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their hands and beckoning the has completed his repast; and sportsman, who happened to should they neglect this mark be ricing in a contrary direction, of respect, they are made to to stop, relate the cause of their pay dearly for the omission. hurry and anxiety. At last they Sportsmen, on coming on the erciaimed, The Manpoora tiger remains of a slaughtered animal, has come!' which was all that have sometimes seen vultures could at first be made out lying dead upon it, killed by a Afterwards they explained that stroke from the tiger's claw. a cos had been killed, and that The spot on which the cow was a watch kept on this night would lying was exceedingly jungly, be pretty certainly successful and ill calculated for the adSo time was lost in preparing venturer's purpose; but after for the expedition, and even the different attempts that had inz found our friend again at been made, and the watching the valey of Manpoora. The and anxiety already undergone, Feasants immediately accom- though a most unsatistactory panied their visitor to the scene place for a night abode, the ci the sacriñce. There lay the young man determined to take cow; and two men who had up his quarters on it. The carwarded the whole proceeding case of the cow was moved by from the neighbouring trees, re- his directions to a more proported that the tiger, after a mising spot, and close to one cor: 3:s draught of pure blood, of the extremities, a slight amhad retreated to the hills, doubt- buscade of thorns was thrown less to return in the evening up to conceal the adversary to make a more solid meal. from view. The Mussulman An examination of the carcase lad before mentioned remained proved the truth of this infor- staunch by the side of his masmation: the cow had been ter, and one of the villagers fresa y Bled, and was as yet asked and obtained permission uninjured, save by the wounds to join the party. which hai caused its death. Towards dusk the position The disappearance of the tiger was taken up, the officer placing was not at all disheartening, it himself in front, close up to the being the custom of the animal tail of the cow, and the two to leave its prey for a while, natives back to back in the knowing it to be perfectly safe. rear, by which plan a look-out It is se com that the inferior on all sides was effected. The venireas of the wild venture to night set in with the most proattack a carcase brought down found darkness imaginable, conbra tiger, until he has gorged veying a sense of horror to the his til The jackals and vul- mind which it is impossible to turs draw silently around, wait describe, and producing an impng their turn, after the sovereign pression which was strongly cal

culated to render the rashness heavy groans. These indicaof the undertaking the prevail. tions gave very satisfactory asing feeling. Hour after hour surances of his impending fate; passed away in the most pain- but caution was still necessary. ful kind of suspense. Midnight After allowing a sufficient time arrived, and not long afterwards, for the tiger either to make off a distant rustling among the or to expire in peace, the atbushes was distinctly heard. tendants were directed to rouse By degrees the sound became the village, and in the interim plainer and plainer ; there was the rifle was again re-loaded in now no mistaking the approach case of the worst. The villagers of the enemy, and a few minutes were soon assembled with their would decide the business. The lighted torches; but for some sounds ceased; and while won time their search proved inefdering whether the tiger had, fectual. In fact, the chief actor upon second thoughts, retreated, in the scene began to imagine our friend, upon looking up, that he had missed his aim, or distinctly saw the royal beast that the whole had been nothing standing close to the head of more than an apparition conthe cow, the body of the animal | jured up by the excited state only intervening between them. of his mind. Believing that It was a moment of utter dismay. the tiger had not been wounded The tiger had commenced his at all, and had made good his repast, and, with the desperate retreat, the villagers, who had determination produced by the been somewhat fearful of searchfearfulness of the occasion, the ing too minutely before, growing gun was brought up and fired. bolder, looked more narrowly The tiger did not drop. A never around them. A shout of joy to-be-forgotten roar and a charge was soon after heard. The tiger of indomitable fierceness fol was discovered dead. A hearty lowed. The tiger fortunately huzza followed, in which the rushed past, blundering onwards natives, though unaccustomed in aimless fury. Sufficient pre- to the European mode of cheersence of mind to fire again ing, joined with all their lungs. under such circumstances was The tiger proved to be the idennot in human nature; and the tical monster so long sought. villager, still less accustomed The ball had gone clean through to so dreadful a predicament, the centre of the stomach ; and grasped the arm of the sports- it was subject of surprise how he man in the terror of the moment, had been able to reach the place and thus added to his embar where he was found. The manrassment. After the tiger had ner in which this and the Kalinrushed forward for a short dis- gur tiger met their deaths, and tance, the welcome sound of his the arm that laid them low, are fall was heard, succeeded by well known in Bengal.




A LION ENCOUNTER-DEATH OF HENDRICH. The lion of Northern Africa can | him down upon them like a never be called a coward ; he is thunderbolt. If the lion is an ever ready to attack an enemy, adult, he knows the meaning of and the sight of one rouses him to this noise, which wakes him, and instant fury; he will even attack he rises slowly, yawning and a whole tribe of armed Arabs, stretching his limbs, rubbing his and often scatters them to the sides against the trees, and shakwinds. No Arab thinks of at-ing his majestic mane. He tacking a lion unless supported listens; and the approaching by at least twenty muskets; and cries cause him to sharpen his even then, if they succeed in claws, with certain premonitory killing him, it is not until he growls. He then stalks slowly has committed serious damage towards the first ledge of rock in their ranks. For a long which commands the country, while they will suffer a lion to and espying his enemies from devastate their douars, and carry this height, he crouches and off their cattle in helpless re- awaits. signation. It is not until their The Arab who first sees him losses have driven them to descries, 'There he is !' and deathperation that they resolve on like stillness succeeds. They attacking him in his lair, and pause to contemplate him, and then they always choose the look well to their arms, while day-time. Having ascertained the lion slowly licks his paws and his lair, and having decided in mane, thus making his toilette full conclave that the attack is de combat. After a long pause, to be made, they assemble at an Arab advances in front of the foot of the mountain, and the group, and in a tone of dein groups of thirty or forty fiance, shouts, Thou knowest march towards the lair, shouting us not, then, that thus thou at the top of their lungs. On liest before us? Rise and fly; hearing the noise, the lion, if for we belong to such a tribe, young, at once quits his lair ; and I am Abdallah!' The lion, the lioness does the same, who has before this eaten more unless she have her young than one warrior who apostrowith her. But as he does not phized him in precisely the fly, he is soon in sight, and a same terms, continues passing discharge of musketry brings his enormous paws over his face,

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Adventure and Peril, p. 578.

Ravenscroft and Forbes, armed that was now to be heard, and only with spears, as they ex after some time all was silent. pected to kill swine. We soon Ravenscroft shot into some reached the Nullah, the banks brushwood near where I had of which, high and steep, inter- last seen her, but there was no sected by smaller branches, were growl of defiance in answer, covered with grass and brush- and he narrowly escaped a wood; to this we applied fire serious accident. He had fired where the track entered, and from off his horse, and in reloadthen took our stations on foot; ing, cast the butt of his gun over Mortimer on the right bank on his left foot; he was on the nearest the fire, Reeves on the point of putting in the powder, left bank, myself also on the when the other barrel went off, left, with a broad deep branch two balls passing his face withand two or three gullies between out injury. us. There was not much wind, "We now tried to light the and the grass being green, the grass above and below where fire did not come down rapidly. she was supposed to be, but it After waiting some time, a shot, would not burn well; there answered by a loud roar, an were some dry thorns near the nounced the presence of our top of the gully, which cracked prey. This was from Mortimer. famously, and this was not more As she passed Reeves, she got than twenty yards long. Still the contents of two barrels, and nothing was heard or seen of came on roaring furiously, evi- the enemy, and we all began to dently hard hit, and turned into be impatient, and of the opinion the deep branch between Reeves that she was dead. Seeing a and me. My station commanded native with a drawn sword going the entrance to this, between towards this gully, I got off my thirty and forty yards distant; horse and accompanied him, and as she came out after a wishing to look into it if possible, short time, and for a moment and expecting to see her dead at stood still, I let fly right and the bottom. It was some twelve left, and back she went. I re-or fifteen feet deep, and the loaded as quickly as possible. banks, nearly perpendicular, had On receiving another shot, she long grass and brushwood growcame towards my position, and ing thickly up them. By bendas she passed under me, I fired ing this on either side with the the other barrel into her. I muzzle of my gun, I was enthen supposed she would get abled to see into it tolerably into a deep little gully imme- well, and was on the point of diately on my right, so I went giving it up, when my eye caught to the rear, mounted my horse, sight of a patch of her yellow and drew near all ready. Low hide. It was no use firing, as I growls or rather moans were all could not tell whether it was

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