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within about a hundred paces, and already experienced a sense we observed that the herd was of being overrun.

I did not headed by two large bulls, one look at the herd, but kept my of which was the largest I hadeye upon the big bull leader. ever seen. The whole herd | On they flew, and were within were bellowing, and pawing the thirty paces of us, when I took ground. They had winded the a steady shot with the four-ounce, blood of the dead bull, and ap- and the leading bull plunged peared perfectly maddened. head foremost in the turf, turn

• We continued to advance, ing a complete summersault. and were within about ninety Snatching the two-ounce from paces of them, when suddenly the petrified gun-bearer, I had the whole herd of about two hun- just time for a shot as the second dred buffaloes, headed by the two bull was within fifteen paces, large bulls before mentioned, and at the flash of the rifle, his dashed straight before us at full horns ploughed up the turf, and gallop. So simultaneous was he lay almost at our feet. That the onset, that it resembled a lucky shot turned the whole sudden charge of cavalry, and herd. When certain destruction the ground vibrated beneath threatened us, they suddenly their heavy hoofs. Their tails wheeled to their left when within were thrown high above their twenty paces of the guns, and backs, and the mad and over- left us astonished victors of the powering phalanx of heads and field. We poured an ineffechorns came rushing forward as tual volley into the retreating though to sweep us at once from herd from the light guns as they the face of the earth. There galloped off in full retreat, and was not an instant to be lost; re-loaded as quickly as possible, already but a short space inter as the two bulls, although floored, vened between us and apparent were still alive. They were, certain destruction. Our gun- however, completely powerless, bearers were almost in the act and a double-barrelled gun gave of flight; but catching hold of each the coup de grace by a ball the man who carried the long in the forehead. Both rifle two-ounce rifle, and keeping shots had struck at the point of him by my side, I awaited the junction of the throat and chest, irresistible onset with the four- and the four-ounce ball had ounce.

passed out of the hind quar“The largest of the bulls was ters. Our friend of yesterday, some yards in advance, closely although hit in precisely the followed by his companion, and same spot, had laughed at the the herd in a compact mass light guns. came thundering down at their “Although I have since killed heels. Only fifty yards separated about two hundred wild buffaloes, 115, we literally felt among them, I have never witnessed another

charge by a herd. This was an disturbed at the time of which extraordinary occurrence, and I write, and the buffaloes were fortunately stands alone in immensely numerous and parbuffalo-shooting

Were it not ticularly savage, nearly always for the two heavy rifles, our turning to bay, and showing good career might have terminated in sport when attacked. Having an unpleasant manner. As I cut out the tongues from the before mentioned, this part of two bulls, we turned home to the country was seldom or ever breakfast.'


SPECIMEN OF COURAGE-SHOOTING THE TIGER AT NIGHT. It is well known that most parts and rends it off, that no inconof India are still grievously venience may be sustained by infested with wild beasts. In his rider. So, also, it is most all situations except those most useful in giving notice of a tiger inhabited, the lion or the tiger, being near ; for, whenever an or the buffalo, render a passage elephant scents a tiger, which it through the jungles in an ex can do at some distance, it treme degree dangerous. It is utters a shrill cry. But it is in the essential, therefore, to the safety attack that it chiefly displays its of the inhabitants that these powers of usefulness; for then it powerful enemies should be kept raises its trunk perpendicularly, in subjection; and this desirable so that, when the tiger charges, object is effected by enterprising it may be prepared to repel the and intrepid persons, at the attack, as also to prevent a hazard of their own personal surprise ; since, if the tiger can safety. In pursuit of the for- but seize the trunk, the elephant midable tiger, the elephant is a is disarmed. The leaps or most useful assistant, and in springs which the tiger makes this work displays the greatest in his charge are truly astonishsagacity and courage. Such is ing ; yet a well-trained elephant its care of its rider, that in will generally succeed in repelpassing through the jungles, ling the most furious attack, by whenever a branch hangs in the dashing the springing tiger to way of the howdah, although the the earth with its trunk, when, elephant itselt could easily pass if its foe be at all stunned or in security under it, yet, know- maimed by the fall, or wounded ing it would injure or incom- by the rifle of the rider, the mode its master, the consider- ponderous foot of the mighty ate animal seizes it with its trunk beast will actually crush the

Carm, and at once com- but no one dared to fire, because He is destruction. But it of the position in which the capsocene does happen that an tive lay on the tigress' back. e ebat terms away from the She went through the jungle ces; and when this is the grass much faster than the elecase, te Le of the rider is in phants could, so that the party be eatest jeopardy; for the soon lost sight of their prey;

a can easy cimb up on the yet they were enabled to trace ens: in the rear, and seize her by the blood in her track; tre person in the hou dah before and, as a forlorn hope, they rehe can turn to defend himself. solved to follow on, to see if it Tze io ng adventure is an were possible to save the reinstance of such a seizure :- mains of their friend from being

Aparty of Europeans, consist. devoured by the ferocious brute. is of some indigo planters, and As they proceeded, the traces or scue oficers of a native regi- grew fainter and fainter, until meat statoned in their neigh- at length, bewildered in the bourhood, went into the jungles heart of the jungle, they were for the purpose of shooting about to give up the search in tigers. They had not proceeded despair, when all at once they ir before they roused an im- came most unexpectedly upon mense tigress, which, with the the object of their pursuit. To greatest intrepidity, charged the their infinite astonishment, they iise of elephants on which they beheld the tigress lying dead in were seated. At this moment, the long jungle grass, still griping a lezale elephant, in the direct fast the limb of their unfortunate point of attack, which had companion in her tremendous been lately purchased, and was jaws; whilst he, though still hitherto untried, through dread sensible, was unable from loss of the approaching enemy, of blood to reply to the questions tumed suddenly round to fly put to him. To extricate his from the field of battle. It was leg from the creature's mouth in vain the mahout exerted all they found impossible, without his skill to make her face the first cutting off her head. This tigress. The active creature, therefore was immediately done, therefore, instantly sprang upon and the jaws being separated, her back, and seizing the person the fangs were drawn out of in the houdah by the thigh, the wounds; and as one of the speedily brought him to the party providentially happened ground; then throwing him, to be a surgeon, the patient was quite stunned by the fall, over properly attended to, and the her shoulders, just in the same party had the great felicity of manner as a fox carries a goose, returning with their friend, resshe started off to the jungle. cued from the most perilous Every ritle was pointed at her ; situation, and with hopes of his

recovery. He was taken to the fainted away, and remained nearest bungalow, and by the totally unconscious of what was aid thus afforded, he was in a passing for some minutes. Howshort time able to see his friends, ever, recovering a little, he dewhen he explained to them the termined to try the effect of means by which he was preserved. another shot, in a different

For some time after the ani- place. Drawing the remaining mal had seized him, it appeared pistol from his girdle, and pointthat he had continued insensible, ing the muzzle under the bladebeing stunned by the fall, faint bone of the shoulder, in the from the loss of blood, as well direction of the heart, he once as from the excruciating pain more fired: the tigress fell dead which her fangs inflicted. When in a moment, and neither howled he came to himself, he discovered nor struggled after she fell. that he was lying on the back But he was not yet out of of the tigress, who was trotting danger. He had not the power along at a smart pace through to call out for aid, and consethe jungle, whilst at times his quently, though he heard his hands and face received the friends approaching, he feared most violent scratches from the lest they might pass the spot thorns and bushes through which without observing where he lay. she dragged him. He gave him- Happily, however, it proved self up as lost, considering that otherwise, and thus his life was not the least glimpse of hope saved. Under medical care, he remained, and consequently de- recovered from his wounds; termined to lie quietly on her and though, from his thigh back waiting the issue—when being so dreadfully torn by the it struck him that he had a pair fangs of the tigress, he afterwards of pistols in his girdle, with suffered from lameness, yet he which he might yet destroy had abundant reason

to be his captor.

After several at- thankful for being thus protempts, which, from the weak- videntially preserved. ness which the loss of blood had occasioned, proved inef

A NARROW ESCAPE. fectual, he at length succeeded in drawing one of them from

One morning, in company the belt, and directed it at the with two brother officers, Morticreature's head. He fired; but mer of the 40th, and Reeves of the only effect it seemed to pro- the 3d Light Cavalry, having duce was, that after giving him been informed by our shicaries an angry shake, by which she that they had tracked a tiger, we made her fangs meet more determined to go to the Ghud closely in his flesh, her pace Nullah-where it was said to was quickened. From the ago-be-in search of it. Before nizing pain thus caused, he again setting out, we were joined by

Ravenscroft and Forbes, armed that was now to be heard, and only with spears, as they ex after some time all was silent. pected to kill swine. We soon Ravenscroft shot into some reached the Nullah, the banks brushwood near where I had of which, high and steep, inter- last seen her, but there was no sected by smaller branches, were growl of defiance in answer, covered with grass and brush- and he narrowly escaped a wood; to this we applied fire serious accident. He had fired where the track entered, and from off his horse, and in reloadthen took our stations on foot; ing, cast the butt of his gun over Mortimer on the right bank on his left foot; he was on the nearest the fire, Reeves on the point of putting in the powder, left bank, myself also on the when the other barrel went off, left, with a broad deep branch two balls passing his face withand two or three gullies between out injury. us. There was not much wind, "We now tried to light the and the grass being green, the grass above and below where fire did not come down rapidly. she was supposed to be, but it After waiting some time, a shot, would not burn well; there answered by a loud roar, an were some dry thorns near the nounced the presence of our top of the gully, which cracked prey. This was from Mortimer. famously, and this was not more As she passed Reeves, she got than twenty yards long. Still the contents of two barrels, and nothing was heard or seen of came on roaring furiously, evi- the enemy, and we all began to dently hard hit, and turned into be impatient, and of the opinion the deep branch between Reeves that she was dead. Seeing a and me. Mystation commanded native with a drawn sword going the entrance to this, between towards this gully, I got off my thirty and forty yards distant; horse and accompanied him, and as she came out after a wishing to look into it if possible, short time, and for a moment and expecting to see her dead at stood still, I let fly right and the bottom. It was some twelve left, and back she went. or fifteen feet deep, and the loaded as quickly as possible. banks, nearly perpendicular, had On receiving another shot, she long grass and brushwood growcame towards my position, and ing thickly up them. By bendas she passed under me, I fired ing this on either side with the the other barrel into her. I muzzle of my gun, I was enthen supposed she would get abled to see into it tolerably into a deep little gully imme- well, and was on the point of diately on my right, so I went giving it up, when my eye caught to the rear, mounted my horse, sight of a patch of her yellow and drew near all ready. Low hide. It was no use firing, as I growls or rather moans were all could not tell whether it was

I re

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