The J.E. Aldred Lectures on Engineering Practice, 1916-21

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 195 - Scotia's noblest speech yon orchestra sublime Whaurto - uplifted like the Just - the tail-rods mark the time. The crank-throws give the double-bass, the feed-pump sobs an' heaves, An' now the main eccentrics start their quarrel on the sheaves: Her time, her own appointed time, the rocking link-head bides, Till - hear that note ? - the rod's return whings glimmerin
Էջ 57 - That one of the first objects which claimed their attention, was the form and manner in which the business should be conducted; that is to say, whether they should confine themselves to rectilinear and rectangular streets, or whether they should adopt some of those supposed improvements, by circles, ovals, and stars, which certainly embellish a plan, whatever may be their effects as to convenience and utility.
Էջ 196 - Arrtifex! That holds, in spite o' knock and scale, o" friction, waste an' slip. An' by that light — now, mark my word — we'll build the Perfect Ship. I'll never last to judge her lines or take her curve — not I. But I ha' lived an' I ha
Էջ 46 - City planning is simply the exercise of such foresight as will promote the orderly and sightly development of a city and its environs along rational lines with due regard for health, amenity and convenience and for its commercial and industrial advancement.
Էջ 57 - In considering that subject they could not but bear in mind that a city is to be composed principally of the habitations of men, and that straight-sided and right-angled houses are the most cheap to build and the most convenient to live in.
Էջ 48 - ... have comparatively high values in the real estate market, and in these pockets are found the worst tenements and slums." If the general ground plan of a city has been laid out with due regard for the entry into it of trunk line railroads with ample terminal facilities and for such connecting lines as will provide for the economical and expeditious handling of freight and with spurs to serve industrial plants, and if the water front has been so planned as to provide for the convenience of shipping...
Էջ 195 - An' now the main eccentrics start their quarrel on the sheaves. Her time, her own appointed time, the rocking link-head bides, Till — hear that note? — the rod's return whings glimmerin' through the guides. They're all awa! True beat, full power, the clangin' chorus goes Clear to the tunnel where they sit, my purrin
Էջ 90 - According to the experience of hundreds of industrial plants in which accidents have been reduced in amounts varying from 50 to 75 per cent, it has been found that not more than one third of what was accomplished was made possible by any mechanical guard or mechanical equipment.
Էջ 46 - On the face it has to do with things physical — the laying out of streets and parks and rapid-transit lines. But its real significance is far deeper; a proper city plan has a powerful influence for good upon the mental and moral development of the people. It is the firm base for the building of a healthy and happy community.
Էջ 77 - ... structure besides its roadway, sidewalk and protecting railing will be seen and the chief consideration will be adequate capacity and safety, but where the railroad passes over the street the appearance of the structure must be considered. It need not be monumental or imposing, but, on the other hand, a structure which will simply get the tracks across the street and permit traffic to pass under it without regard to its appearance, should • not be tolerated. Railroad stations, yes, even freight...

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