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the first meeting of the General Assembly, and again in every subsequent four years for the term of sixteen years. After each census, members shall be apportioned among the several counties according to the number of white inhabitants in each. The representatives shall not be less than 26, or more than 39, till the white population amounts to 125,000; afterward they shall not be less than 36, nor more than 72. For the first ten years, the salary of the governor shall not exceed $800; of the secretary of state and the auditor, $500 each; of the treasurer, $300, and of the judges of the supreme and district courts, $SOO each.

The governor and lieutenant governor shall be chosen for two years; they must be 30 years old, and have resided in the state for two years. The lieutenant governor shall be president of the senate, and shall be paid the same sum as the speaker of the house. A secretary of state, auditor, and treasurer, shall be chosen by the people each for two years.

The supreme court shall consist of a chief justice and two associates, elected by joint vote of the General Assembly for four years, two of whom shall form a quorum. This court shall have appellate jurisdiction only in all chancery cases, and correct errors at law under restrictions provided by the General Assembly. The judges shall be elected by the qualified voters of their respective districts, each for four years. There shall be elected in each county one judge of probate, one prosecuting attorney, and one clerk of the district court, each for two years.

No State debts shall be created exceeding $100,000, except in case of war or insurrection, unless authorized by a special law, which shall provide for the payment of the interest, and of the principal within 20 years; which law shall be irrepealable, and, before going into effect, must be submitted to the people at a general election, and be approved by a majority of the voters.

No act of incorporation, except for public improvement, shall continue longer than 20 years; the property of its members shall be liable for its debts, and the act may be repealed at any tim% by the Assembly. Private property shall not be used for any incorporated company without the consent of its owner. The State shall never become a stockholder in any corporation. No bank shall be created, except the act for its incorporation be approved by a majority of the voters at a general election.

A Superintendent of Public Instruction shall be chosen by joint vote of the legislature for three years. All lands granted by Congress to this State, all escheated estates, and the five per cent. granted on the sale of the public lands in Iowa, shall constitute a perpetual fund, the interest of which shall be applied to the support of common schools. As soon as practicable, libraries in every township shall be provided, and all moneys received for exemption from military duty and for fines imposed by the courts, shall be appropriated to support such libraries. The money arising from the lease or sale of public lands granted for the support of a university shall remain a perpetual fund to maintain such an institution.

Amendments to this constitution must be passed by a majority of all the members elected to both houses in two successive General Assemblies, and must then be submitted to the people, and ratified by a majority of the votera. The Assembly shall not propose amendment* oftener than once in six years. Two thirds of the members of both houses may recommend a convention to revise or alter the constitution; and if a majority of the voters afterwards assent to this recommendation, such a convention may be called by the next legislature. The first meeting of the legislature shall be held on the first Monday in November after the acceptance of this constitution, at Iowa City, In Johnson county, which shall be the seat of goverment till 1S65.


The District of Columbia is under the immediate government of Congress. The city of Washington became the seat of the government of the United States, in 1800; and it is the residence of the President, and the other chief executive officers of the national government. By an act of Congress, in 1846, which was subsequently accepted by the people of Alexandria, the city and county of Alexandria were retroccded to the State of Virginia, and the District is now confined to the Maryland side of the Potomac.

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Criminal Court for the District.

Thomas H. Crawford, Judge, $2,000

William Brent, Clerk, Fees.

This Court holds three terms a year, beginning respectively on the 1st Monday in March, the 3d Monday in June, and the 1st Monday in December.

Orphans' Court.

Nathaniel P. Causin, Washington Co., Judge, $1,000

Edward N. Roach, do. Register, Fees.

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The present population of most of the above States has not been very recently ascertained with any exactness.


Lokd Elgin, Gocernor-General, Vice-Admiral, and Captain-General of all the British Proeinces of North America.



|5|| - - Date Both Date of 13 Religi Name. Title. State. ate of | Accession. Is gion. & +

Oscar I. King Sweden and Norway July, 1799 Mar. 8, 1844.45|Lutheran
Nicholas I. Emperor Russia July 6, Hoe. 1, 1825.299 reek Ch.
ohristin VIII. King Penmark Sep. 18, 1786Dec. 3, 1839.54|Lutheran
Victoria Queen Great Britain May 24, 1819 June 20, 1837.18 Fr. Episc.
William II. King Holland or Netherl’ds|Dec. 6, 1792,0ct. 7, 1840.48Beformed
Leopold do. Belgium Dec. 16, 1790 July 21, 183140|Lutheran-
Fred. Wm. IV. do. Prussia Oct. 15, 1795 June 7, 1840.45|Evangelical
Frederick do. Saxony May 18, 1797 June 6, 1836.39Qatholic-
Ern. Augustus do. Hanover June 5, 1771 July 20, 1837.66 protestant
Fred. Francis Gr. Duke Mecklenburg-Schwer. Feb. 28, 13: Mar. 7, 1842||19|Lutheran
George W. do. Mecklenburg-Strelitz Aug. 12, 1779 Nov. 6, 181637 do.
Augustus do. Oldenburg July 13, 1783 May 21, 1829.46 do.
William Duke Brunswick Apr. 25, 1806 Apr. 25, 183125 do.
Adolphus do. Nassau July 24, 1817 Aug.20, 18332.Évangelical
Ch. Frederick Gr. Duke Saxe-Weimar-Eisen Feb. 2, 1783 June 14, 1828.45|Lutheran
Ernest Duke Soo-oooooooh. Jan. 2, 1784 Dec. 9, 1806 do.
Bernard do. Saxe-Meiningen-Hild Dec. 17, 1800Dec. 24, 1803.3 do.
Joseph do. Saxe-Altenburg Aug.27, 1789 Sep. 29, 183445 do.
Leopold do. Anhalt-Dessau Oct. 1, 1794 Aug. 9, 181722.Évangelical
Alexander do. Anhalt-Bernburg, Mar. 2, 1805 Mar. 24, 183428., do.
Henry do. Anhalt-Cothen July 30, 1778 Aug 23, 1830.52Beformed
Fred. Gunther Prince Schwartz'g Rudolst’t. Nov. 6, 1733|Apr. 28, 180713tutheran
Gunther II. do. Schwartz'g Sondern Sep. 24, 1891Sep. 3, 1835% do.
Henry XX. do. Reuss, Elder Line June 29, 1794,0ct. 31, 1835.40 do.
Henry LXII. do. Reuss, Younger Line May 31, 1785 Apr. 17, 181832 do.
Leopold do. Lippe-Detmold Nov. 6, 1796|Apr. 4, 1802 5|Reformed
Geo. William do. Lippe-Schauenburg Dec. 20, 1784|Feb. 13, 1787] 2 do.
George do. Waldeck p. 20, 1789 Sep. 9, 1813.24Evangelical
Philip Augtus|Londove Hesse-Homburg Mar. 11, 1779 Jan. 19, 183960Reformed
Ch Leopold Fr. Gr. Duke Baden Aug. 29, 1790 Mar. 30, 1830.40Evangelical
William II. Elector Hesse-Cassel July 28, 1777|Feb. 27, 182144|Reformed
Louis II. Gr, Duke Hesse-Darmstadt Dec. 26, 1777|Apr. 6, 1830,52Dutheran

Char’s Antony
Fred. William
Aloys Joseph

Louis Philip
Isabella II.
Maria II.
Charles Albert
Leopold II.
Maria Louisa
Francis IV.
Charles Louis
Pius IX
Ferdinand II.

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do. Hohenzol'n Hechinon
do. Lichtenstein

King Wurtemburg

do. Bavaria

Emperor Austria

King France

Queen Spain
do. Portugal

King Sardinia

Gr. Duke Tuscany
Duchess Parma

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Duke Modena and Massa
do. Lucca
Pope States of the Church
King Two Sicilies
do. Greece
Sultan Turkey

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Oct. do

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* The King of Saxony is a Catholic, though the greater part of his subjects are Protestonts...the King of Belgium is a Protestant, though his subjects are mostly Catholics; and the King of Greece is a Catholic, though most of his subjects are of the Greek Church.



with ike form of Gocernment, Square Miles, and Population, according to McCuHocKs Geographical Dictionary, with corrections.

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