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volume. An article on the comparative cost of government in England and in this country affords results which will probably be new to most of our readers. The obituary record, the lists of officers under the National and State governments, the register of colleges and of the theological, law, and medical schools, and the other ordinary articles of the work, will be found as full and accurate as in former years.

The thanks of the editor are particularly due to the Hon. A. C. Flagg, Hon. E. R. Potter, Hon. David G. Burnett, Digby V. Bell, Esq., Joseph T. Thomas, Esq., Thomas H. Dewitt, Esq., Edward T. Tayloe,Esq., and many other contributors and correspondents, to whom the work is indebted for a great part of its value. A continuance of their favors is respectfully solicited. A work embracing such a multitude of facts must necessarily contain some errors; persons who detect any are earnestly requested to communicate them to the editor. It is a matter of some public interest that a periodical which circulates so widely both in Europe and America, and which is so universally trusted as a manual for reference, should be rendered as accurate as possible; and this end can be obtained only by the cooperation of many individuals. Communications may be addressed to the "Editor of the American Almanae, Boston."

Boston, Mass.,

October 1,1846.


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Abstracts of Public laws, 199 Exports, value of, in 1846, 174

Alabama, 265 Exports for 56 years, 151

American Obituary, 323 Festivals of the Church, 6

American States, Sll)Finances of the States, 178

Appropriations in 1846, 199 Fixed Stars, Apparent Places of, 53

Arkansas, . 281'Florida,. 254

Army List, 131'Flowering of Fruit Trees, 81

Articles imported in 1845, 171; Foreign Goods imported, 171

Articles exported in 1845, 174:Foreign Ministers, 121

Boston, Census of, in 1845, 193: France, 322

British American Provinces, 311, France, Naval Force of, 129

Cabinet, Officers in the, 99,Georgia, 252

Calendar ; January, &c., 10 Government, Cost of, 152

Catalogue of Comets, 82 Governors of States, 187

Census of New York, 191,193 Great Britain, 314

Census of Boston, 193| Great Britain, Naval Force of, 129

Chronicle of Events, 346,Great Britain, Railroads in. 163

Chronological Cycles, 41 Great Britain, Tariff of, in 1846, 318

Church Festivals, 51 Holland, Naval Force of, 130

Churches in New York, 192! Hlinois, .' 301

Circuit Courts, 113 Import, Articles of, in 1845, 171

Cities, Population of, 185 Imports for 56 years, 151

Collectors of Customs, 102 Independent Treasury BilI, 207

Colleges, —180 Indiana, 298

Comets, Catalogue of, 82 Intercourse with Foreign Nations, 116

Commerce, I7lIowa, 306

Commercial importance of other Powers,-131i.Tewish Calendar, 5

Congress, 105 Judiciary, United States, 112

Connecticut, 230 Jupiter's Satellites, Eclipses of, 38

Consols, Foreign, in United States, 121 Kentucky, 285

Consuls in Foreign Countries, 117! Latitude and Longitude of Places, 41

Corn Laws, British, in 1846, 318 Law Schools, 184

Corrections and Additions, 352 Laws, Abstracts of, 199

Cost of Government, 152! Louisiana, 272

Countries whence goods an; brought,. • > -176, Mahometan Calendar, 6

Darkness of the Nights, 8 Maine, 216

Debt of the United States, 148,151 Maryland, 252

Debts of the States, 178 Massachusetts, 223

Delaware, 251 Massachusetts, Railroads of, 150

Departments, Officers in the, 90 Massachusetts, Statistics of, 188,190

Discs of Venus and Mars, 39, Medical Schools, 185

District Courts, IWMcteorological Information, 71

District Of Columbia. 310 Mexico, Naval Force of, 130

Duties, Tariff of, in 1846, 154 Michigan, 291

Eclipses in 1847, - 34 Mint, 140

Elections, State, 186 Mississippi, 269

Ephemeris of the Sun, 45 Missouri, 304

European States, 313 Naval Forces of other Powew, 129

Executive Government, 99,Navy List, 126

Expenditures, U. 8., tor 56 years, I50|New Hampshire, 218

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New Jersey, 240 Seasons, Beginning and length of. 4

New York, 233 Senate of the United States, 106

New York, State Census of, 191 Signs of the Planets, 8

New York, City Census of, 193 Slaves in the United States, 216

New York, Railroads in, 151 Smithsonian Institution, 212

New York, Statistics of, 188,South Carolina, 250

Nights, Darkness of the, 8 Southern Railroads, 152

North Carolina, 269 Sovereigns of Europe, 812

Observatories, Lat. and Long, of, 44 Stars, Fixed, Apparent Places of, 63

Observatory of Paris, 63 State Elections, &c., 186

OccultaUons, 36;State Finances, Debts, &c., 178

Ohio, 288 Statistics of Mass, and N. Y., 188

Oregon Convention, 214 Sun, Ephemeris of the, 45

Parallax in Altitude of the Sun, 52 Sun's Parallax in Altitude, 52

Paris Observatory, 63 Supreme Court, 112

Pennsylvania, 243 Systematic Catalogue of Comets, 93

Pole Star, Places of the, 51 Tariff of the United States in 1846, 154

Population of the United States, 215 Tariff of Great Britain in 1846, 318

Population of Cities, 185| Tennessee, 282

Postmasters. 103 Texas, 276

Post-Office Establishment, 184 Theological Schools, 184

Public Lands, 143 Tides, Height of Greatest, 7

Railroads in the United States, 150 Tonnage of the United States, 161,177

Railroads in Great Britain, 163 Treasury, Independent, 207

Refractions, Dr. Young's, 51| Venus and Mars, Discs of, 39

Religious Denominations, 186,Vermont, 220

Representatives, House of, 107, Virginia, 254

Revenue and Expenditure, 145 Warehousing System, 170

Revenue, U. S., for 56 years, 149 Western Railroads, 152

Rhode Island, 227 Wisconsin, 806

Russia, Naval Force of, 129 Young's Refractions, 51

Satellites of Jupiter, Eclipses of, 38 Zodiae, Signs of the, 4

Saturn's Rings, 40|

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