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Sacrament, iv. 75

Sailor's Mother, The, i. 279
Saint Bees' Heads, In a Steam-boat
off, iv. 152

Saint Catherine of Ledbury, ii. 328
Saint Gothard (Ranz des Vaches on
the Pass of), iii. 149

Saint Herbert's Island, Derwent-
water (Hermitage), v. 15
Saint Kilda, iv. 177
Saints, iv. 43

San Salvador, The Church of, iii. 151
Saxon Clergy, Primitive, iv. 14

Conquest, iv.

Monasteries, iv. 17

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the Plain of

Sky-lark, To a, ii. 22
> To a, ii. 170
France, iii. 173
Sleep, To (Three Son.), ii. 292
Small Celandine, The, v. 57
Snow-drop Rock, ii. 31
Snow-drops, ii. 324
Snow-drop, To a, ii. 320
Solitary Reaper, The, iii. 19
Solitude (The Duddon), iii. 250
Somnambulist, The, iv. 186
Song at the Feast of Brougham Cas-
tle, ii. 154

-, Song for the, ii. 33

Saxons, iv. 23
Schill, iii. 93

Sponsors, iv. 72
Staffa, Cave of (Four Son.), iv. 172
Star-gazers, ii. 114

School, Composed in anticipation of Star, Slowly-sinking, ii. 312
leaving, i. 1
Statesman, The, iv. 290
Schwytz, iii. 148
Staub-bach, On approaching the,
iii. 140
Steamboats, &c., iv. 183
Stepping-stones, The (Two Son.), iii.

Scottish Covenanters, Persecution
of, iv. 63

Scott, Sir Walter, Departure of, iv.


Simon Lee, iv. 202

Simplon Pass (Two Poems), iii. 164
-, The, ii. 104
Sister, To my, iv. 200
Skiddaw, ii. 287

for the Spinning Wheel, ii. 33
for the Wandering Jew, ii. 44
Sonnet, The, ii. 283
The, ii. 309

Sound of Mull, In the, iv. 105
Sound, The Power of, ii. 233
Southey (Inscription for monu.
ment), v. 102

Spade of a Friend, To the, iv. 221
Spaniards (Three Son.), iii. 98
Spanish Guerillas (Two Son.), iii.


Sparrow's Nest, The, i. 167
Spinning Wheel, ii. 297


Stepping Westward, iii. 17
Storm, Composed during a, ii. 320
Stray Pleasures, ii. 46
Stream, On the Banks of a rocky,

v. 16

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Thomson's "Castle of Indolence," Venus, To the Planet (Jan. 1838), ii.
Written in Pocket Copy of, i. 245
Thorn, The, ii. 138
Thrasymene, Near the Lake of (Two
Son.), iii. 203

-(Loch Lomond),.

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iv. 113
Vernal Ode, ii. 216
Vicar of Kendal, Upon hearing of
the death of, v. 87

Vienna, Siege of, raised by John
Sobieski, iii. 114

Virgin, The, iv. 44
Vision, A, iv. 59
Visitation of the Sick, iv. 77

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A BARKING Sound the Shepherd hears, iv. 228
A Book came forth of late, called Peter Bell, ii. 296
A bright-haired company of youthful slaves, iv. 10
Abruptly paused the strife ;-the field throughout, iii. 105
A dark plume fetch me from yon blasted yew, iii. 252
Adieu, Rydalian Laurels ! that have grown, iv. 144
Advance come forth from thy Tyrolean ground, iii. 87
Aerial Rock-whose solitary brow, ii. 291

A famous man is Robin Hood, iii 22

Affections lose their object; Time brings forth, iv. 331
A flock of sheep that leisurely pass by, ii. 293

A genial hearth, a hospitable board, iv. 70

Age! twine thy brows with fresh spring flowers, iii. 31
Ah, think how one compelled for life to abide, iv. 303
Ah, when the Body, round which in love we clung, iv. 15
Ah! where is Palafox? Nor tongue nor pen, iii. 95
Ah why deceive ourselves! by no mere fit, iv. 293
Aid, glorious Martyrs, from your fields of light, iv. 51
Alas! what boots the long laborious quest, iii. 88
A little onward lend thy guiding hand, iv. 242
All praise the Likeness by thy skill portrayed, ii. 359
A love-lorn Maid, at some far-distant time, iii. 256
Ambition-following down this far-famed slope, iii. 164
Amid a fertile region green with wood, iv. 114
Amid the smoke of cities did you pass, i. 348
Amid this dance of objects sadness steals, iii. 137
Among a grave fraternity of Monks, iv. 283
Among the dwellers in the silent fields, iv. 357
Among the dwellings framed by birds, ii. 52

Among the mountains were we nursed, loved Stream, iv. 147
A month, sweet Little-ones, is past, i. 173
An age hath been when Earth was proud, iv. 245
A narrow girdle of rough stones and crags, i. 352
And is it among rude untutored Dales, iii. 89
And is this-Yarrow?- This the Stream, iii. 55
And, not in vain embodied to the sight, iv. 31
And shall, the Pontiff asks. profaneness flow, iv. 23
And what is Penance with her knotted thong, iv. 40
And what melodious sounds at times prevail, iv. 32
An Orpheus! an Orpheus! yes, Faith may grow bold, ii. 112
Another year!-another deadly blow, iii. 77

A pen-to register; a key, iv. 252

A Pilgrim, when the summer day, ii. 48

A plague on your languages, German and Norse, iv. 206.
A pleasant music floats along the Mere, iv. 21
A Poet!-He hath put his heart to school, ii. 355
A point of life between my Parents' dust, iv. 147
Army of Clouds! ye winged Host in troops, ii. 226
A rock there is whose homely front, ii. 211
A Roman Master stands on Grecian ground, iii. 81
Around a wild and woody hill, iii. 141

Arran a single-crested Teneriffe, iv. 167
Art thou a Statist in the van, iv. 208
Art thou the bird whom Man loves best, ii. 32
As faith thus sanctified the warrior's crest, iv. 33
-A simple child, i. 183

As indignation mastered grief, my tongue, iii. 220
As leaves are to the tree whereon they grow, iv. 295
A slumber did my spirit seal, ii. 109

As often as I murmur here, ii. 51

As star that shines dependent upon star, iv. 70

As the cold aspect of a sunless way, ii. 327

A Stream, to mingle with your favourite Dee, ii. 341
A sudden conflict rises from the swell, iv. 66

As, when a storm hath ceased, the birds regain, iv. 6
As with the Stream our voyage we pursue, iv. 26
At early dawn, or rather when the air, ii. 333

A Traveller on the skirt of Sarum's Plain, i. 48
A trouble, not of clouds, or weeping rain, iv. 97

At the corner of Wood Street, when daylight appears, ii. 111
Avaunt all specious pliancy of mind, iii. 99

A voice, from long-expecting thousands sent, iv. 64

A volant Tribe of Bards on earth are found, ii. 307
Avon-a precious, an immortal name, iv. 115

A weight of awe not easy to be borne, iv. 183
A whirl-blast from behind the hill, ii. 5

A winged Goddess-clothed in vesture wrought, iii. 134
A youth, too certain of his power to wade, iv. 161

Bard of the Fleece, whose skilful genius made, ii. 295
Beaumont! it was thy wish that I should rear, ii. 286
Before I see another day, i. 263

Before the world had past her time of youth, iv. 301
Begone, thou fond presumptuous Elf, ii. 6
Beguiled into forgetfulness of care, iv 279
Behold an emblem of our human mind, v. 16
Behold a pupil of the monkish gown, iv. 19
Behold her, single in the field, iii. 19
Behold, within the leafy shade, i. 167
Beloved Vale! I said, when I shall con, ii. 285
Beneath the concave of an April sky, ii. 216
Beneath these fruit-tree boughs that shed, ii. 20
Beneath yon eastern ridge, the craggy bound, v. 4
Be this the chosen site, the virgin sod, iv. 84
Between two sister moorland rills, ii. 42

Bishops and Priests, blessed are ye, if deep, iv. 69.
Black Demons hovering o'er his mitred head, iv. 26
Blest is this Isle-our native Land, iv. 336

Blest Statesman He, whose Mind's unselfish will, iv. 290
Bold words affirmed, in days when faith was strong, iv. 158
Brave Schill! by death delivered, take thy flight, iii. 93
Bright Flower! whose home is everywhere, iv. 210

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