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Mineral lands reserved from sale.

from or under the permits or leases of the United States, whereever such leases shall prove to be upon lands now owned, or hereafter to become the property of the State.

(4022.) SEC.3. All lands known to contain mines or minerals, which now are, or may hereafter become the property of this State, shall be reserved from sale by the authorities thereof, until directed to be sold by and under such regulations as the Legislature shall

hereafter prescribe. Tax upon ores. (4023.) Sec. 4. A specific tax of four per cent, to be in lieu of

all other State taxes, shall be levied and collected upon all ores and the product of all mines within the limits of this State, whether the lands containing them have been sold to bona fide purchasers by the general government or not, which said tax shall in all cases be assessed thereon upon the average yield and value of such ores, after the same smelted, if smelted within this State, but if not smelted within this State then said taxes shall be paid before such ores are removed from the premises where they are raised: Provided, That the specific tax upon the product of iron mines shall not exceed two per cent.

(4024.) SEC. 5. Such assessment may hereafter be made upon a shall be made. statement verified by the oath of the person having constant

charge of the working of any mine, and of the yield and product thereof, setting forth the actual amount of such yield, and the product for the year next preceding; and if such tax be not paid when legally demanded, upon the aggregate amount of such statement, it shall be lawful to seize upon the ores and product of such mines in satisfaction of the same.

SEC. 6. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.


How assessment

An Act to provide for the leasing of certain lands.

(Approved May 18, 1846. Laws of 1816, p. 274.)

Commissioner of
State Land Offico


(4025.) SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of to lease mineral Representatives of the State of Michigan, That the Commissioner

of the State Land Office be and he is hereby authorized to lease, as hereinafter provided, any of the mineral lands reserved from sale by the provisions of section number three of act number seventyeight, approved April twenty-eight (twenty-five], eighteen hundred

and forty-six. In what parcels. (4026.) Sec. 2. All that portion of said lands which is for the

use of primary schools, the Commissioner may lease as hereinafter


be leased.

provided, in quantities not less than forty acres, unless it be a frac-
tion, and for a period not exceeding three years : Provided, All Proviso.
lands so leased shall be according to the United States survey.

(4027.) SEC. 3. Before said primary school lands can be leased To be offered at upon private application, they shall first be exposed to lease at public auction to the highest bidder, as hereinafter provided.

(4028.) Sec. 4. The said Commissioner shall give thirty days' notice Notice of auction of the time when and place where said lands will be exposed to lease at auction as aforesaid, with the description, township, range, and region of country where said lands are located; which notice shall be published at least once in each week in the State paper at Detroit, and in one or more county papers.

(4029.) SEC. 5. The consideration of such leases shall not be less at what rato to than four per cent upon the average yield and value of all minerals which shall be taken from the lands so leased, and such further annual rent to be paid in money, annually in advance, the first payment of which shall be on the delivery of said lease, as the Commissioner shall be able in manner aforesaid to lease them for. (4030.) SEC. 6. All lands located by the State for internal improve- Lends heretofore

leased by Secrement

purposes, urder the grant of five hundred thousand acres by tary of War, Congress to this State, which may be under lease from the Secre- same lessecs on tary of War of the United States at the time of said location, may be leased by the said Commissioner to the same lessees or their assigns, and on the same terms of their leases from the said Secretary of War; the said lessees relinquishing all pretension of claim under said United States leases. (4031.) SEC. 7. If any of said lessees or their assigns shall refuse When may be

leased to others. or neglect to obtain said lease from said Commissioner, after full opportunity to do so, or public notice to that effect, then and in such case, the said Commissioner may lease the same to any person or persons in the way and manner herein before provided for the leasing of primary school lands.

(4032.) SEC. 8. All locations of said lands made by the State for Certain other internal improvement purposes as aforesaid, and not under lease by leased. the Secretary of War at the time of said location, may be leased by the Commissioner in the way and manner hereinbefore provided for the leasing of primary school lands.

(4033.) Sec. 9. After any of the lands mentioned in this act shall When may be have been exposed to lease at auction, if not leased, the Commis- application. sioner may then lease them upon private application, for such consideration as is set forth in the fifth section of this act.

same terms.

lands to be

leased on private

Agent may be (4034.) Sec. 10. The Governor may, if he shall deem it necessary, examine lands. appoint an agent to examine the lands described herein, before

leasing the same, with such compensation as he may deem advisable. Lands leased not (4035.) SEC. 11. All lands leased under the provisions of this act to be taxed.

shall not be subject to any other taxes than those specified in said act.

SEC. 12. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

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