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The main object of this index has been to afford a key to precedents, as well as to give a complete list of events and cases treated of in the 56 volumes of diplomatic correspondence published by the Department of State from 1861 to 1868 and from 1870 to 1899. No volume has been published for the year 1869.

In order to carry out this purpose, as far as practicable, particular attention has been given to bringing, either directly or by cross reference, under generic titles, printed in bold-face type capitals, all cases belonging to or connected with the subject; the titles Arbitration, Citizenship, Claims, Neutral Rights, Obligations, Seamen, and.Vessels may be cited in illustration. All of the incidental cases or designations thus brought under the generic title are indicated by ordinary boldface type, and under these is given a list of the correspondence appertaining thereto. The figures in bold-face type, e. g., '68, arranged in a vertical column, stand for the year of the volume referred to; when the issue includes several parts, the part is described by Roman numerals; the figures following in ordinary type give the pages in the volume containing the paper which is described by its date and the name of the writer. The brief statement in most cases following the name of the writer does not purport to give a full abstract of the contents of the paper, but merely to bring out points of consequence or of interest, and to afford a fair knowledge of the nature and of the several phases of each case. This statement has been made fuller and more frequent where the particulars are not indicated in the indices already existing in the volumes referred to.

The names of all writers of correspondence entered in the index are also printed, where they belong alphabetically, in bold-face type (capitals), followed by the description of the official capacity in which they subscribed the papers and by the list of volumes designated by figures representing the year (e. g., '71) containing such papers.

All cross references are printed in italics. When they are preceded by a dash, the subject is independent of the preceding title and is to be found at its proper place in the alphabetical order; when they properly belong to the title or subject, the dash is omitted; when belonging to the title or subject under which they are entered, the fact is indicated by the word "infra" or "supra." Figures following such cross references have in many cases been used to point to the particular paper, under another title, having some relation to the indicated subject.


A. A. CHAPMAN, an American vessel denationalized by the United States consulgeneral at Habana, for flying the Confederate flag. '61, 276-284; Sept. 10, 1861. Thomas Savage.

ABBOTT, CHARLES S. A. (later Lord Tenterden), secretary of the British Commission

of Inquiry into Naturalization and Allegiance laws. '73. ABBOTT, JOHN T., minister of the United States to Colombia.. '90, '91. ABDUCTION. (See Kidnaping.)

ABRANTES, MARQUIS DE, minister for foreign affairs of Brazil. '63.


- Appeal of the Emperor, through General Kirkham, his envoy, for protection against aggression from Egypt and a port on the Red Sea. '73, 310; Nov. 23, 1872. Ben. Moran. -See Egypt: Expedition against Abyssinia.

- See Great Britain: War against Abyssinia.
See Italy: Difficulties with King Menelik.

ACEVAL, BENJAMIN, minister of Paraguay to the United States.

- Interpretation of, not an executive function.

'64, III, 211; Apr. 2, 1864. W. H. Seward.

ADA, a British sealing vessel, seized in the Bering Sea by United States revenue vessels,

outside of territorial limits.

'88, 1807-1818. Correspondence with the Government of Great Britain. Synoptical Index, '88 (part II), XLIII-XLV.

'98, 371; June 15, 1898. W. R. Day. Indemnity included in the appropriation for Bering Sea claims.

ADAM, C. F. FREDERICK, chargé d'affaires of Great Britain to the United States. '97. ADAMS, CHARLES, minister of the United States to Bolivia. '80, '81, 82.

'80, 79; June 14, 1880. C. Adams. His arrival at Callao on board the U. S. S. Alaska.


ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS, minister of the United States to Great Britain. '61, '62, '63, '64, I; '64, II; '65, I; '66, I; '67, I; '68, I.

'61, 85; May 17, 1861. C. F. Adams. His impressions upon his arrival at London; presentation of his credentials.

Pass given to Mexican agents in England.

'63, 659; Apr. 24, 1863. W. L. Dayton. Complaint of the French Government.
'63, 664; May 1, 1863.
'63, 532; May 8, 1863.
'63, 665; May 8, 1863.

W. L. Dayton.
W. H. Seward.
W. H. Seward.

W. L. Dayton.

C. F. Adams.
W. H. Seward.
C. F. Adams.

'63, 670; May 29, 1863.
- His resignation.
'68, 1, 50; Dec. 21, 1867.
'68, I, 134; Jan. 6, 1868.
'68, I, 174; Mar. 20, 1868.

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Note to the British minister.

Explanations and regrets to the French

Explanations well received.

Letter of resignation.

Public entertainment tendered and

'68, I, 186; Apr. 4, 1868.
'68, I, 201; May 13, 1868.

W. H. Seward.
C. F. Adams.
'68, 1, 201; May 19, 1868. Ben. Moran.
ADAMS, ROBERT, jr., minister of the United States to Brazil. '89, '90.

ADEE, ALVEY A., chargé d'affaires of the United States to Spain. '72, '74, '76, '77.

Acting Secretary of State. '83, '86, '87, '88, '89, '90, '91, '92, '93, '94, '94,
Ap. I; '95, '96, '97, '98, '99.

Presentation of his letter of recall.


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