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Salt to be pure.

Strength to lift.

Scalo for weighing.

Oath as to quantity.

TITLE 10. be directed by the inspector, so as to expose the salt to his touch, W view and examination.

S 103. The inspector shall not pass any salt as good, unless he shall find it to be well made, free from dirt, filth and stones, and from admixtures of lime, or of the ashes of wood, and of any other substance which is injurious to salt, fully drained from pickle, the bitterns properly extracted therefrom, and manufactured as directed, by this Title, and by the rules and regulations of the superintendent and inspector. .

S 104. The person offering the same for inspection, shall in all cases provide the necessary strength to lift the salt, while the inspector weighs or measures it: the inspector shall provide the necessary augur to bore the barrels.

S 105. Each manufacturer may provide a scale or balance at his works, to be examined from time to time, and approved by the inspector, in which all salt offered for inspection, at his works may be weighed.

$ 106. For the better ascertaining the true quantity of salt, which may at any time be offered for inspection, loaded in bulk, on any cart, wagon, sled, boat, or other vessel or carriage, for transportation, the inspector shall have power to examine any person or persons on oath, touching the quantity of salt so offered to be inspected, which oath such inspector is hereby authorised to administer. - S 107. If by such oath, the inspector shall be fully satisfied that be the salt offered for inspection has been actually measured, and the

weight of the same ascertained according to the regulations in relation to weighing and measuring salt, and that the quantity is truly stated, he shall not weigh the same; but if not so fully satisfied, he shall cause the same to be weighed or measured.

S 108. Whenever the inspector shall have ascertained the quantity of salt in any parcel offered for inspection, and shall be satisfied that it is of such quality that it ought to pass inspection, he shall deliver duplicate inspection bills thereof, dated and signed by him, to the person applying for the inspection.

S 109. In such bills of inspection, there shall be stated the names of the person, at whose instance the inspection is had, and of the manufacturer; the number of bushels and pounds of salt contained in the parcel; and the number of bags, barrels, or other vessels, in which it shall be contained; together with a certificate of the inspec

tor, stating that he has inspected the salt specified in such bills. Payment of $ 110. The person applying for inspection, shall thereupon repair

to the superintendent's office in the village where the salt is inspect

When weighing may be dispensed with.

Inspection bills.



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ed, and deliver to the clerk or person keeping such office, such dupli- ART. 5. cate inspection bills, and pay the duties on the salt mentioned therein.

$ 111. It shall be the duty of the clerk or keeper of such office, Duty of clerk. thereupon,

1. To mark such bills with numbers, in the order in which they are presented, placing the same number upon each duplicate bill of the same parcel; which number shall be commenced anew, with the commencement of every month;

2. To enter upon his books an account of the parcel of salt, in which he shall state the number of the parcel; the names of the person at whose instance the same shall have been inspected, and of the manufacturer; the number of bushels and pounds of salt in the parcel; the number of bags, barrels, or other vessels in which it is contained; the amount of duties thereon, and the day when the same are paid ; And,

3. To sign a receipt at the foot of each duplicate inspection bill, and to deliver the same to the person paying the duties.

$ 112. Such person shall forthwith deliver one of the bills to the Bills how disinspector by whom the salt was inspected, and retain the other as evi- Po: dence of the payment of the duties thereon. The bills so received by the inspector, shall be entered in a book to be kept by him, in the manner above prescribed.

S 113. Such inspector, upon receiving the inspection bill so re- Casks to bo ceipted, shall thereupon brand, or mark with durable paint, the barrel "" or cask containing the salt so inspected, with his surname at length, and the first letter of his christian name, with the addition of the word “inspector," in letters of at least one inch in length; and shall mark upon the head of the barrel or cask, with a marking iron, or durable paint, the number of pounds of salt contained in such barrel or cask.

S 114. Until one of the inspection bills so receipted, shall have Payment of been returned to the inspector, and the salt, when in a cask headed complete. up, shall have been so marked or branded, the inspection shall not be deemed complete, nor the payment of the duties consummated; but no such barrel shall be so marked or branded, until the same be well plugged.

$ 115. Every person who shall either,

1. Falsely and fraudulently make or counterfeit, or cause to be made or counterfeited, or knowingly aid and assist the false and fraudulent making or counterfeiting, the mark or brand of any inspector, on any barrel, cask or box, containing salt : Or,

2. Falsely and fraudulently make, alter or counterfeit, or knowingly aid and assist in the false and fraudulent making, altering or

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duties when

Counterfeiting brands,



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TITLE 10. counterfeiting any inspection bill, or any receipt of duties thereon,

with intent to defraud the people of this state :

Shall be deemed guilty of felony; and on conviction thereof, shall be imprisoned in the state prison, for a term not less than three, nor

more than six years. Prohibition. $ 116. No inspector or deputy shall inspect salt after sundown, or

before sunrise; and no salt manufacturer shall retail, or deliver, any uninspected salt, after sundown, or before sunrise ; and every person offending against any of the provisions of this section, shall forfeit the

sum of twenty-five dollars. Sak to be $ 117. No manufacturer or other person shall pack, or cause to be

packed, in barrels, casks or boxes, any salt, until an inspector shall have determined, upon actual examination, that the same is sufficiently drained of pickle, and otherwise fit for inspection,

$ 118. The inspector and his deputies, in their daily examinations of the several salt manufactories, may examine all bins of salt, for the purpose of ascertaining, whether any salt is packed contrary to

the provisions of the last section. Penalty.

$ 119. If any manufacturer, or other person, shall pack any salt in barrels, casks, or boxes, before an inspector shall have determined that it is fit for inspection, he shall forfeit the sum of twenty-five

cents for every bushel of salt so packed. Barrels once $ 120. Barrels or casks in which salt shall have been packed and

inspected, shall not be again used for the packing of salt therein, until the marks or brands made by the inspector shall be first cut out; and if any person shall pack or cause to be packed, or shall aid or assist in the packing any uninspected salt, in any such barrel or cask, without first cutting out such marks or brands, he shall forfeit, for · every bushel of salt so packed, the sum of five dollars.

S 121. No salt shall be removed from the place where the same shall have been manufactured, until it shall have been regularly inspected, without the consent of an inspector, unless it be to the inspector's office for the purpose of being inspected, or to such safe and secure store-house in the village where it was manufactured, as shall be approved by an inspector, and the key of which shall be kept by him.

S 122. No inspector shall permit any uninspected salt to be piled or stored around any store, shop, grocery, or other place for retailing salt on the reservation, or to be removed from the manufactory where the same shall have been made, unless it be for the purpose of being inspected, or of being deposited in some safe and secure store-house, as above provided.

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Removal of kalt.


Salt inspect


ers nutite,

$ 123. Any manufacturer desiring to have his salt packed in bar- ART. 5. rels and inspected, when he shall not have occasion to sell or remove the same, may apply to an inspector, who shall thereupon examine ed without such salt, take an account of the weight thereof, and mark the weight upon each barrel ; after which, such barrels may be deposited in any store-house that shall be approved of by the inspector, to be there safely kept under the joint keys of the inspector and the manufacturer, until such manufacturer shall have occasion to sell or remove the same.

S 124. When such removal shall be desired, the inspector shall Ib. make out the proper inspection bills, and upon the payment of the duties thereon, in the manner prescribed by this Title, the salt so stored may be marked and removed without being re-inspected.

S 125. It shall be the duty of every manufacturer to brand or Manufacmark, with durable paint, every cask or barrel of salt, manufactured by him, with the surname at full length of the proprietor or owner of the manufactory at which the same shall have been made, and the initial letter of his christian name, and if the same shall have been manufactured for a company or association of individuals, he shall mark or brand in like manner, upon every such cask or barrel, the name of the firm by which the company is usually called.

S 126. No inspector shall inspect or pass, any cask or barrel of Ib. salt, which shall not be marked or branded in the manner prescribed in the last section.

S 127. If any manufacturer shall omit to mark or brand any barrel Penalty, or cask headed up, in which any salt made by him shall be so packed, he shall pay to the purchaser of such salt, the sum of fifty cents, for each barrel or cask, so omitted to be marked or branded.

S 128. Every person who shall forge or counterfeit the name, so Iþ. required to be put on by the manufacturer, or shall cause or procure to be put on any barrel or cask in which salt shall be packed, the name of any person other than that which ought to be put thereon, shall, for every such offence, forfeit the sum of twenty-five dollars, and shall also be liable for all damages to the party aggrieved.

$ 129. In case any barrels or casks of fine salt, of the appearance Casks dot and quality of salt usually manufactured in that district of country, which by the act entitled “ An act respecting the four great senatorial se districts of this state," passed April 17th, 1815, was denominated the " western district,” shall be found in any of the counties included in that district, not marked or branded in the manner herein before directed, it shall be the duty of the officers connected with the salt springs, and their deputies, to seize all such salt, and to sell the same VOL. I.


marked, when to be scized

on manufactories.

Daily account.

TITLE 10. for the use of the people of this state, in the manner directed in the one

hundred and forty-third section of this Title, unless the owner of said salt, or the person having the same in possession, shall prove to the satisfaction of the person seizing the same, that the duties thereon have

been actually paid. Daily charge $ 130. Each salt manufactory, shall, for the securing the collec

tion of duties on the salt made at the same, be subject to a daily tas, or charge of four mills per gallon on the capacity of the first ten kettles set in each block, three mills per gallon on the next two kettles, and two mills per gallon for the remaining two kettles set in each block, for the time such kettles are used in making salt.

S 131. It shall be the duty of the inspector in each of the villages, to take an account daily of the blocks of kettles actually employed in each manufactory, and of the capacity of the kettles set therein, and to report the same to the superintendent, in the office kept in the vil

lage nearest to the manufactory. How kejt. S 132. The superintendent shall charge to each manufacturer, in

a book to be kept for that purpose in each of the offices of the superintendent, the amount of such daily tax, or charge, and he shall credit to such manufacturer the duties received on the salt inspected from such works daily, which account shall be footed at the expiration of

each month. Remedy for S 133. In case there shall, at any time, be a balance due the state, bajance on the settlement of such monthly account, it shall the duty of the

superintendent, to enter on and take possession of the works, on which such tax or charge shall be so in arrear; and after advertising the same in each of his offices for six days, unless such arrears shall then be paid, to lease the same by auction, to the person who shall pay such arrears, for a lease of such works for the shortest period; during which period such works, with the appurtenances, shall be held by such lessee, on the same terms upon which they were held by the original lessee; and at the expiration of such lease, the premi

ses shall revert to the original lessee. Store-houses. S 134. To enable manufacturers of salt to keep their works in

operation, when there is no market for the salt made, it shall be lawful for each manufacturer, for himself, or any number of manufacturers combined, to erect a store-house for the deposit of salt, to be approved of by the inspector, and kept in repair by the owners thereof, in which they may deposit their salt from time to time, under the charge of the inspector in the village nearest which such works shall be situated, which inspector shall keep the keys of such store-house.

$ 135. Every manufacturer so storing his salt, shall have credit in the monthly account above mentioned, for the amount of duties on the

collect on of

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