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S 2. The health officer shall, by right of office, be physician of TITLE 4. such hospital, and the commissioners of health shall, in all other respects, have the superintendence thereof; make rules and orders for thereof. its government and management, employ mates, nurses and attendants therefor, and provide bedding, clothing, fuel, provisions, medicine, and such other articles as shall be requisite therein.

S 3. The commissioners of health shall, at all times, furnish a con- Boat venient boat with sufficient boatmen, for the use of the health officer, the expense of which shall be charged to the funds of the hospital.

$ 4. Every sick person sent to the marine hospital, shall be there Sick persone kept and attended to, with all necessary and proper care; and no such &c. person shall leave the hospital, until the health officer shall grant a discharge in writing.

S 5. The health officer may direct, in writing, any constable or Proceedings other citizen to pursue and apprehend any person, not discharged, eloping. who shall elope from the hospital, and to deliver such person at the hospital, to be there detained until regularly discharged. It shall be the duty of the constable, or citizen so directed, to obey such directions; and every person who shall so elope shall be considered guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by fine or imprisonment.

$ 6. All persons sent to the marine hospital, or any other hospital Expenses by provided by the board of health, other than those who shall have paid paid. hospital money, and such poor persons as the board of health shall exempt, shall pay a reasonable sum for their board, medicine and attendance; and for the recovery of such sum, the commissioners of health may sue in their name of office.

$ 7. The health commissioner shall demand, and be entitled to re- Hospital mo ceive, and in case of neglect or refusal to pay, shall sue for and reco- pay. ver, in his name of office, the following sums, from the master of every vessel that shall arrive in the port of New-York, namely;

1. From the master of every vessel from a foreign port, for himself and each cabin passenger, one dollar and fifty cents; for each steerage passenger, mate, sailor, or mariner, one dollar.

2. From the master of each coasting vessel, for each person on board, twenty-five cents; but no coasting vessel from the states of New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island, shall pay for more than one voyage in each month, computing from the first voyage in each year.

$ 8. The monies so received, shall be denominated "hospital mo- How applied. nies," and shall be appropriated to the use of the marine hospital, deducting a commission to the health commissioner of two and one half per cent for collection.

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TITLE S. $9. Each master paying hospital monies, shall be entitled to dem mand and recover, from each person for whom they shall be paid, the vered by sum paid on his account. Coasting ves S 10. Every master of a coasting vessel, shall pay to the health

commissioner, at his office, in the city of New York, within twentyfour hours after the arrival of his vessel in the port, such hospital monies as shall then be demandable from him, under the provisions of this Title; and every master, for each omission of such duty, shall forfeit the sum of one hundred dollars.

S 11. The commissioners of health shall account annually to the comptroller, for all monies received by them, or either of them, for the use of the marine hospital; and if such monies shall, in any one year, exceed the sum necessary to defray the expenses of their trust, including their own salaries, and exclusive of such expenses as are to be borne and paid as a part of the contingent charges of the city of New-York, they shall pay over such surplus to the treasurer of the society for the reformation of Juvenile delinquents in the city of New

York, for the use of that society. Charges on $ 12. The sums necessary to keep the buildings and improvements cos on hand. of the marine hospital in good repair, shall be charged as a part of its

annual expenses ; and the balance of hospital monies, now or hereafter in the hands of the commissioners of health, whether invested in stock, or otherwise, shall remain appropriated to supply any deficiency that may occur, of the annual funds, to meet the annual expenses of the hospital, and to defray the expenses of erecting such other hospitals, or buildings, as the governor shall, from time to time, direct ; and no sale of stock shall be made by the commissioners, except by the order of the governor.

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Sec. 1. Limited provisions may be extended by proclamation.

2. Proclamation may be revoked.
3. To whom fines, &c. payable, and how to be applied.
4. Commissioners to give information to district attorney, of offences.
5. Suits not to abate on death of officers.
6. Provisions of Chapter, how far to extend ; not to interfere with common law.
7. Board of health to cause parts of this Chapter to be printed and distributed.

8. Magistrates to aid board of health.
S 1. Whenever it shall appear to the board of health, that any
provisions of this Chapter, limited in their operations to a certain pe-
riod of the year, ought to be extended, the mayor of the city shall issue
his proclamation, extending such provisions to such time as shall be
mentioned in the proclamation ; and such provisions shall thereupon

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be extended accordingly, and with the like effect, as if the periods TITLE 5. mentioned in the proclamation, had been enacted in this Chapter.

$ 2. If it shall appear to the board of health, whilst such procla- How revokmation is still in force, that the necessity of extending the period therein named has ceased, the mayor, by a new proclamation declaring that fact, shall revoke the proclamation first issued, which, from that time, shall cease to have effect.

$ 3. All fines, forfeitures and penalties, imposed in this Chapter, Penaltier or under the powers delegated therein, shall be paid to the commis- ed; to whom sioners of health, as a part of the funds of the marine hospital; and such as are recoverable by suit, including the penalties of bonds taken from persons under quarantine, and excepting such as are, or shall be, imposed on physicians, shall be sued for by the commissioners of health, in their name of office.

S 4. It shall be the duty of the commissioners of health and of each Information. of them, to give information to the district attorney of the city and county of New York, of all offences against the provisions of this Chapter, that shall come to their knowledge, that he may prosecute the offenders without delay, in the court of sessions of the city.

$ 5. No suit that shall be brought by the board or the commission- Suits not to ers of health, or the health officer, in their respective names of office, in pursuance of the authority given in this Chapter, shall abate on account of the death of the officer, or officers, by whom the same shall be commenced.

$ 6. The provisions of the previous Titles of this Chapter, shall Extent of extend to all diseases, which, in the opinion of the board of health, shall be deemed dangerous to the public health ; and nothing in this Chapter contained, shall be construed to interfere with the remedies against nuisances, provided by the common law.

$ 7. The board of health shall, from time to time, cause such parts Parts of this as they shall deem necessary, of this Chapter, to be printed, and shall printed and deliver the same to the respective pilots of the port, for distribution to the masters of vessels subject to quarantine : the expenses of such printing shall be defrayed out of the monies appropriated for the use of the marine hospital.

$ 8. It shall be the special duty of all magistrates and civil offi- An officers, cers, and of all citizens of the state, to aid to the utmost of their pow. &c er the board of health, and all the health officers mentioned in this Ghapter, in the performance of their respective duties.


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Quarantine at Albany, Troy, and Hudson.


Sec. 1. How vessels to perform quarantine in Albany, Troy, and Hudson.

2. Persons violating provisions, guilty of misdemeanor.
3. Powers of persons authorised to execute this Title.
4. Health officers in Albany and Hudson, duties ; fees.
5. Board of health in Brooklyn ; who president and clerk.
6. May appoint a health physician.
7. Duty of health physician.
8. How vessels subject to quarantine at New-York, permitted to enter Brooklyn.
9. Master to deliver permit; to whom.
10. Master violating preceding provisions, guilty of misdemeanor.
11. Board may order vessels to be removed.
12. Order to be in writing ; by whom signed; how served.
13. Penalty on persons violating order.
14. Practising physicians to report patients.
15. Penalty for not reporting.
16. Duties of keepers of boarding-houses at certain period.
17. In same period, sick persons not to enter village.
18. Violation of two last sections, misdemeanor.
19. Certain powers of board of health.
20. Persons violating order of board, guilty of misdemeanor.
21. Fines ; to whom paid ; how applied.
22. Two justices of any town, may remove sick strangers.

S 1. No vessel having on board any person infected with any pestilential or infectious disease, or coming from a place so infected, shall enter any other of the ports or harbors of this state, until such quarantine as the persons herein after mentioned shall direct, shall have been performed, namely: for the cities of Albany, Troy, and Hudson, and upon the Hudson river opposite to those cities, and within one mile above and below the same, the mayor, or in his absence, the recorder of those cities respectively.

S 2. Every person so subject to quarantine, who shall violate any of the regulations to be prescribed respecting the same, shall be considered guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be fined in a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars.

S 3. The persons authorised to execute this Title in the cities of Albany, Troy, and Hudson, shall respectively have power,

1. To take such measures as they shall deem effectual to prevent the spreading of any infectious disease :

2. To stop, detain and examine, for that purpose, every person coming from any place infected, or believed to be infected, with such a disease:

3. To cause every such person, whom they shall suspect of being infected with such disease, and who shall not be an inhabitant of this state, to be sent out of the state, or to be kept therein in such manner as not to endanger the public health : and,

4. To appoint such and so many persons to aid them in the execktion of their powers, as they shall deem proper.


Powers of certain officers.

health in

llis duty,

$ 4. The health officer in each of the cities of Albany and Hud- TITLE 6. son, shall assist in carrying into effect the provisions of this Title ; and from the master of each vessel from a foreign port, that he shall visit and examine, shall be entitled to receive the sum of seven dollars and fifty cents.

$ 5. The board of trustees of the village of Brooklyn, shall conti- Board of nue to be a board of health for that village. The president, or the Brooklyn. president for the time, of the village, shall be the president of the board of health ; and the clerk of the board of trustees, shall be the clerk of the board of health, and as such, shall keep regular minutes of all their proceedings.

S 6. The board of health shall annually appoint, by warrant, un- Physician. der the common seal of the village, a physician, then being an inhatant of the village, to be the health physician in and for the village of Brooklyn.

$ 7. It shall be the duty of such health physician,

1. To visit all sick persons who shall be reported to the board of health of the village, and to report, without delay, his opinion of the siekness of such persons, to the president of that board :

2. To visit and inspect all vessels coming to the wharves, landing places, or shores, in the village of Brooklyn, and suspected to have on board any pestilential disease, and all stores, or ware-houses, suspected to contain putrid or unsound provisions, damaged hides, cotton, or other articles; and to make report of the condition of such vessels, provisions, or articles, without delay, to the president of the board of health : and,

3. To meet daily, from the first day of June to the first day of October, in each year, at the office of the board of health in the village, with one or more members of the board, for the transaction of business.

S 8. No vessel subject to quarantine in the port of New-York, shall Certain veeproceed beyond the place of quarantine on Staten Island, to the vil- enter village. lage of Brooklyn, without a permit from the health officer of the city of New-York.

S 9. The master of every such vessel arriving in the village of Duty of masBrooklyn, shall within six hours after such arrival, deliver the permitters. of the health officer to the president of the board of health of the village, or to such person as he shall direct.

S 10. Every master who shall violate the provisions of either of Penalties the two last preceding sections, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, in the discretion of the court by which he shall be tried; the fine for each offence not VOL. 1.


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