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State Debt.

Due on the recoguized and liquidated portion of the internal improvement bonds for "five million loan," including interest to July 1st, 1845, .... $1,754,036 80

Due on the unadjusted balance of said loan, being amount

received, including interest, to July 1st, 1845, . 1,607,593 12

Due on general fund, Palmyra and Jacksonburgh Railroad,

Penitentiary and University bonds, including interest, 253,894 14

Domestic debt, due from internal improvement fund, including interest to July, 1845, . $677,716 73 Due from general fund, . . 101,26937

778;986 10

Total debt of the State, as reported Nov. 30,1845, $4,394,510 16


•Central and Southern Railroads and fixtures, cost . $3,343,284 92

Unsold State lands, .... 585,41769

Taxes past due and unsold State tax lands, . . 135.726 98

Due from Detroit and Pontiac Railroad Company, about 140,000 00

Annual State tax, current revenue, . . 72,305 23

Total resources as estimated Nov. 30, 1845, . . $4,276,73482

The interest on the general fund, Penitentiary stock, &c., is met from the annual State tax or current revenue. On the University bonds, the interest is paid regularly from the income of the University fund and from other sources. On the funded debt of the State, being her internal improvement debt, or what she has received on the " five million loan," the interest has been funded, or authorized to be funded, up to July 1st, 1845; and for the interest falling due in January, 1846, and thereafter semiannually on the liquidated portion of this debt, viz., $1,754,036 80, Ihe laws provide that the same shall be paid out of the net proceeds of the public works, and in case of deficiency from this source, a direct tax is to 1)0 levied for the balance. There being no money in the treasury on the 1st day of January, 1846, when the first payment of interest fell due, available for this purpose, the proper authorities of the several counties were oflScially notified of the quota of tax to be raised in each respectively. The total tax to be levied annually for the payment of the said interest is $105,242 20.

It is, however, expected that the interest on this portion of the State debt will be more promptly paid from the proceeds of a sale of the "Central Railroad," which, by an act of incorporation passed by the legislature, 28th March, 1846, the State has conditionally made to a company of persons,

* The Legislature, by act of March 28,1846, poponed to sell these roads for $2,500,000.

who are required to pay into the State treasury by the 28th September, 1846, a certain sum in the coupons of those bonds, or in specie funds, intended for their payment, equivalent to two years' interest, (up to July 1, 1849.) If the proposed sale is not made, then the dependence is on the assessment and collection of the tax as abovementioned.


Central Railroad, from Detroit to Kalamazoo, finished and in

full operation, length, - - - - 144 miles. Southern Railroad, from Monroe to Hillsdale, finished and in

full operation, length, - - - 68 do. Tecumseh branch of Southern Railroad, ... * - 10 do.

Total length of Railroads finished, belonging to the State, 222 miles.

Central Railroad. Receipts, from Dec. 1, 1844, to Nov. 30, 1845, . . $202,746 57 Disbursements. Running expenses during theyear, $104,118 09 Paid into the State treasury, - 9,759 32 Paid for railroad iron, locomotives, new cars, &c., 87,794 41 Cash in hands of Commissioner, - 1,074 75 $202,746 57 Southern Railroad. Receipts from Dec. 1, 1844, to Nov. 30, 1845, - - $62,735 62 Disbursements. Running expenses during the year, $15,884 73 Repairs of road, new cars, &c., - 33,936 68 Construction, and paid Commissioner, 12,914 21

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Comparative Statement of Receipts on the Central Railroad during the first seven months of the fiscal years of 1845 and 1846.

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Excess of receipts in 1846, for the months abovementioned, $90,213 77. State Land Office, located at Marshall, organized in 1843.

The sales of internal improvement, school, University, and State building lands, and receipts on account of principal and interest, in 1843, amounted to '. . $105,866 19 In 1844, . . ... 173,606 92 In 1845, .... 184,802 07

Total receipts, . . . $464,275 18

Of the half million acres of land granted by Congress to the State for internal improvement purposes, 492,504 acres have been selected, of which there have heen sold, to the close of the last fiscal year, Nov. 30,1845,206,832 acres. The balance of the grant has been since selected in the mineral region of Lake Superior.

State Prison, located at Jackson.

The number of prisoners remaining in prison, Oct. 31, 1845, was 119.' Admitted during the year ending as above, 37. Discharged during the same period, 40. Whole number of commitments from March, 1839, to Oct. 31, 1845, 327, as follows:

Received in 1839, do. in 1840, do. in 1841, do. in 1842,

33 Received in 1843,

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in 1844,
in 1845,

43 61 37

327 • Number discharged, died, &c., during same time, as follows:

By expiration of sentences, 135 Killed in attempt to recapture him, 1

40 —


By pardon,



Committed suicide,

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Public Instruction.
Unicersity Located at Ann Arbor.

Uninersity Endowment and Renenue. The principal of the University fund consist* of the proceeds of the 72 sections, or 46,000 acres, of land granted by Congress for the rapport of this institution. These lands have been selected from the most valuable of the State ; the minimum price of which was originally $20 per acre, now $12 per acre. Of these lands there were sold to Nov. 30,1845,17,142 acres, for $201,588. The revenue of the University for the year ending Nov. 30,1845, was $9,724 74, of which, after paying interest on their loan from the State, there was left available for the support of the institution the sum of $6,138 39, which is an excess over the previous year of upwards of 82,000.

Board of Regents. Rev. C. 0. Taylor, Rev. Elijah Pilcher, Hon. Elon Farnsworth, Hon. A. H. Redfleld, Maj. Jpna. Kearsley, Rev. Marvin Allen, Hon. Edward Mundy, John Owen Esq., Rev. George Duffleld D. D., Dr. Zina Pitcher, Hon. Austin E. Wing, Minot T. Lane, Esq. The Governor is ex officio President of the Board; and the Lt. Governor, Chancellor, and Justices of the Supreme Court are ex officio members. Eben. N. Willcox, Acting Secretary; Prof. George P. Williams, Librarian; Digby V. Bell, Treasurer.

Faculty. —George P. Williams, A. M. Professor of Natural Philosophy and Mathematics; Abram Sager, M. D. Professor of Zoology and Botany ; Rev. Andrew Tenbrook, A. M. Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy and President of the Faculty; Rev. Daniel D. Whedon, A. M., Professor of Logie, Rhetorie, and the Philosophy of History; Rev. John H. Agnew, A. M., Professor of the Greek and Latiu languages.

Burritt A. Smith, A. B., Tutor in Latin and Greek. < In University, 70 Students. Silas H. Douglass, M. D., Lecturer iu Chem. and Geol. ) Preparatory school, 12 do. Brandies. At Kalamazoo, Rev. J. A. B. Stone, A. M., Principal, 103 do.

At White Pigeon, Rev. J.Chaplin, A.M., do. 24 do.

At Romeo, Rev. Rufus Nutting, A. M., do. 115 do.

At Tecumseh, Fletcher 0. Marsh, A. B., do. 43 do.

At Monroe, Charles A. Clark, A. B., do. 59 do.

At Pondae, Edmund Fish, A. B., do. 40 do.

Total in University and Branches, 456 Students.

Library, tfe. — The library was purchased in Europe, and consists of between 4,000 and 5,000 volumes of well-selected standard works iu the various departments of literature and science.

The collections in the department of Natural History embrace a valuable cabinet of Minerals, consisting of between four and five thousand specimens; and suits of specimens illustrative of the Geology, Zoology, and Botany of Michigan.

Expenses. — The only charges of the Institution are an admission fee of $10, and a charge ranging from $5 to $7.50 a year, for room rent and the services of the Janitor. No charge is made for tuition. Including board, washing, and books, the necessary expenses of a student for a year will range from @70 to $100.

Common Schools. —The fund for the support of common schools arises from the sales of section 16, or its equivalent, in each surveyed town of 86 sections, set apart by Congress for this purpose.

The whole number of acres of School lands in the State is 1,140,000, of which 759,518 acres lie in the lower peninsula, and 380,482 acres in the upper peninsula. The minimum price of these lands is $5 per acre; but a large quantity has already been sold at a much higher price. Of these lands there were sold, up to Nov. 30,1845, 69,421 acres for $457,042. The proceeds of this fund are annually distributed among the several school districts. The amount thus distributed in May 1845, was $22,113, and in May 1846, $27,925; which last sum being divided among 90.008 scholars, the number reported for the year 1845, gives 31 cents for each scholar. In addition to this there is raised on the several townships, for the support of schools, a half mill tax, yielding about $14,000 more.

State Census of Michigan for 1845.


* Including four towns set off from Lapeer county since 1840.

James Whitcomb,

P. C. Dunning,
John H. Thompson,
Royal Mayhew,
H. J. Harris,
James Morrison,
James M. Ray,
Michael G. Bright,
Samuel Beck,
David Reynolds,
Samuel H. Patterson,
James B. Dillon,
Johu S. Simonson,



Salary, of Terre Haute, Gocernor, (term of office

expires in December, 1849,) $l,300

of Madison, Lieut. Gocernor, Pay 83 a day.

of Wash'n Co., Secretary of State, 800

of Shelbyville, Treasurer of State, 1,000

of Delphi, Auditor of Public Accounts, 1,000

of Indianapolis, President of the State Bank, 1,300 of Indianapolis, Cashier of the State Bank, 1,100 State Agent, $1,000 and travelling expenses, of Indianapolis, Quartermaster General, 100

Adjutant General.

of Jeffersonville, Keeper of the Penitentiary, Profits of Indianapolis, State Librarian, 500

Spealcer of the Bouse.

The number of Senators is 50, and of Representatives, 100.

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