The European Magazine, and London Review, Հատոր 13

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Philological Society of London, 1785

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Էջ 423 - ... attempting to dissuade her, attended on her journey ; and when they came to the irremeable stream that separated the two kingdoms, walked by her side into the water, in the middle of which he seized her bridle, and with earnestness proportioned to her danger and his own affection pressed her to return. The Queen went forward. If the parallel reaches thus far, may it go no farther. — The tears stand in my eyes.
Էջ 284 - I own," added Helve"tius to me, " although I knew the danger to be greater of harbouring him at Paris than at London; and although I thought the family of Hanover not only the lawful sovereigns in England, but the only lawful sovereigns in Europe, as having the...
Էջ 284 - that the person who is the object of all this pomp and magnificence, is the man I envy the least.
Էջ 284 - ... amends by the attention of others for the flights of her hufband. For this, and for every reafon, it behoves a married man not to let his politenefs fail, though his ardour may abate, but to retain, at...
Էջ 284 - Marechal had a very bad opinion of this unfortunate prince, and thought there was no vice so mean or atrocious of which he was not capable, of which he gave me several instances.
Էջ 47 - Unchang'd, through many a hardy race, Stood the rough dome in sullen grace ; Still on its angry front defiance frown'd : Though monarchs kept their state within, Still murmur'd with the martial din The gloomy gateway's arch profound ; And armed forms, in airy rows, Bent o'er the battlements their bows, And blood-stain'd banners crown'd its hostile head ; And oft its hoary ramparts wore The rugged scars of conflict sore ; What time, pavilion'd on the neighbouring mead, Th...
Էջ 455 - Though firfl he gave New grace to Britain's naked plain. With arts and manners in his train; And many a fane he rear'd, that...
Էջ 242 - There, must thou wake perforce thy Doric quill ; Tis Fancy's land to which thou sett'st thy feet; Where still, 'tis said, the fairy people meet, Beneath each birken shade, on mead or hill. . There, each trim lass, that skims the milky store, To the swart tribes their creamy bowls allots; By night they sip it round the cottage door, While airy minstrels warble jocund notes.
Էջ 242 - ... his homelier thoughts neglect; Let thy sweet muse the rural faith sustain ; These are the themes of simple, sure effect, That add new conquests to her boundless reign, And fill, with double force, her heart-commanding strain.
Էջ 319 - Rajah, only he wanted much of their humanity ; for when any poor ignorant native transgressed his laws, they were sure to undergo a severe whipping for a penalty, and the execution was generally done when he was at dinner, so near his dining-room that the groans and cries- of the poor delinquent served him for musick.

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