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Armory, a General, of England, Scot-
land, and Ireland, 16-
Aristocracy, sundry classes described, 196
Aristocracies, Influence of, 429
Athens, Information concerning, 441
Austria; its Literary, Scientific, and
Medical Institutions, 292

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Cadiz studied from a house-top at sun-
set, 360

Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
&c., 250

Canada, Lord Sydenham's administration
in, 530

Cant, a Satire, 514

Carraciolli, Prince, 500

Carlyle's Past and Present, 190
Carstair's System of Penmanship, 543
Change for the American Notes, 483
Chatterton, Lady, her Pyrenees, 228
China, closing events of the Campaign
in, 363

China, Scenery, Architecture, Social
Habits, &c., 104

Chinese Tale, 215

Chinese Commissioners, the, 366
Christian Contemplated, 139
Christian Philosopher, the, 268
Chronological Pictures of English His
tory, 387

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the, 58
Church Poetry, 270

Churchman's Companion, the, 400
Classical Studies, 408

Coleridge and Infant Schools 142.

Colonies and Foreign Dependencies, 463
Colling's Etchings, 270

Confectioner, the, 408

Coptic Bishop, Dr. Tattam's interview
with at Caïro, 53

Coptic Language, 54

Coronations, extravagance at, 510
Costello, Miss, her Gabrielle, 445
Cove of Cork described, 374
Counting-house Manual, 414
Cromwell's army described, 525


Dick's Christian Philosopher, 268
Doom of the Mirror, 72
Daschkaw, the Princess, 513

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Home, The, 215
Horne's Orion, 410

House of Commons, History of the, 207
Hydrotheraphia, or the Water Cure, 270
Hymns and Poetry for Infant Schools, a
selection of, 152

Illegitimacy, its prevalence in Austria,


Infant School Society, Report of, 142
Innocent II and Anacletus, 5
Irish Sketch Book, the, 275


Jacques, his Junius and his Works, 400
James, his Richard Coeur-de-Lion, 286
Jay's Christian Contemplated, 139
Jerusalem, Dr. Tattam's account of, 58
Mr. Sturt's visit to, 442
Jesse, his Memoir of George Selwyn, 299
Jewish Massacre, in the reign of Richard
I., 291

Johnson, Dr., a sketch of his age, 40

Johnson, Dr., and the Brewery, 333

Journey from Heraut to Khiva, &c., 538
Jubilee of World, 254

Judas, Starkey's, 129

Junius and his Works, 400


Karnac, view of the ruins of, 56

Kenny Meadows, his Hints to Servants,

Khiva, Abbot's Journey to, 538


Lawson's Scottish Episcopal Church, 406
Lectures to Young Men, 140

Legends, Lyrics, and other Poems, 64

Lessons on Scripture Prints, 387

Letters from Madras, 100

Letters from the Pyrenees, 314

Letters from the Virgin Islands, 334

Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzle-
wit, 339

Life and Times of St. Bernard, 1

Life of Joseph Addison, 261
Life of Lord Teignmouth, 336
Life of Sir David Wilkie, 88

Loch, Capt., his Campaign in China, 363
Lodging-houses in London, 541
Longfellow's Poems on Slavery, 64
Lover's Handy Andy, 339
Lying-in Hospital in Vienna, 297

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Pavement Tiles, Ancient Irish, 269
Penmanship, Carstairs' System of, 543
Perils of the Nation, 350
Pestolozzi and Education, 145
Physician, Life of a Travelling, 43
Pictorial Illustrations, 104

Poems on Slavery, Longfellow's, 64
Polish Aristocracy, 46
Polish Jews, 45

Political Philosophy, 429

Postans, his Personal Observations on
Scindh, 489

Porter, Sir R. Kerr, his popularity in
Russia, 49

Preceptive Illustrations of the Bible,

Progress of the Nation, 455

Public Opinion, 430

Pyrenees, Paris's Letters from, 314

Pyrenees, the, with Excursions into
Spain, 228

Quadroon Girl, 70


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Scientific Wanderings, 139

Scottish Song, Book of, 269

Scrope's Days and Nights of Salmon
Fishing, 244

Scrope, his Life of Lord Sydenham, 530
Secretary, the, 279

Seymour, Edward, his haughtiness, 280
Servants, statistical account of, 457
Selwyn, George, and his Contemporaries,

Shaksperian Manuscript, 203

Shakspeare, Religious and Moral Sen-
tences from, 274

Sheridan Knowles's Secretary, 179
Sidney's Diary of the Times of Charles
II., 320

Simmons, his Legends, Lyrics, &c., 66
Sindh, Personal Observations on, 489
Sindhian towns, state of, 494
Sindh, native government of, 498
Slave's Dream, the, 68

Slave Singing at Midnight, 69
Small's Poems, 235

Smethurst's Hydrotheraphia, 270
Smith Sir Sidney, anecdote of, 505.
Solley's Rural Chemistry, 273

Spirituous Liquors, consumption of, 463
Somebodies and nobodies, 481

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Spohr's celebrated Violin School, 482
Starkey's Judas 129

Stent, his Egypt and the Holy Land, 441
Storey, his Equity Jurisprudence, 466
Sydenham Lord, his Life and Canadian
Administration, 530

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