The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground

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James G. Gregory, 1864 - 463 էջ
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Էջ 541 - Perhaps," he continued, with a melancholy smile, " it may be known after my death who was my friend ; but if it should not, there are none to grieve for me.
Էջ 159 - The place of fame and elegy supply: And many a holy text around she strews, That teach the rustic moralist to die.
Էջ 538 - Does Your Excellency think that I have exposed my life and blasted my character for money ?" " If not for money, what then ?" " What has brought Your Excellency into the field ? For what do you daily and hourly expose your precious life to battle and the halter? What is there about me to mourn, when such men as you risk their all for our country ? No, no, no ! Not a dollar of your gold will I touch : poor America has need of it all." The bag dropped from the hand of the officer and fell at the feet...
Էջ 148 - Tis a man," said Mason, looking intently at the suspicious object. " By his hump 'tis a dromedary ! " added the captain, eying it keenly. Wheeling his horse suddenly from the highway, he exclaimed — "Harvey Birch! — take him. dead or alive ! " Mason and a few of the leading dragoons only understood the sudden cry, but it was heard throughout the line. A dozen of the men, with the lieutenant at their head, followed the impetuous Lawton, and their speed threatened the pursued with a sudden termination...
Էջ 462 - Humph !" ejaculated the pedler; " there is something particular indeed, to be seen behind the thicket on our left. Turn your head a little, and you may see and profit by it too.
Էջ 536 - ... disguise than comfort, rendered its warmth unnecessary. A second mild and courteous gesture motioned to a vacant chair, but the stranger refused it with a modest acknowledgment. Another pause followed, and continued for some time. At length the officer arose, and opening a desk that was laid upon the table near which he sat, took from it a small, but apparently heavy bag.
Էջ 541 - Tis probably the last time that I shall ever see your excellency . May God pour down his choicest blessings on your head.
Էջ 26 - England bloom'd on Gertrude's cheek — What though these shades had seen her birth, her sire A Briton's independence taught to seek Far western worlds ; and there his household fire The light of social love did long inspire. And many a halcyon day he lived to see Unbroken but by one misfortune dire, When fate had 'reft his mutual heart — but she Was gone — and Gertrude climb'da widow'd father's knee.
Էջ 550 - ... breast, and one of them contained a substance that glittered like silver. Dunwoodie stooped, and removing the limbs, perceived the place where the bullet had found a passage to his heart. The subject of his last care was a tin box, through which the fatal lead had gone ; and the dying moments of the eld man must have passed in drawing it from his bosom.
Էջ 464 - I looked around for a single face that showed me any pity, I could find none — no, not even one ; all cursed me as a wretch who would sell his country for gold. The sun was brighter to my eyes than common — but then it was the last time I should see it.

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