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No. 78. An Act authorizing the payment of certain claims of the State of Alabama. $13,455 32 are appropriated to pay for certain expenses incurred during the Indian wars. Aug. 10, 1846.

No. 79. An Act to proeide for the payment of the eeidences of public debt in certain cases. Innocent holders of treasury notes once paid, but afterwards purloined, altered, and put in circulation again, may obtain their value from the government, on furnishing sufficient proof of good faith. Aug. 10,1846.


between Great Britain and the United States, signed by the Plenipotentiaries at Washington, June 15, 1846.

Article 1. From the point on the 49th parallel of north latitude, where the boundary laid down in existing treaties and conventions between Great Britain and the United States terminates, the line of boundary between the territories of her Britannic Majesty and those of the United States shall be continued westward along the 49th parallel of north latitude to the middle of the channel which separates the continent from Vancouver's Island ; and thence southerly through the middle of the said channel, and of i'uca Straits, to the Pacific Ocean; provided, however, that the navigation of the said channel and Straits, south of the 49th parallel of north latitude, remain free and open to both, parties.

Article 2. From the point at which the 49th parallel of north latitude shall be found to intersect the great northern branch of the Columbia river, the navigation of the said branch shall be free and open to the Hudson's Bay Company, and to all British subjects trading wifti the same, to the point where the said branch meets the main stream of the Columbia, and thence down the said main stream to the ocean, with free access into and through the said river or rivers, it being understood that all the usual portages along the line thus described, shall in like manner be free and open. In navigating the said river or rivers, British subjects, with their goods and produce, shall be treated on the same footing as citizens of the United States; it being, however, always understood that nothing in this article shall be construed as preventing, or intended to prevent, the Government of the United States from Ticking any regulations respecting the navigation of the said river or rivers, not inconsistent with the present treaty.

Article 3. In the future appropriations of the territory south of the 49th parallel of north latitude, as provided in the first article of this treaty, the possessory rights of the Hudsoiva Bay Company, and of all British subjects who may be already in the occupation of land or other property lawfully acquired within the said territory shall be respected.

Article 4. The farms, lauds, and other property of every description, belonging to the Puget's Sound Agricultural Company, on the north side of the Columbia river, shall be confirmed to the said Company. In case, however, the situation of those farms and lands should be considered by the United States to be of public and political importance, and the United States Government should signify a desire to obtain possession of the whole or of any part thereof, the property so required shall be transferred to the said Government at a proper valuation to be agreed upon between the parties.

Article 5. The present treaty shall be ratified by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and by her Britannic Majesty ; and the ratifications shall be exchanged at London at the expiration of six months from the date hcreof> or sooner if possible.


States, 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Dist. Columbia,
| Total, 3,929,827.5.305,9257.239,8149,688.13112,866,920 17,053,353


States. 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830 1840

Maine, 0. 0. 0. 0 Q 0
New Hampshire, 158 8 0 0 0. 1
Vermont, 17. 0 0. 0 0
Massachusetts, 0. 0 0 0 0. 0
o Island, 952. 381 103 48 17 5
Connecticut, 2,759. 951 310 97 25 17
New York, 21,324 20,343 15,017| 10,088 75 4
New Jersey, 11,423 > 10,851 7,657 2,254 674
Pennsylvania, 3,737 1,706 795. 211 403
Delaware, 8,887 6,153 4,177 4,509 3,292 2,605
Maryland, 103,036. 105,635. 111,502 107,398. 102.294 89,737
Virginia, 203,427 345.796 392,518 425,153. 469,757. 448,987
North Carolina, 100,572. 133,296 168,824, 295,017| 285,601 245,817
South Carolina, 107,034 146,151, 196365. 258.475 315,401. 327,088
Georgia, 29.264 TB9,404 105,218 149,656. 217,531, 280.944

Mississippi, 82










Dist. Columbia,

Florida, - -----------------

Wisconsin, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - # Iowa, | : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . --- - - - - | * * * * * ---- 6

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Probate Courts.

Counties. Judges. Residence. : Registers. Residence. o: York, Wm. A Hayes, TS Berwick, $300 Wom. Hammond, Eliot, o Cumberland, Barrett Potter, Portland, 400 Chris. C. Tobie, Westbrook, '900 Lincoln, Nathaniel Groton, Bath, 300 Arnold Blaney, Bristol, 500

do. E. Dist. Joel Miller, Thomaston, 100 Beder Fales, Thomaston, 150 Hancock, Samuel M. Pond, Bucksport, 290'J. D. Richards, Ellsworth, 300 Washington J. C. Talbot, E. Machias, 250 Albert G. Lane, Machias, 400 Kennebec, Wm. Emmons, Hallowell, 300 Fran. Davis, Jr., Augusta, 550 Oxford, Lyman Rawson, Rumford, 200 Geo. F. Emery, Paris, 350 Somerset, Charles Greene, Athens, 150 Tho's C. Jones, Norridge’k, 300 Penobscot, Samuel Cony, Orono, 275 John Williams, Bangor, 550 Waldo, Jona. Thayer, Camden, 150, Charles Palmer, Belfast, 300 Franklin, Mos. Sherburne, Phillips, 100 Sewall Cram, N. Sharon, 150 Piscataquis, Eph. Packard, |Blanchard, 75|Eben. S. Greely, Dover, 125 Aroostook, S. G. Tuck, Haynesville, 100 Theodore Cary, Houlton, 125

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[Extracted from the Report of the State Treasurer, April 30, 1846.] Total amount received from Jan. 1, 1845, to April 30, 1846, $610,891 46

Balance in the Treasury, January 1, 1845,

Expended from Jan. 1, 1845, to April 30, 1846,
Balance in the Treasury, April 30, 1846,

Principal items of Erpenditure.

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Chief sources of Income.

Whole amount of Public Debt,
Annual interest on this debt, about

30 Direct taxes, $220,150
20|Land office, 135,782
51 School fund, No. 13, 26,090
83 do. do. No. 14, 13,045
17|Permanent school fund, 21,088
57 County taxes, 13,681
73 Bank dividends, 900
31|Bank stock, 3,375
00Interest on deposits, 6,510
55 Duties on commissions, 2,523
00Miscellaneous, 5,646
50Distributing proceeds of
00 public lands, 19,716
36|North-eastern boundary
07 indemnity, 142,382
- 76,000

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Far the year ending on the first Wednesday of June, 1847.


Anthony Colby, of New London, Gocernor, 81,000

George G. Fogg, of Concord, Secretary of State, 800

Samuel F. Wetmore, of Concord, Deputy Sec. of State, Fees.

James Peverly, Jr., of Concord, Treasurer, 600

Charles H. Peaslee, of Concord, Adjutant General, 400

James W. Parker, of Merrimae, President of the Senate.

John P. Hale, of Dover, Speaker of the House.

John A. Richardson, of Durham, Clerk of the Senate.

Thomas J. Harris, of Claremont, Clerk of the House.

Executice Council.
Counties. Councillors.

1st District, { R°0CSra^d "^ } **" ^ °f Exeter

2* d°- { Stand°CarroltknaP' } John C. Young, of Ossipee.

3d do. ^^ Part Samnel Jones> of BradfOTd

4th do. Cheshire and Sullivan, Jared Perkins, of Unity.

5th do. Grafton and Coos, Enos Pen-in, of Hebron.

The Governor, Executive Council, Senate, and House of Representatives are elected annually on the 2d Tuesday of March, the official year commencing on the 1st Wednesday in June. The State is divided into fice Districts for the choice of Councillors; and again divided into twelce Districts for the choice of Senators; the number composing these two bodies being limited by the Constitution, while the number of Representatives is unlimited, — every town possessing 150 ratable male inhabitants being entitled to one Representative, and one for each additional 300.


The Superior Court of Judicature consists of a chief justice and two associate justices, who hold one term annually in each of the ten counties of the State, for the hearing and determining of questions of law, &c. This Court is also vested with Chancery jurisdiction for certain purposes.

The judges of the Superior Court of Judicature are, ex officio, judges of the Court of Common Pleas. This Court, before whom all actions for the recovery of debts and the enforcement of contracts, and all jury trials are brought, consists of one of the justice? of the Superior Court, who sits n<

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