the open plains, free from a that were good spots for shootsingle tree, he must be killed ing in those days have since when once brought to bay, or he that time been much disturbed, will soon exhibit his qualifica and are now no longer attractive tions for mischief. There is a to my eyes. One of these places degree of uncertainty in their is Minneria Lake. character which much increases 'I was on a shooting trip, acthe danger of the pursuit. A companied by my brother, whom buffalo may retreat at first sight I will designate'as B. We had with every symptom of cowar- passed a toilsome day in pushdice, and thus induce a too ing and dragging our ponies for eager pursuit, when he will sud- twenty miles along a narrow denly become the assailant. Ipath through thick jungle, which cannot explain their character half a dozen natives in advance better than by describing the were opening before us with billfirst wild buffaloes that I ever hooks. This had at one time

been a good path, but was then "I had not been long in overgrown.

It is now an acCeylon ; but having arrived in knowledged bridle - road. At the island for the sake of its four P.M., and eighty miles from wild sports, I had not been idle, Kandy, we emerged from the and I had already made a con- jungle, and the view of Minneria siderable bag of large game. Lake burst upon us, fully repayLike most novices, however, I ing us for our day's march. It


25 a lovely afternoon. The rifles. The afternoon was wearwaters of the lake, which is ing away, and they did not aptwenty miles in circumference, pear. We could wait no longer, were turnished by the setting sun. but determined to take a stroll The surrounding plains were as and examine the country. We green as an English meadow, therefore left our horses and and teautiful forest trees bor-proceeded. dered the extreme boundaries of “The grass was most verdant, the plains, like giant warders of about the height of a field fit for the adjoining jungle. Long the scythe in England, but not promontories densely wooded so thick. From this the snipe stretched far into the waters of rose at every twenty or thirty the lake, forming sheltered nooks paces, although the ground was ard bays teeming with wild-fowl. perfectly dry. Crossing a large The deer browsed in herds on meadow, and skirting the banks the wide extent of plain, or lay of the lake, from which the beneath the shade of the spread- ducks and teal rose in large ing branches. Every feature of flocks, we entered a long neck lovely scenery was here pre- of jungle, which stretched far sented. In some spots, groves into the lake. This was not of trees grew to the very water's above two hundred paces in euge; in others, the wide plains, width, and we soon emerged free from a single stem or bush, upon an extensive plain borstretched for miles along the dered by fine forests, the waters edge of the lake; thickly-wooded of the lake stretching far away hil.s bordered the extreme end upon our left, like a sheet of of its waters, and distant blue gold. A few large rocks rose mountains mingled their dim above the surface near the shore ; summits with the clouds. It these were covered with various was a lovely scene, which we kinds of wild-fowl. The princienjoyed in silence, while our pal tenants of the plain were ponies feasted upon the rich wild buffaloes. A herd of about grass.

a hundred were lying in a swampy *The village of Minneria was hollow about a quarter of a mile about three miles farther on, from us. Several bulls were and our coolies, servants, and dotted about the green surface baggage were all far behind us of the level plain, and on the We had therefore no rifles or opposite shores of the lake were guns at hand, except a couple many dark patches, undistinof short guns, which were car- guishable in the distance ; these ried by our horse keepers; for were in reality herds of buffaloes. these we had a few balls. For There was not a sound in the about half an hour we waited in wide expanse before us, except the impatient expectation of the the harsh cry of the water-fowl arrival of our servants with the that our presence had already

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