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Being the latter part of the 71st, srd *ire beginning of the 72d year of the Independence of the' United States of America;

"the 6560th year of the Julian Peri'bd; ."

"the latter part of the 5607th, and the beginning of the 5608th year since the creation of the world, accordi ng to the Jews;

"the 2600th year (according to Varro) since the foundation of Rome; ".' .

"the 2594th year since the era of Nabonassar, which has been assigued to Wednesday, the 26th of February of the 3967th year of the Julian Period, which corresponds, according to the chronologists, to the 747th, and, according to the astronomers, to the 746th year, before the birth of Christ;

"the 2623d year of the Olympiads, or the third year of the 656th Olympiad, beginning in July, 1847, if we fix the era of the Olympiads at 775 J years .before Christ, or at or about the beginning of July of the year 3938 of the Julian Period;

"the latter part of the 1263d, and the beginning of the 1264th year (of twelve lunations) since the Hegira, or flight of Mahomet, which, as is generally supposed took place on the 16th of July, in the year 622 of the Christian era.



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<$ Conjunction, or having the same Longitude or Right Ascension. n Quadrature, or differing 90° in " ""

8 Opposition, or differing 180° in" •"

SI The ascending, U the descending node.

The sigu 4- is prefixed to the latitude, or declination, of the Sun. or other heavenly body, when north, and the sign — when with; but the former prefixed to the hourly motion of the Moon in latitude, indicates that she is approaching, and the latter that she is receding from, the twrth pole of the ecliptic. "f l •

The letters M. A., m. a., denote, Morning and Afternoon.

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d. h. m. s.

Sun in the Winter Sigus 89 1 20 36

"" Spring" 92 20 45 3

'Summer" 93 14 410

"" Autumn" 89 17 42 27

"north of Equator, (Spring and Summer). • 186 10 49 13 "south of " (Winter and Autumn)•• 17819 3 3

Length of the tropical year, commencing at}
the winter solstice, 1846, and terminating at / 365 5 52 16
the winter solstice. 1847,'

Mean, or average length of the tropical year, 365 5 48 48

M. Time

at Wash'ton.


Septnagesima Sunday, Jan. 31st
Quinq. or Shrove Sunday, Feb. 14th

Ash Wed., Lent begins, Feb. 17th

Mid Lent Sunday, Mar. 14th

Palm Sunday, Mar. 28th

Easter Sunday, Apr. 4th

Low Sunday, Apr. llth

Rogation Sunday, May 9th

Ascen. Day, or Holy Th. May 13th
Whitsunday or Pentecost, May 23d
Trinity Sunday, May 30th

Corpus Christi Day, i
FeteDieu, |June3d'

Advent Sunday, Nov. 28th

[The anniversaries marked with an asterisk (*) are to be strictly observed.]

Year. Names of the Months.

5606 Thebet begins, Dec. 20, 1846.

""10th, Fast for the Siege of Jerusalem, Dec. 29,"

"Sebat begins, Jan. 18, 1847.

"Adar begins, Feb. 17,"

"" 13th, Fast of Esther, Mar. 1,"

"" 14th, *Purim, Mar. 2,"

u " 15th, Schnscan Purim, Mar. 3,"

u Nisan begins, Mar. 18,"

""15th, *Beginning of the Passover, Apr. 1,"

""16th, *Sccond Feast, or Morrow of the Passover, Apr. 2,"

""21st, *Seventh Feast, Apr. 7, ".

""22d, *End of the Passover, Apr. 8,"

"Ijar begins, Apr. 17,"

""18th, Lag Beomer, May 4,"

"Sivan begins May 16,"

""6th, *Feast of Weeks or Pentecost, May 21,"

""7th, *Sccond Feast, May 22,"

"Thammus begins, Jnn. 15,"

"" 17th, Fast for the taking of the Temple, ••• July 1,"

"Ab begins, July 14,"

"" 9th, *Fast for the burning of the Temple, July 22,"

""Elul begins, Aug. 13,"

5608 Tisri begins, *Feast for the New Year, Sept. 11,"

""2d, *Second Feast for the New Year, Sept. 12,"

""3d, Fast of Gedaljah, Sept. 13,"

""10th, *Fast of the Reconciliation or Atonement, Sept. 20,"

""15th, *Feast of the Huts or Tabernacles, Sept. 25,"

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