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Whole amount of-State debt, . . $3,254,416 66

Annual interest on this debt, . . 172,34874

Principal Items of Expenditure.

Salaries of the Judiciary, $34,876.7"
Salaries of Exec, officers, 7,018.77
State prosecutions, 25,709 89

Chief Sources of Income.

Direct taxes on property, $94,272.29 "" on privileges, 52,081.05 on banks, 15,375.00

Common Schools, 122,287.16 Entries of Public Lands, 9,064.06 Academics, 17,040.00 Dividend of State Bank

Internal Improvements, 3,500.00! for Academies, 18,000.00

Charitable Institutions, 9,900.0o| "for Common Schools, 100,000.00

State Capitol, 8,000.00 Penitentiary, 8,000.00

U. S. Land Revenue, 4,851.75 Turnpike Dividends, 3,684.96

Conveying convicts to Prison,4,361.62 Miscellaneous, 6,066.76 Miscellaneous, 6,742.88!

Amount of School Fund distributed in July, 1846, $117,805 08.

Number of scholastic population at that time, 256,098.

Lunatic Asylum, at Nashville, opened for the reception of patients in 1840; Dr. John S. McNairy, Superintendent and Physician. The number of inmates in 1845 was 49, of whom 32 were males and 17 females; 13 were discharged perfectly restored, and 5 much improved; died, 5.

Institution for the Instruction of the Blind, at Nashville; established in 1846. Number of pupils, 14.

Deaf and Dumb School, at Knoxville; established in 1846. Number of pupils, 9. The Legislature at the last session appropriated $2,500, annually, to each of these Schools.

State Prison, at Nashville.

Earnings of convicts in two years ending Sept. 30, 1845, $51.345 47

Expenditures of prison" " "" 36,535 11

Number of prisoners in confinement Sept. 30, 1843, 194

"since received, white males, 121; black males, 8 "females, 4; Total, 327

Of these, 58 were discharged by expiration of their terms; 43 by pardon under law of 1836, and 6 by general pardon; escaped, 2; died, 29; now in confinement, 189. There were sentenced for murder in first degree, 9; murder in second degree, 17; assault with intent to murder, 7; manslaughter, 1 ; stabbing, 7; negro stealing, 7; harboring runaway slave, 1; rape, 7; incest, 2; grand larceny, 49; petit larceny, 30; horse stealing, 16; bigamy, 4; buggery, 1 ; counterfeiting, 9; forgery, 4; burglary, 4; arson, 3; perjury, 1; shooting, 2; robbery, 1; receiving stolen goods, 3; false pretences, 4.

Ages when Coneicted.

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Salary. William Owsley, of Boyle Co., Gocernor, (term of office

expires in September, 1848, $2,500

Archibald Dixon, of Henderson Co., Lieutenant Gonernor and

Speaker of the Senate. Pay, while presiding, $6 a day.

George B. Kincaid, of Frankfort, Secretary of State, 750

A. S. Mitchell, do. Assist. Sec. of State and

Sec. for Sinking Fund, 1,166

Harry J. Bodley, do. Auditor of Public Accounts, 1,250

Thomas S. Page, do. 2d Auditor, 1,500

James Robertson, do. Register of the Land Office, 1,250

James Davidson, do. Treasurer, 1,250

Craig & Henry, do. Keepers ofthe Peni£ry,(\-3 theprofits.)

Peter Dudley, do. Adjutant General, 150

Ambrose W. Dudley, do. Quartermaster General, 100

George A. Robertson, do. State Librarian, 250

Ryland T. Dillard, do. Sup. of Public Instruction, 750

Joseph R. Underwood, of Bowling Green, Speaker of the House, $6 a day. James Stonestreet, Clerk of the Senate, $10 a day.

Thomas J. Helm, Clerk of the House, $10 a day.

The Senate consists of 38 members, elected for four years, one fourth being elected every year. The House of Representatices consists of 100, elected annually. Pay, $3 a day, for the first sixty days, and $2 a day afterwards, besides mileage of 12 1-2 cents per mile.


Court of Appeals.


Ephraim M. Ewing, of Russellville, Chief Justice, $1,500

Thomas A. Marshall, of Lexington, Judge, 1,500

Daniel Breck, of Richmond, do. 1,500

Jacob Swigert, of Frankfort, Clerk, Fees.

Owen G. Gates, do. Attorney General, $300 and fees.

James C. Colman, do. Serjeant, $2 a day & fees.

Benjamin Monroe, do. Reporter.

This Court has appellate jurisdiction only, in civil cases, both at law and in equity. In criminal cases, the judgments of the Circuit Courts are final, excepting only the power of the Governor to pardon, which is unlimited, except in cases of treason and impeachment.

General Court.

John L. Bridges, of Danville, Judge. A. H. Rennick, of Frankfort, Clerk.

All the judges of the Circuit Courts are members of the General Court. But it is made the special duty of the judge of the 12th Circuit to hold the

Court, and he is allowed $100 additional salary. -
Louisville Chancery Court.
Samuel S. Nicholas, of Louisville, Chancellor, $2,000
Charles J. Clarke, do. Clerk, Fees
Joseph Mayo, do. Master, Fees.
John A. Crittenden, do. Marshal, Fees.

Circuit Courts.

The State is divided into nineteen Circuits or Districts; and the following are the Circuit Judges, who have each a salary of $1,200, except the judge of the 5th Circuit, at Louisville, who receives $1,500, and the judge of the 12th, $1,300. These Courts have original jurisdiction, both at law and in equity, and over criminal cases arising in their respective Circuits. Each Circuit has an attorney, who receives $300 and fees.

Judges. Residence. Attorneys. Residence. 1. Walker Reid, Washington. Harrison Taylor, Washington. 2. Henry O. Brown, Livingston Lyndsay, Princeton. 3. Richard A. Buckner, Jr., Lexington. Alexander H. Robertson, Lexington. 4. James Pryor, Carrollton. Richard Logan, Carrollton. 5 William F. Bullock, Louisville. Nathaniel Wolffe, Louisville. 6. Asher W. Graham, Bowling Green. William W. Loving, Bowling Green. 7. Benj. Shackleford, Hopkinsville. Ninian E. Grey, Hopkinsville. 8. Christopher Tompkins, Glasgow. Zachariah Wheat, Columbia. 9. Samuel Lusk, Lancaster. George Shanklin, Nicholasville. 10. James Simpson, Winchester. Thomas Turner, Jr., Richmond. 11. Kenaz Farrow, Mount Sterling. Walter C. Chiles, Mt. Sterling. 12. John L. Bridges, Danville. John B. Thompson, Harrodsburg. 13. Armist. H. Churchill, Elizabethtown. | Thomas W. Riley, Bardstown. 14. John Calhoon, Hardinsburg. Alfred Allen, Hardinsburg. 15. Tunstall Quarles, Whitley C. H. Silas Woodson, Barboursville. 16. Wiley P. Fowler, Smithland. Richard L. Mayes, Mayfield. 17. Mason Brown, Frankfort. Thomas L. Crittenden, Frankfort. 18. Richard A. Buckner, Greensburgh. Wm. R. McFerrin, Glasgow. 19. William B. Kinkead, Green W. Goble, Louisa.


Salary. Thomas Metcalfe, of Nicholas, President, $1,000 Dillis Dyer, of Rumsey, State Treasurer, 100

Austin P. Cox, of Frankfort, Secretary, 500


Receipts in 1845 from Internal Improcements.

From Lexington and Ohio Railroad, . . $23,408 46

''• Kentucky River navigation, . . 19,928 93

"Green and Barren River, . . . 185 76

"Turnpike roads, . . . 24,220 32

Total, .... $67,743 47

Estimating this as 5 per cent, income, it represents a capital of $1,354,869; and this sum also being deducted from the State debt leaves but $1,784,087 of actual debt.

Items of Taxation.

Valuation of land, improvements, cattle, &c.,
Carriages and barouches,
Piano fortes,
Gold watches,
Auditors' list,

No. of white males over 21 years old,
No. of slaves over 16 years old,
No. of children between 5 and 16,
Srnds, jacks, and bulls,

The Commissioners of the Sinking Fund are W. Owsley, Gocernor and Chairman ex qfficio; John Tilford, President of the Northern Bank of Kentucky; Virgil McKnight, President of the Bank of Kentucky; Harry J. Bodley, Auditor of Accounts; Thomas S. Page, 2d Auditor of the State; E. H. Taylor, Esq.; and A. S. Mitchell, Secretary.

Revenue received for the fiscal year ending Oct. 10, 1845, including balance of $41,114 30; on hand Oct. 10, 1844, $395,808 46; ordinary expenses of government, same time, $255,643 71 ; paid to Sinking Fund in the same time, $106,720 39; balance in treasury, Oct. 10, 1845, $33,444 36. Valuation of property liable to taxation in the year 1845, $228,488,161 00; tax on the same, 15 cents on each $100; specific tax on carriages, &c., $17,031 79. One third of the net revenue is set apart by law for the use of the Sinking Fund, to pay interest on the State debt, contracted principally for turnpike roads, slackwatering rivers, &c. The charges on the Sinking Fund, for interest on public debt, exchange, interest, contingent expenses, salaries, &c., from Feb. 20, 1845, to Jan. 1, 1846, $282,766 59; the receipts in the same time, $310,227 58. The State debt amounts to %4,408,400 00, of which $3,793,400 at 6 per cent., and $615,000 at 5 per cent., makes annual interest $258,354. The State owns productive bank stock amounting to $1,270,500. "This sum deducted from the entire amount of debt, as above stated, leaves $3,138,956, which may be considered as the actual burthen of debt on the State. But when we consider that, to meet this indebtedness, the State has a very large amount of stock in the various turnpike roads, and owns the entire Kentucky and Green River navigation, which are yearly becoming more productive to the State, and therefore more valuable; and that the State also owns the Lexington and Ohio Railroad, which is in successful operation, and yielding a handsome rent to the State, — it will be seen that the indebtedness may be considered as greatly diminished by these vast assets, and all fears of oppression of the people, by reason of their State debt, dismissed as groundless and illusory."

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Mordecai Babtley, Gocernor, (term of office expires on the 1st

Monday in December, 1846,) Samuel Galloway, of Ross Co., John -Woods, of Butter Co., of Warren Co


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Sec. of State, and Sup't of Schools, 900
Auditor of State, 1,200

Treasurer of State, 1.000

ClmfClerkinDep'tofPub. Works, 750
Chief Clerk in the Auditor's Office, 900
Warden of the State Penitentiary, 800
Adjutant General, 100

Quartermaster General, 100

Librarian of the State Library, 500

Commissioners of the Board of Public Works.

Oran Follett, of Sandusky City, $750

Samuel Ferrer, of Dayton, 730

Jacob BHckcnsderffer, of Tuscarawas Co., 730

E. N. Sill, Acting Commissioner of the Canal Fund, 666

The Auditor and Treasurer of State are advisory Commissioners of the Canal Fund.

Seabury Ford, of Geauga Co., Speaker of the Senate.

Elias F. Drake, of Xenin, Speaker of the House.

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