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Covenanters, Persecution of Scot- Dunolly Castle (Eagles), iv. 104
tish, iv. 63
Cranmer, iv. 50
Crusaders, iv. 32
Crusades, iv. 24

Dunolly Castle, On revisiting, iv. 168
Dunolly Eagle, The, iv. 168
Duty, Ode to, iv. 231

Cuckoo and the Nightingale, The,
V. 26

Cuckoo at Laverna, The, iii. 205
Cuckoo Clock, The, ii. 224
Cuckoo, To the, ii. 96

To the, ii. 344
Cumberland, Coast of (In the Chan-
nel), iv. 158

On a high part of the
coast of, iv. 123

DAFFODILS, ii. 109
Daisy, To the (Two Poems), ii. 15
To the, iv. 210

To the (Elegiac Pieces), v. 78
Daniel, Picture of (Hamilton Palace),
iv. 114

Danish Boy, The, ii. 42
Conquest, iv. 21

Danube, Source of the, iii. 139
Daughter Address to my Infant,
ii. 63

Decay of Piety, ii. 299
Dedication (Miscell. Sonnets), ii. 283
(Tour on the Continent),

iii. 130

(White Doe of Rylstone),

iii. 267

Departure from the Vale of Gras-
inere, iii. 1

Derwent, To the River, iv. 147
Descriptive Sketches, i. 19
Desultory Stanzas, iii. 176
Detraction which followed the Pub-
lication of, &c.. ii. 296
Devil's Bridge, To the Torrent at,
ii. 341

Devotional Incitements, ii. 221
Dion, ii. 177

Dissensions, iv. 7

Distractions, iv. 54
Dog, Incident characteristic of a,
iv. 225

Dog, Tribute to the Memory of a,
iv. 226

Donnerdale, The Plain of, iii. 254
Dora, To (A little onward), iv. 242
Douglas Bay, Isle of Man, iv. 160
Dover (Two Son.), iii. 65
(Two Son.), iii. 174

Druidical Excommunication, iv. 4
Druids, Trepidation of, iv. 3
Duddon, The River, iii. 238
Dungeon-Ghyll Force, i. 186

EAGLES (Dunollie Castle), iv. 104
Eagle, The Dunollie, iv. 168
Early Spring, Lines written in, iv.
Easter Sunday, Composed on, ii. 298
Ecclesiastical Sonnets, iv. 1
Echo, The Mountain, ii. 169

upon the Gemmi, iii. 166
Eclipse of the Sun, 1820, The, iii. 157
Eden, The River, iv. 179
Edward the Sixth, iv. 48
Signing the War-

rant, iv. 48
Egremont Castle, The Horn of, iv. 341
Egyptian Maid, The, iii. 224
Ejaculation, iv. 89
Elegiac Musings (Coleorton Hall),

V. 90

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Forms of Prayer at Sea, iv. 78
Forsaken Indian Woman, Complaint

of a, i. 263

Forsaken, The, i. 253

Fort Fuentes, iii. 149
Fountain, The, iv. 215

Clergy, Emigrant, iv. 82
Revolution, ii. 167
In allusion to
Histories of (Three Son.), iv. 290
Royalist, Feelings of a, iii.


Friend, To a (Banks of the Derwent),
iv. 150

Fox, Mr., Lines composed on the HAMBLETON HILLS, After a Journey
expected death of, v. 84
France, iii. 71

across (Two Son.), ii. 316
Happy Warrior, Character of the,

iv. 233

Sky-prospect from the Plain
of, iii. 173

French Army in Russia (Two Poems),

iii. 103

[blocks in formation]

Gipsies, ii. 122
Glad Tidings, iv. 11
Gleaner, The, iv. 328
Glen-Almain, iii. 16
Glencroe, iv. 107
Goddard (Elegiac Stanzas), iii. 169
Gold and Silver Fishes (Two Poems),
iv. 318

ii. 337
Geraldine, i. 251
Germans, iii. 83

Germans on the Heights of Hock-

Goody Blake and Harry Gill, iv. 346
Gordale, ii. 333
Gospel Truth, iv. 34
Grace Darling, iv 357
Grasmere, Inscription on the Island

at, v. 5

heim, iii. 105
Germany, iii. 88

Germany, Written in, iv. 206
Gillies, ii. 311

Grasmere Lake, Composed by the
side of, iii. 83
Grave-stone, A (Worcester Cathe-
dral), ii. 348

Great Men (Sydney, Marvel, &c.),
iii. 69

Green Linnet, The, ii. 20
Greenock, iv. 177

Greta, To the River, iv. 146
Guilt and Sorrow, i. 46
Gunpowder Plot, iv. 55

Funeral Service, iv. 79
Furness Abbey, At (Two Son.), ii. Helvellyn, To


Harmony (The Flute), ii. 289
Harp, The ("Why Minstrel "), ii. 291
Hart-leap Well, ii. 147
Hart's-horn Tree, iv. 117
Haunted Tree, The, ii. 197
Haydon, To B. R., ii. 310
(Picture of Napo-

leon B.), ii. 354
Hazels, ii. 315
H. C., Six years old, To, i. 198
Heidelberg, Castle of (Hymn for
Boatmen), iii. 138

, on her first

ascent of, ii. 191
Henry the Eighth, Portrait of, ii. 337
Her eyes are wild, i. 341
Hermitage, For the spot where stood
the, v. 15

Near the Spring of, v. 14
Hermit's Cell, Inscriptions in and
near, v. 10
Hesperus, ii. 166
Highland Boy, The Blind, iii. 35
- Broach, The, iv. 108
Girl, To a, iii. 13
Hut, iv. 108

Hint from the Mountains, ii. 34
Historian, Plea for the, iii. 199
Hôffer, iii. 6

Hogg, James, Effusion upon the Killicranky, In the Pass of, iii. 30
death of, v. 98
King of Sweden, The, iii. 63
Honour, iii. 91
iii. 93

Horn of Egremont Castle, The, iv.


[blocks in formation]

King's College Chapel, Cambridge,
(Three Son.), iv. 87

Kirkstone, The Pass of, ii. 182
Kitten and Falling Leaves, The,
ii. 59

LABOURER'S Noon-day Hymn, iv. 270
Lady Beaumont, To, ii. 322

Lady E. B. and the Hon. Miss P.,

To the, ii. 340

Lady Mary Lowther, To the, ii. 321
Lamb, Charles, Written after the
death of, v. 93

Lancaster Castle, Suggested by the
view of, iv. 297

Laodamia, ii. 171

Last of the Flock, The, i. 266
Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci,
The, iii. 157

Latimer and Ridley, iv. 50
Latitudinarianism, iv. 61
Laud, iv. 57

Lawn, The, iv. 254
Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper,
by, iii. 157
Lesbia, ii. 345

[blocks in formation]

MADEIRA, Flowers in the Island of, | Morning Exercise, A, ii. 1
ii. 38

[blocks in formation]

Marshall, To Cordelia, iv. 192
Mary Queen of Scots.



iv. 151

Maternal Grief, i. 276
Matron of Jedborough, The, iii. 31
Matthew, iv. 211
May Morning, Composed on (1838),
ii. 358

Captivity, ii.
Lament of, i.

Miscellaneous Poems, iv. 306

Sonnets, ii. 283
Missions and Travels, iv. 18
Monasteries, Dissolution of the,
(Three Son.), iv. 41
Saxon, iv. 17
Monastery, Cistertian, iv. 29

of Old Bangor, iv. 9
Monastic Power, Abuse of, iv. 40
Voluptuousness, iv. 40

Monks, iv. 30

and Schoolmen, iv. 30
Moon, The, (The Shepherd looking
eastward), ii. 323

(With how sad steps), ii.


(The crescent Moon, the
Star of Love), iv. 137
(Seaside), iv. 137
(Rydal), iv. 140

(Who but is pleased), iv.

Mossgiel Farm (Burns), iv. 178
Mother's Return, The, i. 173
Mountains, Hint from the, ii. 34
Mountain, Snow-strewn, ii. 319
Music, Power of, ii. 112
Mutability, iv. 81
My Sister, To, iv. 200

- Ode composed on, iv.
May, To, iv. 275
Meditation, iv. 192
Memory, iv. 252

- (The Duddon), iii. 255
Men of the Western World, iv. 292
Mental Affliction, ii. 362
Merry England, iv. 145
Michael, i. 311

Michael Angelo, From the Italian Nunnery, iv. 182
of (Three Son.), ii. 300
Nun's Well, iv. 149
Milton, iii. 68
Nutting, ii. 102


(How beautiful the Queen
of Night), iv. 333

(Once I could hail), iv.


NAMING of Places, Poems on the, i.


Namur and Liege, Between, iii. 135
National Independence, Poems de-
dicated to, iii. 59

Natural objects, Influence of, i. 200
Nature, iv. 126

Needle case in the form of a Harp,
ii. 36

Negro Woman, iii. 64
Newspaper, After reading a, iv. 288
Nightingale and Stock-dove, ii. 106
Night-piece, A, ii. 98
Night-thought, A, iv. 224
Nith, On the Banks of, iii. 6
Noon-day Hymn, The Labourer's,
iv. 270

Norman Boy, The, i. 205

Conquest, The, iv. 22

North Wales, Ruins of a Castle in,
ii. 339

[blocks in formation]

Ossian, Written in a blank leaf of | Processions (Chamouny), iii. 166
Prophecy, A (Feb., 1807), iii. 83
Punishment of Death, Sonnets upon
the, iv. 297

Macpherson's, iv. 169

Our Lady of the Snow, iii. 145
Owl, The, iv. 130

Oxford, 1820 (Two Son.), ii. 335

[blocks in formation]

of the Duke of Wellington,
On a, ii. 357

[blocks in formation]

RAILWAY, On the projected Kendal
and Windermere, ii. 368
Railways, &c., iv. 183
Rainbow, i. 166

Raisley Calvert, To the Memory of,
ii. 308

Ranz des Vaches, On hearing the,

iii. 149

Personal Talk, iv. 218
Persuasion, iv. 12
Peter Bell, ii. 244

On the detraction which Regrets, iv. 80
followed, &c. ii. 296
Pet Lamb, The, i. 194
Philoctetes, ii. 343

-, Imaginative, iv. 45
Repentance, i. 270
Reproof, iv. 17

Picture, Upon the sight of a beau- Resolution and Independence, ii. 132
tiful, ii. 290
Resting-place, The (Two Son.), iii.

Piety, Filial, ii. 352

Pilgrim Fathers (Two Son.), iv. 67
Pilgrim's Dream, The, ii. 48
Pillar of Trajan, The, iii. 221
Places of Worship, iv. 70
Plea for Authors, A, ii. 363

Retired Mariner, By a, iv. 163
Retirement, ii. 314
Return, iii. 252

"> The Mother's, i. 173
to Grasmere, iii. 34

Poet and the Turtle-dove, The, ii. 51 Rhine, Upon the Banks of, iii. 137
Poet's Dream, The, i. 208
Richard the First, iv. 25
Epitaph, iv. 208

Point at issue, The, iv. 47
Point Rash Judgment, i. 352
Poor Robin, iv. 326

Poor Susan, The Reverie of, ii. 111
Popery, Kevival of, iv. 49
Portrait, Lines suggested by a,
(Two Poems), iv. 278

Recovery, iv. 6
Redbreast chasing the Butterfly,
The, ii. 32

The, i. 338

To a, (S. H.), iv. 329
Reflections, iv. 46
Reformation, View of the Troubles
of, iv. 51
Reformers, Eminent (Two Son.), iv.


in Exile (English), iv. 52

Richmond Hill (Thomson), ii. 338
Rill, The, ii. 287

Robinson, To H. C. (Tour in Italy,
1837), iii. 181

Rob Roy's Grave, iii. 22
Rock, Inscribed upon a (Hermit's
Cell), v. 12

Rocks, Two heath-clad, i. 359
Rocky Stream, Composed on the
Banks of a, ii. 331
Roman Antiquities, ii. 349
(Old Penrith),

iv. 119


[ocr errors]

from, iv. 7

Rome (Two Son.), iii. 200

At (Three Son ), iii. 197


The Pine of Monte Mario at,
iii. 196
Roslin Chapel, Composed in, iv. 100
Rotha Q., To, ii. 347

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