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The 15th Presidential term of four years, since the establishment of the government of the United States under the Constitution, began on the 4th of March, 1845; and it will expire on the 3d of March, 1849.

JAMES K. POLK, of Tennessee, President,
George M. Dallas, of Pennsylvania, Vice-President,

The Cabinet.




The following are the principal officers in the executioe department of the government, who form the Cabinet, and who hold their offices at the will of the President.

Salary. $6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000

James Buchanan,
Robert J. Walker,
William L. Marcy,
George Bancroft,
Cave Johnson,
John Y. Mason,



New York,




Secretary of State,
Secretary of the Treasury,
Secretary of War,
Secretary of the Nacy,
Postmaster- General,
Attorney- General,

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1,400 1,400

1,400 1,400 1,000 Salary.! Salary.

Edward Stubbs, Disbur. Agent, $1.45o! H. H. Sylvester, Chief Clerk, $1,700 Robert Greenhow, Translator, 1,600 Charles G. Page, | Exam- ( 1,500 George HM, Librarian and Clerk W. P. N. Fitzgerald, } iners. (1,500

of Commissions, 1,400 Henry Stone, > Assist. ( 1,250

Thomas G. Clinton, | Exam. ( 1,250

Patent Office. Edmund Burke, Com. Pat.

A. L. Mclntire, Draughtsman, 1,200 3,000 Hazard Knowles, Machinist, 1,250

Treasury Department.

Robert J. Walker, Secretary.

McC. Young, Chief Clerk, $2,000

Treasurer's Office.


James W. McCulloh, ls< Comp.
James Larned, Chief Clerk,
Albion K. Parris, 2d Comp.
J. M. Brodhead, Chief Clerk,


Wm. Collins, 1st Auditor,
John Underwood, Chief Clerk,
J. M. McCalla, 2d Auditor,
J. F. Polk, Chief Clerk,
Peter Haguer, 3d Auditor,
Ja's Thompson, Chief Clerk,
Aaron O. Dayton, 4th Auditor,
Th. H. Gillis, CUef Clerk,
S. Pleasanton, 5th Auditor,
Thomas Mustin, Chief Clerk,

William Selden, Treasurer, $3,000
W. B. Randolph, Chief Clerk, 1,700


1,7001 Register's Office

3,000 Ransom H. Gillet, Register, 3,000 1,700 Mich. Nourse, Chief Clerk, 1,700

Solicitor's Office.

3,000' geth Barton, Solicitor, 3,500


3,000 Land Office.

1,700 James Shields, Com. Gen. 3,000

3,000 S. H. Laughlin, Recorder, 2,000

1,700 James H. Piper, Chief Clerk, 1,800

3,000 Jos. S. Wilson, Chief Clerk of

l,700| Prioate Land Claims, 1,800

3,000 John Wilson, Chief Clerk of

l,70ol Surceys, 1,800

War Department.

William L. Marcy, Secretary.
Arch. Campbell, Jr. Ch. Clerk, $2,000 Pension Bureau.

Bureau of Indian Affairs.

William Medill, Commissioner, 3,000
S. Humes Porter, Chief Clerk, 1,600

Ja's L. Edwards, Commissioner, $2.500
Geo. W. Crump, Chief Clerk, 1,600

‘. . Salary. Salary.

Quartermaster's Bureau. H. L. Heiskell, Surgeon. T. S. Jesup, Br. Maj.Gen.& Q.M. Gen. R. Johnson, Chief Clerk, $1,150

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Engineer Bureau.

J. G. Totten, Col. 3 Chief Engineer.

Pay Bureau, G. L. Welcker, Capt. & Assist. Eng.

N. Towson, Brew, Br. Gen. 6. F. N. Barbarin, Chief Clerk, 1,200 Paymaster General.

Nathaniel Frye, Chief Clerk, 1,700 Topographical Bureau.
Subsistence Bureau. John J. Abert, Col. 3. ChiefTop. Eng.
G. Gibson, Brev, Brig. Gen. § 3. o ... 4. *,
Com. Gen. of Subsistence. eo. Thompson, Chief Clerk, o o* .
John C. Casey, Capt. & Assist. Com.
Richard Gott, Chief Clerk, 1,600 -
Geo. Talcott, Lt. Col. in charge of Bur.

Medical & Surgical Bureau. W. Maynadier, Capt. & Assist. Thomas Lawson, Surg. Gen. 2,500 Geo. Bender, Chief Clerk. 1,200

Ordnance Bureau.


George Bancroft, Secretary.
John Appleton, Chief Clerk, salary $2,000.

Joseph Smith, Chief of the Bureau of Docks and Navy Yards, $3,500

Lewis Warrington, do. do. Ordnance and Hydrographs, 3,500 Charles Morris, do. do. Construct. Repairs & Equip. 3,000 Gideon Welles, do. do. Provisions and Clothing, 3,000 Thomas Harris, do. do. Med. and Surg. Instruments, 2,500 Alex. D. Bache, Superintendent of the Coast Survey, 6,000


Cave Johnson, Postmaster General.

Selah R. Hobbie, 1st Assistant Postmaster Gen., Contract Office, $2,500 Wm. J. Brown, 2d do. do. do. Appointment Office, 2,500 John Marron, Chief Clerk, Post Office Department, 2,000 Peter G. Washington, Auditor of the Treasury for the Post Office, 3,000 E. G. Eastman, Chief Clerk of the Auditor, 2,000

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Newburyport, Ms.
Gloucester, Ms.
Salem, Ms.
Marblehead, Ms.
Boston, Ms.
Fall River, Ms.
Barnstable, Ms.
New Bedford, Ms.
Edgartown, Ms.
Nantucket, Ms.
Providence, R.I.
Bristol, R. I.
Newport, R.I.
Alburgh, Vt.
New London, Ct.
New Haven, Ct.
Middletown, Ct.
Fairfield, Ct.

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Wm. Nichols.
Eli F. Stacy.
James Miller.
Peter Dixey.
Marcus Morton.
Phin. W. Leland.
Josiah Hinckley.
Jos. T. Adams.
Jos. T. Pease.
Charles W. Rand.
H. Willard.
Wm. J. Miller.
Edwin Wilbur.
R. G. Hopkinson.
Tho's Mussey.
Norris Wilcox.
Philip Sage.
Wm. S. Pomeroy.
Wm. F. Haile.

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Ports. Collectors. Philadelphia, Pa. James Page. Erie, Pa. Murray Whallon. Wilmington, Del. Henry Hicks. Baltimore, Md. Wm. H. Marriott. Annapolis, Md. Richard Sands. Vienna, Md. B. H. Crockett. Georgetown, D.C. Robert White. Alexandria, D. C. Edward Green. Tappahann'k, Va. John A. Parker. Petersburgh, Pa. J. T. Rosser. Richmond, Va. Thomas Nelson. Norfolk, Va. Conway Whittle. Ocracoke, N. C. Thos. J. Pastaer.

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Apalachicola, Fa. Sam. W. Spencer. St. Augustine, Fa. George Center. Port Leon, Fa. Wm. H. Ware. Key West, Fa. Steph. R. Mallory. Galveston, Texas, Hiram J. Runnels. Cities. Postmasters. Augusta, Me. A. R. Nichols. Bangor, Me. C. K. Miller. Bath, Me. Thomas Eaton. Brunswick, Me. T. S. McLellan. Calais, Me. J. C. Washburn. Hallowell, Me. David H. Goodno. Portland, Me. N. L. Woodbury. Robbinstown, Me. Jas. W. Balkam.

[Corrected in the Post Office Department, July, 1846.]

Saco, Me. Bowen C. Greene.
Concord, N. H. Jos. Robinson.
Dover, N. H. Thos. Stackpole.
Hanover, N. H. Alfred Morse.
Keene, N. H. Wm. L. Foster.
Nashua, N. H. Ch's P. Danforth.
Portsmouth, N. H. Neh. Moses.
Brattleboro’, Vt. F. N. Palmer.
Burlington, Vt. William Noble.
Middlebury, Vt. Edw. D. Barber.
Montpelier, Vt. Geo..W. Read.
Andover, Mass. Samuel Phillips.
Boston, Mass. Nath'l Greene.
Charlestown, Ms. Wm. Sawyer.
Lowell, Mass. Stephen S. Seavy.
Lynn, Mass. Benj. Mudge.
Nantucket, Mass. Geo. F. Worth.
N. Bedford, Mass. Edw. W. Greene.
Newburyport, Ms. Stephen Ilsley.

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Hartford, Conn. Joseph Pratt.
Middletown, Conn. Allen May.
New Haven, Conn. Ed. A. Mitchell.
N. London, Conn. Stanly G. Trott.

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