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he has not received a discharge. A State Treasurer shall be chosen biennially by joint ballot .

The Governor and Lieutenant Governor, chosen by a plurality of the electors, shall hold office for four years. They must be thirty-five years old, and have been citizens of the United States and residents in the State for fifteen years. The Governor shall be inelcgible for the four years succeeding his term of office. The Lieutenant Governor shall be president of the Senate. He may veto a bill, but two thirds of both Houses may pass it again in spite of his veto.

The Supreme Court shall consist of a Chief Justice, receiving $6,000, and three Associate Justices, receiving $5,500 annually, appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, for the term of eight years. The Court shall sit in New Orleans from the first Monday in November to the end of June, inclusive. All the judges may be impeached, and they may be removed by the Governor on the address of three fourths of both Houses. The Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction only, when more than 8300 are in dispute, when the legality of any tax is in question, on all fines and penalties imposed by municipal corporations, and in criminal cases, on points of law alone, when death, hard labor, or a fine of more than $300 is imposed. They may issue writs of habeas corpus in all cases where they have appellate jurisdiction. If the judges are equally divided, the judgment appealed from shall stand affirmed. There shall be an Attorney General, and as many District Attorneys as may be necessary, appointed for two years.

The legislature shall divide the State into judicial districts, not less than 12, or more than 20, in number, which may be re-organized every sixth year. One District Judge shall be appointed for six years, for each district, except for the Districts of New Orleans and Lafayette, where as many shall be appointed as are necessary. Each of these judges shall receive an annual salary, not less than $2,500, which shall not be increased or diminished during his term of office. He must be a citizen of the United States, over 30 years old, a resident of the State for five years, and have practised law therein five years. The District Courts shall have jurisdiction when more than $50 are at stake, and in all criminal cases.

All civil officers, except the Governor and the Judges, are removable on an address of a majority of both Houses. Members may address either House in the French or English language. The seat of government shall be removed, after 1848, to a place distant at least 60 miles from New Orleans; (Baton Rouge is the place selected.) The credit of the State shall not be lent to any person or corporation whatsoever; but new bonds may he issued to replace outstanding ones. No State debt shall be contracted for more than $100,000, except in case of war, invasion, or insurrection, unless authorized by law for some distinctly specified object or work; which law shall impose taxes to pay the running interest during the whole term of the debt, and also to pay the debt itself at maturity; and this law shall be irrepealable till the debt and interest are fully discharged, and shall not go into force till again enacted by the next legislature after its first passage. The State shall not subscribe to the stock of any company or corporation; no corporate company shall be hereafter created, renewed, or extended with banking or discounting privileges. After 1890, the charters of all corporations may be revoked; and no charter shall now be granted, except for municipal or political purposes, for more than 25 years. Taxation shall be equal and uniform; property shall be taxed according to its value, no one kind being taxed more than another; an income tax may be levied. Any one who fights a duel, acts as second, sends or accepts a challenge, shall neither hold an office nor enjoy the right of suffrage in this State.

There shall be a Superintendent of Public Education, holding office for two years. Free public schools shall be established throughout the State; the proceeds of lands granted for the purpose, and of lands escheated to the State, shall be held as a permanent fund, on which six per cent, interest shall be paid by the State for the support of these schools. A university shall be established in New Orleans, to be called the University of Louisiana, consisting of four faculties, — law, medicine, natural sciences, and letters; the Medical College of Louisiana, as now constituted, shall be its faculty of medicine.

Amendments of this Constitution shall be first approved by three fifths of both Houses; then published in the newspapers throughout the State three months before the next general election; then approved by a majority of both Houses in the succeeding legislature; then published again as before; then submitted to the people, and if ratified by a majority of the voters, shall form a part of this constitution.



The property of the State is estimated as follows : —

One square of ground on Canal Street, - - $250,000 00 Slaves and machinery for public works, - - 60,000 00 Notes and bonds of individuals, - - - 425,401 30 Shares in Clinton and Port Hudson railroad, - 20,000 00

One sixth of profits of Union Bank, - - 275,000 00 462,178 acres of land, given by the United States, at $3, 1,386,536 25

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Gover NMENT. Term ends. Salary. J. PINCRNEY HENDERson, Governor, 1848, $2,000 Albert C. Horton, Lieut. Gov. & Pres, of Senate, 1848, $3 a day. David G. Burnet, Secretary of State, 1848, 1,200 John W. Harris, Attorney General, 1848, 1,000 James H. Raymond, Treasurer, - 1848, 1,200 James B. Shaw, Comptroller, 1848, 1,200 William G. Cooke, Adjutant General, 1848, 1,000 Thomas W. Ward, Commissioner of the Land Office, 1,500 Edward Burleson, President pro tem. of the Senate. W. E. Crump, Speaker of the House. JUDICIARY.

Supreme Court. John Hemphill, Chief Justice, 1852, $2,000 Abner S. Lipscomb, Associate Justice, 1852, 2,000 R. T. Wheeler, do. 1852, 2,000

District Courts. Judges, Residence. Salary. Dist. Attorney. Residence. Salary.

1. James Love, Galveston, $1,750 Hiram Waller, Austin Co., $300 &f. 2. Wm. E. Jones, Gonzales, 1,750 J. A. Green, Lagrange, do. 3. R. E. B. Baylor, 1,750 Th. Johnson, Bénham, do. 4. M. P. Norton, 1,750 C. W. Peterson, Jackson Co., do. 5. O. M. Roberts, San Aug'ne, 1,750 J. M. Ardry, San Aug'ne, do. 6. W. B. Ochiltree, Nacogdoches, 1,750 John M. Clarty, Rush Co. do. 7. John B. Jones, Polk Co. 1,750 Sam’l D. Hay, Huntsville, do. 8. John T. Mills, Clarksville, 1,750 Wm. C. Young, Clarksville, do.

First Judicial District.— Matagorda, Wharton, Colorado, Austin, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Galveston counties.

Second District. Comal, Gaudaloupe, Travis, Bastrop, Fayette, La Vaca, DeWitt and Gonzales counties,

Third District. — Brazos, Robertson, Leon, Limestone, Navarro, Milam, Bnrleson and Washington counties.

Fourth District. — Calhoun, Jackson, Victoria, Goliad, Refugio, San Patricio. Nucces and Bexar counties.

Fifth District. — Jasper, Newton, Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby, Panola, Upshur, Harrison and Cass counties.

Sixth District. — Nacogdoches, Angelina, Houston, Cherokee, Rusk, Anderson, Henderson, Smith and Dallas counties.

Senenth District. — Harris, Montgomery, Walker, Grimes, Liberty, Polk, Tyler and Jefferson counties.

Eighth District. — Bowie, Lamar, Red River, Fannin, Grayson, Collin, Denton, Hopkins, Titus and Hunt counties.

Public Lands. Superficial extent of Texas, as comprised within the

limits denned by statute of first Texan Congress, 397,319 sq. miles, or

p. 313, . . . . . 254,284,160 acres.

Total amount of land issued by the various Boards

of Land Commissioners, . . 43,543,970"

Total amount recommended, from the above, as good

and lawful claims, by the Commissioners appointed

to defeat fraudulent certificates, . . 19,212,206"

Total amount issued hy the Department of War, as

bounty and donation claims, . . 6,300,000"

Total amount of Land Scrip sold by the Government

of Texas, . . .' 368,787"

Total amount of legal claims to lands issued by the

authorities of Texas, . . . 25,880,993"

Tojal amount issued by the various Boards of Land

Commissioners, and supposed to be fraudulent, . 24,331,764"

Total amount of land issued by the authorities of

Mexico, a portion of which is supposed to be invalid, 22,080,000" Total amount of public domain subject to location,

and unsurveyed, . . . 181,991,403"


[From a Report of a Committee of the Texan House of Representatives,

inclosing a Report from the Comptroller, March, 1846.)

Tl)e Comptroller states, from the best evidence •which can be obtained,

that the outstanding domestic debt is as follows: —

Balance of Audited Drafts, . . . $156,90563

Amount of Promissory Notes in circulation, 2,674,447 10

Eight per cent, bonds, . . . 8H,000 00

Funded Debt at ten per cent., . . 1,675,800 00

Interest accrued on preceding liabilities, . 1.873,804 92

Outstanding claims, . . . 822,000 00

24 88,013,957 65

Foreign DM.

Borrowed of the Bank of the United States, for which sterling bonds amounting to £94,500, at 10 per cent, interest were issued, ...... $400,000 00

Interest on these bonds from July 1839, to March 1846, 266,666 66

Claim of J. Holford and others for purchase of steamer Zavella, paid in sterling bonds, £40,476. 13s. . 180,02958

Interest on these bonds, same dates, . . 120,019 73

F. Dawson and others, payment for naval vessels, . 560,000 00

Interest on this, from Nov. 1838, to March 1, 1846, . 408,333 33

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$9,949,007 05

The Committee state, that Texas issued her securities during the war with Mexico at an enormous rate of discount, and that most nations have forborne to pay such revolutionary currency; but the legislature, " desirous of sustaining the public faith and honor," will cause the creditors to be paid in full the amount which the republic actually received from them, so far as it can be ascertained, with the interest stipulated thereon; and they recommend the following classification of the debt for that purpose:

First Class; debts contracted at their par calue.


Equivalent value.

$1,935,049.40 40,000.00

Foreigu debt, due to U. S. Bank, J. Holford, and F. Dawson, . . . $1,935,049.40

Audited Drafts of a par issue, . 40,000.00

Ten per cent. cons, stock, to S. Swartwout

and others, and that for redeeming Land Scrip, *

including interest, . . . 140,609.55 140,609.55

Outstanding claims, . . 822,000.00 822,000.00

Second class; to be paid at 33^ cents on the dollar, haeing produced that to the yocennent.

Balance of 10 per cent. cons, stock, including int. 1,213,755.45 404,585.15

Third Class; to be paid at 30 cents on the dollar.

10 per cent, stock of Feb. 5th, 1840, including int. 1,266,350.00 379,905.00

8 " "" " " " " 32,832.00 9,849.60

Fourth Class; to he paid at 25 cents on the dollar.

Audited Drafts, excluding those allowed at par, 116,905.63 29,226.40

Promissory Notes, including interest, . 3,246,105.02 811,526.25

8 per cent. Bonds," " . 1,135,400.00 283,850.00

9,949.007.05 4,856,601.35

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