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Supreme Court,

Elected. Salary.

Reuben Wood, of Cleveland, Chief Judge, 1840, $1,300

Matthew Burchard, of Warren, Assoc. Judge, 1842, 1,500

Nathaniel C. Reed, of Cincinnati, do. 1842, 1,500

Peter Hitchcock, of Geauga Co., do. 1845, 1,500

Henry Stanberry, Attorney General.

Hiram Griswold, of Canton, Reporter.

The Judges of the Supreme Court, the President and Associate Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas, and the Judge of the Superior Court of Cincinnati, are elected by the legislature, for seven years. Of the Judges of the Supreme Court, the oldest in commission is Chief Judge, if the Chief Judge is not reelected. Two of the four Judges hold a court in each county once every year.

Superior Court of Cincinnati. Charles D. Coffin, of Cincinnati, Judge, Salary, $1,000

This Court has concurrent original civil jurisdiction, with the Court of Common Pleas of the county of Hamilton, at common law and in chancery.

Courts of Common Pleas.

Salary. George B. Holt, of Dayton, Judge 1st Circuit, $1,200

1,000 ,000 ,200 ,000 ,200 ,200 ,200 ,200 1,200 1,200 1,000 1,000 l',200 1,200 1,000

The several Courts of Common Pleas are held, three times a year, hy a President Judge and three Associate Judges, in most of the counties; but in the counties very recently organized, only twice a year. Six of the abovementioned Judges receive but $1,000 per annum, because they were elected after the law of January, 1844, reducing the salaries of public officers, was passed. The Associate Judges receive $2 50 a day.

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Total debt and interest, . $19,186,780 $1,160,706

Amount of taxable property, and of taxes assessed during the year 1845:

No. of acres of land, 23,456,286 State and canal tax,

Value, including houses, $85,910,109 County and school tax,

Value of town lots and buildings, %22,269,575* itoad tax,

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More than $200.000 of this expenditure was for extending or completing the works, the actual revenue of the canals over the cost of ordinary repairs being $204,282 60. The public improvements which belong to the State are now completed, except the branches of the Walhonding canal. The aggregate cost of all the improvements owned by the State is $15,577,233 IS. The investments of State stocks in canal and turnpike companies, $2,431,430 88. The amount invested by loans of credit in railroad companies, $747,132. Total amount of investments in public improvements* $18,755,796. In the year 1844, the products of this investment amounted to $544,949 84.

Owing to a partial failure in the wheat crop in some sections of the State the past summer, the revenue arising from the canal has been reduced this year about $30,000 below the annual amount received last year.

The following is an extract from the report of the Auditor of State, December 9, 1845:

"Regarding the payment of the interest hereafter as beyond a reasonable doubt, let us look at the'mcans of the Stato to meet, in part at least, the principal of our debt:

1st." There is iii the hands of the Fund Commissioners of the several counties, with the balance in the Treasury, Surplus Revenue belonging to the State, to the amount of $1,822,149 31

This sum is pledged for the redemption of the turnpike bonds, which may all be paid during the year, and for the payment of the million and a half seven per cent, loan, payable 1st January, 1852.

2d. Stocks held by the State in turnpike, railroad, and canal companies, to the amount of $2,898,126 03; of this sum, $448,283 is in the stocks of three railroad companies, . which may be regarded as at par. 448,283 00

The turnpike stocks owned by the State now yield a revenue equal to 5 per cent, upon half a million; they may be safely estimated at that sum, 500,000 00

Stock in the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal, Milan Canal, and Whitewater Canal, $592,600, worth at least 182,667 00

Canal lands owned by the State; estimated quantity, 350,000 acres, worth $1 25 per acre, 437,500 00

Amount of the funds, stocks, and lands owned by the State, estimated at their actual cash value, $3,390,599 31

This sum, deducted from the whole debts of the State on the 15th November, 1845, as above stated, leaves the balance of $15,860,581 04, which may be regarded as the actual indebtedness of the State, foreigu and domestic.

In addition to the funds above stated, the State own 730 miles of canals, which are now finished and in full operation, forming two complete lines through the State, from the Ohio River to Lake Erie, with their several branches; 91 miles of slackwater steamboat navigation on the Muskingum Eiver, and 31 miles of turnpike road.

The accruing revenues upon these works will hereafter, probably, never be less than $600,000, which, in the course of a few years, when the repairs now in progress shall have been completed, will yield a net revenue sufficient to pay the interest upon more than half the balance of our whole debt."



Salary. Alpheub Felch, of Ann Arbor, Gocernor, (term expires 1st

Monday of January, 1848,) $1,500

.William I/. Greenley, of Adrian, Lieut. Gocernor, Pay, $6 a day. Gideon O. Whittemore, of Pontiae, Secretary of State, 1,000

Digby V. Bell, of Marshall, Auditor General, 1,000 Salary.

of Jackson, Treasurer, $1,000

of Munroe, Superintend. Public Instruc., 500 of St. Joseph, Comm'r of Int. Improcement, 1,000 of Edwardsb'gh.CommY of the Land Office, 1,000 of Marshall, Recorder of do. do. 400

of Detroit, Quartermaster General, 500

of Detroit, Adjutant General, . 300

of Tecumseh, Judge Adcocate General.
of Genesee Co., Agent of State Prison, 750

The Senate consists of 22 members, elected for two years; the House of

Representatioes, of 66 members, elected annually. Pay of each, $3 a day,

during the session of the legislature. The seat of government is at Detroit

till 1847, when it is to be permanently established.

Flavins J. Littlejohn, of Allegan, President pro tern, of the Senate.

Isaac E. Crary, of Marshall, Speaker of the Souse.

George B. Cooper,
Ira Mayhew,
John F. Porter,
Abiel Silver,
Henry C. Bunco,
Frederick H. Harris,
John E. Schwartz,
Peter Morey,
Alonzo Ferris, .


Court of Chancery. of Detroit,



Elon Farnsworth, of Detroit, Chancellor,

William Hale, Register of 1st Circuit.

Austin M. Gould, do. 2d do.

Edmund Rice, do. 3d do.

Alfred Treadway, do. 4<A do.

John Barber, do. 5th do.

S. T. Douglass, of Detroit, Reporter of Supreme Court

and Court of Chancery, Profits of Reports and $500 There are 5 Chancery Circuits. The terms of the 1st Circuit are held annually at the city of Detroit, on the 3d Tuesday in September, and the 2d Tuesday in March; of the 2d Circuit, at Ann Arbor, on the 2d Tuesday in January and July; of the 3d Circuit at Kalamazoo, on the 3d Tuesday in January, and the Thursday next after the 4th Tuesday in June; of the 4th Circuit at Pontiae, on the 1st Tuesday in May, and the Tuesday after the 2d Monday in November; of the 5th Circuit, at Adrian, on the 1st Tuesday in January, and the 3d Tuesday in June.

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The Judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, for the period of 7 years. The terms of this court arc held at Detroit, on the 1st Tuesday in January; at Ann Arbor, on the last Tuesday in December; at Kalamazoo, on the 1st Tuesday in July; and at Pontiae, on the 3d Tuesday in January.

Circuit Courts. There are 4 judicial circuits, in each of which one of the Judges of the Supreme Court sits as presiding Judge. In each county, one or two terms of the Circuit Court are held annually.

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District Criminal Court, for Wayne, Washtenaw, Jackson, and Oakland. B. F. H. Witherell, of Detroit, Presiding Judge, Salary, 81,000.


Estimated Expenses for 1846.
Salaries of Governor, Judges, and State officers, including clerks,

and all office expenses, .... $24,000 Interest on general fund and Penitentiary stock, outstanding general fund warrants, &c., .... 10,000 Interest on school fund, for which the State is liable, . 5,000 Expenses of legislature, revised code, printing laws, &c., . 55,000 Expenses of State Prison, including new buildings, &c., . 6,000 Miscellaneous appropriations, . . . 10,000

Total, ..... $110,000

Estimated Current Recenue for 1846.

Balance in Treasury year ending Nov. 30. 1845, . . $18,892

State tax of 2 1-2 mills, .... 72,305

Specific State taxes, ..... 2,000

Office charges and interest on delinquent taxes, . . 10,000

Proceeds of State tax lands, ., 5,000

Total, .... $108,197

Total amount received into the treasury, 1845, . $374,053 07

Total amount expended same year, . . . 355,160 26

Balance on hand, end of fiscal year 1845, . $18,892 81

The value of the taxable property of the State, as assessed for 1845, was

$28,922,097 59, and the State tax of 2 1-2 mills on the dollar amounts to

$72,305 23.

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