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The Hypocrite. A Tale of Oxford and London.

“A book by an anonymous author always arouses a certain inquiry, and when the book is clever and original the interest becomes keen, and conjecture is rife, endowing the most unlikely people with authorship. It is very brilliant, very forcible, very sad. . : . It is perfect in its way, in style clear, sharp and forcible, the dialogue epigrammatic and sparkling. Enough has been said to show that 'The Hypocrite' is a striking and powerful piece of work, and that its author has established his claim to be considered a writer of originality and brilliance."-Daily Telegraph.

BY THE AUTHOR OF “THE HYPOCRITE.” Miss Malevolent. A Realistic Study of Modern Life

“It is decidedly clever. . . An improvement on The Hypocrite. There is real power shown in the drawing of Kitty Nugent."-St. Jame's Gazette."

“The great novel-reading public, which found ' The Hypocrite' to its taste, will not be disappointed in the author's latest effort. The writer has a knack of character-presentment which means that his people live; he has the dramatic instinct; he is at times on the verge of real wit; he knows certain phases of literary and artistic life well; and his story is original enough to hold the interest throughout."--Saturday Review. Shams! A Brilliant Society Novel. By ******? Fourth Edition, with new

Preface, now ready. Boycotted, but clever. Cloth gilt, 3$. 6d. “The book is of a most daring character, but the author has treated his theme in a very clever manner. ... Messrs. W. H. Smith & Son refuse to circulate 'Shams,' objecting to it on moral grounds. This act, on their part, however, will not greatly interfere with the sale of the book, which really castigates vice. We believe it will be as widely read as the works of Ouida and Marie Corelli."- The North Star. Mora : Being One Woman's History: A Nove! by T. W. Speight, Author of “The

“The story is pleasing and wholesome. Its general character is that of a comedy with occasional lapses into the realm of drama. . Mora' is quite light literature, with some amusing scenes, and a general prevalence of good temper."-Athenæum. A Son of Africa. A Tale of Marvellous Adventures in Central Africa. By

ANNA, COMTESSE DE BREMONT, Author of "The Gentleman Digger,” &c. Cloth 6s. “Written with unmistakable power.”Morning Post. “Deserves to be the success of the season."-Weekly Times.

“ Contains striking incidents graphically related. We cannot fail to admire the ingenuity displayed by the writer."World.

, Cloth, 35. éd. "Before the close of the first chapter the author has got such a grip of you that you must read right through to the end of the book.”—Glasgow Evening Times. A Virtue of Necessity. A powerful Tale By Herbert Adams.

“A powerful, stirring tale of the present day. From start to finish it is interesting, especially to lady readers."-Sun. Ashes Tell no Tales. A Novel. By Mrs. Albert S. BRADSHAW,

Author of False Gods," " The Gates of Temptation,” “Wife or Slave,” &c. Cloth, 35. 6d. “The book is considerably above the average, and bears evidence of insight into character and skill in plot construction of no mean order. The story has a thrilling interest, and is dramatically told.”—North Star.

A Tale. By TRISTRAM , Cloth, zs. 6d. A very bright and breezy little story, wholesome and amusing."-Daily News.

May be heartily recommended. A really ingenious story, and provides quite pleasurable excitement, while throughout the book runs a vein of facetious humour which will make it doubly welcome.”-Atheneum.

A Cry in the Night. Author adic to Death and the Woman," &c.


Being the Story of Evelyn Grey,

Hospital Nurse

20 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road





If an apology for the appearance of this book be considered necessary, it must be offered on behalf of imperfect human nature; for, whatever other drawbacks this record may contain, the fact that it is true will remain the most conspicuous, For obvious reasons, the actual names of persons and of certain places have not been given.

LONDON : 1900

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