The Journal of Mental Science, Հատոր 21

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Longman, Green, Longman & Roberts, 1876
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Vol. 77- includes Yearbook of the Association, 1931-

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Էջ 525 - It seemed a thrill of pleasure. The budding twigs spread out their fan, To catch the breezy air ; And I must think, do all I can, That there was pleasure there.
Էջ 566 - ... varies not only in different individuals, but in the same individual at different times.
Էջ 476 - In adopting our title of the Journal of Mental Science, published by authority of the Medico-Psychological Association...
Էջ 496 - I am as completely the result of my nature, and impelled to do what I do, as the needle to point to the north, or the puppet to move according as the string is pulled.
Էջ 385 - An expert accountant, for example, can sum up almost with a single glance of his eye, a long column of figures. He can tell the sum with unerring certainty, while at the same time he is unable to recollect any one of the figures of which that sum is composed ; and yet nobody doubts that each of these figures has passed through his mind, or supposes that when the rapidity of the process becomes so great that he is unable to recollect the various steps of it, he obtains the result by a sort of inspiration.
Էջ 372 - The perceived whole is nothing but the union of the unperceived halves, so the perception — the perceived affection itself of which we are conscious — is only the sum of two modifications, each of which severally eludes our consciousness. When we look at a distant forest, we perceive a certain expanse of green. Of this, as an affection of our organism, we are clearly and distinctly conscious. Now, the expanse, of which we are conscious, is evidently made up of parts of which we are not conscious.
Էջ 419 - The ex-sergeant has a good voice, and had, at one time, been employed as a singer at a cafe". In one of his abnormal states he was observed to begin humming a tune. He then went to his room, dressed himself carefully, and took up some parts of a periodical novel, which lay on his bed, as if he were trying to find something. Dr. Mesnet, suspecting that he was seeking his music, made up one of these into a...
Էջ 266 - Vice may be defined to be a miscalculation of chances : a mistake in estimating the value of pleasures and pains. It is false moral arithmetic ; and there is the consolation of knowing that, by the application of a right standard, there are few moral questions which may not be resolved, with an accuracy and a certainty not far removed from mathematical demonstration.
Էջ 604 - And therefore it was a good answer that was made by one who when they showed him hanging in a temple a picture of those who had paid their vows as having escaped shipwreck, and would have him say whether he did not now acknowledge the power of the gods,— "Aye," asked he again, "but where are they painted that were drowned, after their vows?
Էջ 252 - Discourse) how men, barely by the use of their natural faculties may attain to all the knowledge they have, without the help of any innate impressions; and may arrive at certainty, without any such original notions or principles.

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