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Georgia Central Railroad and Banking Company.

Amount of property in the banking department, $239,233; banking liabilities for circulation and deposits, about $80,000; expended for Railroad to Dec. 2, 1845, $2,964,193.

The number of passengers transported on this road in 1845, was 14,611. The amount of receipts from passengers, $60,000; from freight, chiefly cotton, and mail, $308,340; total earnings of the year, $368,450; do. of the preceding year, $328,424. The number of bales of cotton transported, was 114,641. The expenses of the year amounted to $186,886, of which $78,286 were for maintenance of way, $54,460 for motive power and maintenance of machinery, and $8,573 for maintenance of cars. The number of miles run by locomotives was 223,241.



Salary. William D. Mobeley, of Mickossnkie, Gocernor, (term expires

October, 1849,) 31,500

James T. Archer, of Tallahassee, Secretary of State, Fees & 600

Nathaniel P. Bemis, do. Comptroller, 800

Benjamin Byrd, do. Treasurer, 800

Oscar A. Myres, do. Gocernor*! Pricate Secretary, 500

James A. Bertheolet, of Leon Co., President of the Senate, $3 a day.

Isaac Ferguson, Jr., of Gadsden Co., Speaker of the House, 3 a day.

Thomas F. King, of Leon Co., Secretary of the Senate, 6 a day.

Mariamno D. Papy, do. Clerk of the House, 6 a day.

The General Assembly, chosen on the 1st Monday of October, meets on the 1st Monday in November of each year. The Representatives are elected for one year, and the Senators for two years; the number of Representatives can never exceed sixty.


Circuit Courts.

Thomas Douglass, of Jacksonville, Chief Judge, Eatttrn Circuit, $2,000

George S. Hawkins, of Apalachicola, Judge, Western do. 2,000

Thomas Baltzell, of Tallahassee, do. Middle do. 2,000

George W. McRea, of Key West, do. Southern do. 2,000

Joseph Branch, of Tallahassee, Attorney-Gen, and Reporter, 500

Mariamno D. Papy, do. Clerk of Supreme Court. Fees. Salary.

John C. Smith, of Apalachicola, Solicitor, Western Circuit, Fees & 200

Thomas J. Heir, of Monticello, do. Middle do. " 200 Felix G. Livingston, of Columbus, do. Eastern do. " 200

Thomas F. King, of Key West, do. Southern do. " 200

The Judges of the Circuits are also Justices of, the Supreme Court, and hold court in the several circuits alternately.

The Circuit Courts have original common law jurisdiction in all matters, civil and criminal. They also have original equity jurisdiction, until a separate Chancery Court shall be established by the Legislature. The judges are elected by concurrent vote of a majority of both Houses, and are chosen at first for five years; after that term, during good behavior. They may he removed by impeachment, or by address of two thirds of each House. The Attorney General is elected by joint vote of the two Houses for four years; the Solicitor also for each circuit for the same term.



Salary. Joshua L. Martin, of Tuscaloosa, Gocernor, (term of office

expires on the 1st Monday in December, 1847,) 52,500

William Garrett, Secretary of State, Fees and 1,200

Jefferson C. Van Dyke, Comptroller of Public Accounts, Fees and 1,000

Samuel G. Frierson, State Treasurer, Fees and 1,000

Thomas D. Clarke, of Tuscaloosa, Attorney General, Fees and 425 James W. Lang, of Mobile, Adj. and Inspector General, 200

Carter R. Harrison, of Tuscaloosa, Quartermaster General, 200

The Secretary of State, the Comptroller, and the Treasurer, are elected for two years, by a joint vote of the two Houses of the General Assembly.

The Senate consists of 33 members, elected for four years, one half of them going out every two years. The House of Representatices consists of 100 members, elected for two years. The pay of the members of both Houses is S4 a day each.

John A. Wington, of Sumpter Co., President of the Senate.
Andrew B. Moore, of Perry Co., Speaker of the House.

The legislature changed the seat of government from Tuscaloosa to the city of Montgomery. The building of the new State House in Montgomery has been commenced. The corner stone was laid, with Masonic ceremonies, on the 4th of July, 1846. The following is an extract from one of the memorials deposited therein:


"This city was founded by Andrew Dexter, a native of the city of Boston, Mass. * * * He died in the city of Mobile in the year 1837. The city was named after General Montgomery, who fell at the storming of Quebec. The county was named after Major Montgomery, who fell at the battle of the Horse Shoe."

When the new State House shall be completed, the public offices of the State, its records and archives, are to be removed from Tnscaloosa to Montgomery.


Supreme Court.

Salary. $2.250 2,250 2,250

Fees and 425

The judges of all the Courts, and the Chancellors, are elected by a joint vote of the two Houses of the General Assembly, for six years The judges of the Supreme Court are the reporters of their own decisions, and the number of volumes published is now 26.

The Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction only, and only upon points of law, taken up from the Chancery, Circuit, County, and Criminal Courts, by appeal or writ of error. This Court sits at the seat of government, on the 1st Monday of June and the 2d Monday of December.

Court of Chancery.


Anderson Crenshaw, of Manningham, Chancellor of the Southern Dic'n, $1,500 Wiley W. Mason, ofWetumpka, do. do. Middle do. 1,500

David G. Ligon, ofMoulton, do. do. Northern do. 1,500

The Southern division includes the counties of Mobile, Baldwin, Washington, Clarke, Sumter, Marengo, Monroe, Conecuh, Covington, Butler, Dale, Coffee, Henry, Barbour, Pike, Montgomery, Lowndes, and Wilcox.

The Middle division includes the counties of Russell, Chambers, Randolph, Macon, Tallapoosa, Coosa, Autauga, Dallas, Perry, Greene, Tuscaloosa, Pickens, Fayette, Marion, Walker, Jefferson, Bibb, and Shelby.

The Northern division includes the counties of Lauderdale, Franklin, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Morgan, Blount, St. Clair, Marshall, Jackson, De Kalb, Cherokee, Benton, and Talladcga.

The State is divided into forty districts, and one session of the Court is held annually in each district, except in Mobile, Sumpter, and Montgomery districts, where two sessions are held.

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Salary. $1,500

Criminal Court for Mobile Co.

George W. Crabb, of Mobile, Judge,

The Circuit Court has original jurisdiction in all civil and criminal causes in the State; and appellate jurisdiction in all appeals and certioraris brought up from inferior tribunals. Two sessions of this Court are held each year in every county in the State. The Solicitors receive $250 and fees, except the one in the 1st Circuit, who receives $350, and the Attorney General, who is Solicitor for the 3d Circuit.

The Criminal Court for Mobile County holds three terms in each year, on the 1st Mondays of November, February, and June.

Common School Fund.

This fund arises from the sale of lands granted by Congress. It belongs, by the terms of the grant, to the several townships in the State, in proportion to the amount for which the lands lying in each township may have been sold. Much of the amount of sales is not collected, and much of the land remains unsold. The fund actually collected, as ascertained from a report to the last legislature, is $927,849 80. This amount includes the interest due, •which in the same report is estimated at $68,238. The interest is applicable to the support of common schools in each township.

Unioersity Fund.

The amount of this fund is $300,000. It yields an interest of $18,000 per annum. Balances of former years, the receipts for tuition, and moneys derived from other sources, made the available funds subject to expenditure on 2~th November, 1845, $33,820 01. The expenses for the year, paid from this amount, were at that date $25,517 84, leaving an unexpended balance Of $8,302 17.

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Principal Items of Expenditure. Pay of members and other expenses of the Legislature,

session 1844-'45, .... $48,039 48

Salaries of State officers, . . . 36,16541

Interest on State bonds, .... 159,645 83

Prosecution of criminals, . . . 12,102 34

Conveying convicts to the Penitentiary, . . 2,965 13

All other expenses, .... 28,133 30

Total, ..... $237,051 49

Chief Sources of Income.

Bonus from the Bank of Mobile, . . . $5,000 00

Taxes of 1843, ..... 1,741 91

Taxes of 1844, ..... 265,95559

From a report of a committee of the legislature in January, 1846, it appears that the indebtedness of the State is —

For State bonds for banking capital, . . $9,207,555 55

"University and other school funds, . . 1,233,69047

"Circulation and other liabilities of banks, . . 1,686,861 56

"Revenue fund, surplus revenue, and three per cent, fund, 1,517,970 43

Total indebtedness, .... $13,646,078 01 The State bonds fall due as follows:

$1,113,000 00 at 6 per cent, in 185053.843,000 00 at 5 per cent, in 1863 300,000 00 at 5 per'cent. in 1852; 959,000 00 at 5 per cent in 1865 1,043,555 55 at 5 per cent. in 1858, 2,317,000 00 at 5 per cent. in 1866 600,000 00 at 5 per cent- in 1859!

The interest on State bonds payable in England, . $184,707 80

do. do. do. in the United States, 286,800 00

do. on University Fund, . . 18,00000

do. on Common School Fund, . , 68,238 00

$557,745 80

The interest has heretofore been punctually paid. The last legislature provided ample means for maintaining the future credit of the State.

The aggregate of assets held by the banks is said by the same committee to be$14,023,113 08,from which, in their opinion, only $6,000,000 can be realized. The bank and branches are all in process of liquidation. From November, 1844, to Nov. 1845, the total collections amounted to $1,746,741 68.

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