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By the Win chester Quarter of 8 Bushels, and of OATMEAL per Boll of 140lbs. Avoir dupoise, from the Returns received in the Week ended April 13, 1805.

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428 6 Durham.

90 7


924 10


93 0

58 631


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8 Northumberland 86 964 043 024 4 53 529 7 Cumberland... 89 91 1067 452 827 7 Westmorland 87 851 027 9 Lancaster...

956 843 028 2

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86 8

44 828 10 Denbigh

95 10

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46 11/28 O Anglesea.

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47 228

2 Canarvon

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47 229 7 Merioneth

245 1025 8 Cardigan...

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43 222

6 Pembroke.

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TOTHING new has occurred respecting the seed season, and there is little doubt but that which yet remains will be done with equal success as the former and early part. Rain is pretty generally wanted; and the late winds, frosts, and dews, have kept vegetation backward, and, in some instances, have injured the early-fruit bloom. The corn yet retains its healthy colour generally, and will doubtless escape injury, provided the present ungenial winds do not continue too long. Perhaps the corn, particularly the wheat, is nowhere very luxuriant and bulky in the gross this year, but it may not be the less productive, should we be so fortunate as to have warm and seasonable weather at the blooming time. We do not hear that any great breadth of Spring wheat has been sown; that speculation, probably, having been checked by the appearance of falling markets; in fact it has seldom succeeded, or produced a crop of equal worth with the proper Spring corn. The corn markets are daily tumbling down, and for the best reasons, the quantities already at market and on hand, appear, rather unexpectedly to some persons, fully adequate to our present and future demand, looking forward to the crop on the ground. Nothing can now raise the prices of corn, or rather prevent them from falling still lower, but the continuance of unfavourable weather to the approaching critical season; nor can any thing, under the present extensive culture, keep the prices of the neces saries of life at their present height, but the continuance of the war.

Respecting our Cattle system, turnips and all other winter crops have held out to admiration, through the Winter and Spring; and, notwithstanding the want of rain, the young grasses promise well, and, in point of quality, will doubtless prove excellent, as is generally the case in dry seasons. Both fat and lean stock, in the country, are about £74 per cent. dearer than at the same time last year. Pigs are rather short in quantity, and dear; many, however,

have been fed on the surplus of potatoes, but as summer feeding is not now so extensive as formerly, hogs will be scarce in the Autumn. Smithfield has been kept remarkably thin of late, which has, in fact, suited the reduced demand for butchers meat: this scarcity has been occasioned by the great quantity of feed, on which account stock has been held back for the May markets.Beef 58 to 5s 4d. Mutton 5s to 5s 8d. Dairy Pork at Barnet 5s to 5s Sd (sink offal), Town Bacon 6s per stone,

Middlesex, April 25.


THE goods from the Baltic do not rise so much in price as has been usual in other seasons, while the navigation of that sea was shut up by the ice. The re-exportation of Baltic goods from England to the Mediterranean, is partly interrupted by the war with Spain, and in part otherwise diminished by the new trade to the port of Odessa.

The exportation of manufactured British goods, and those in the highest and most polished manufacture, to the East and West Indies, and to America, was never greater than at present.

The prices of raw and refined sugars have experienced a general reduction during this month.


Cotton wools have lately risen considerably in price, and are still on the adThis circumstance does not proceed from any deficiency in the ordinary supply, but from an increased demand in our manufactories, a result which must expose to the enemy the folly of his efforts to exclude our merchandise from the markets of the continent, by proving that his restrictions only tend to give new channels to our trade.

BILL of MORTALITY, from March 26, 1805, to April 23, 1805.

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March 93, 1805, to April 19, 1805, inclusive.
[Extracted from the London Gazette.]



The Solicitors' Names are between parentheses.]
STBURY J. Sheffield str. Clare Market, carpenter (Jen-
nings and Co. Lincoln's Inn) Ainsworth G. Warring
ton, Lancashire, and J. Stephens, Liverpool, wire-draw-
ers (Rawlinson, Liverpool.) Archer C. Birmingham,
haberdasher (Barker and Co. Birmingham.)
Burlingham J. Old Beckenham, Nortolk, miller [Tilbury
and Co.) Blove D. and C. Bloye, Boston, Lincolnshire,
linen draper (Thirkhol!, Boston.) Bourne C. Monmouth,
Victualler (Reece. Ledbury.) Bennett G. Birmingham,
nen draper (Webb, Birmingham.) Bryan W. St. Mary-
at-Hill, brandy merchant (Palmer and Co. Warnfoid
art, Throgmorton street.) Bretel Elizabeth, Birming
ham, hosier (Whateley, Birmingham.) Birkley
Monkwearmouth Shore, Durham, blacksmith (Kidson,
Monkwearmouth Shore.) Bentham B. Sheerness, banker,
(Nelson, Palsgrave place, Temple Bar, or Jefferys, Chat-
ham.) Baikie J. Chatham, binker (Jefferys, Chatham.)
Boore, L. Wardour street, tailor (Dodd and Co. Thread.
needle street.) Buckton W. Kingston-upon-Hull, spirit
merchant (Prickett and Co. Hull.)
Clarkson T. Kingsbury, Warwickshire, dealer in coals
(Whateley, Birmingham.) Coleman, J. Clare Market,
Poulterer (Bolton and Co. Elm court.) Corbett S. St. Ca-
tharine's, Middlesex, painter and glazier (Robinson, Ber-
mondsey.) Clifton W. Ryder's count, Cranbourn strect,
Victualler (Kibbl white and Co. Gray's in.) Chambers,
T. Downham Market, Norfolk, victualler (Marshall,
Ely.) Cole T. Chard, Somersetshire, currier (Clarke,

Donovan T. Holloway, Ilington, cowkeeper (Holloway,
Chancery lane.) Darin W. Gillingham, Kent, banker

(Nelson, Palsgrave place, Temple Bar, or Jefferys, Chatham.) Evil, W. Bath, upholder (Mane, Bath.) Elia N. Juddplice, East, merchant (Palmer and Co. Warnford court.) Fox B. Gough square, merchant (Meredith and Co. Gray's in.) Fitz James, Co iford St. Peter, Wilts, shopkeeper (Tinney, Salisbury.) Fatnell I, late of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicester, banker (Smith, A hby-de-la-Zouch.) Forbes d. Birmingham, nursery and seediman (Spurrier, Birming ham.) Frogate T. Matlock, Bath, Derbyshire (Brittlebank, Winster, Derbyshire.) Ford P. E. Howland Mews, hackneyman (Vincent and Co. Bedford street.) Groom G. Blackman street, Borough, haberdasher (Parnell, pra fields.) Gurden W. Jun. Stoney Stratford, Buckinghamshire, lace merchant (Cooch, Newport Pagnell) Hart, S. Chatham, baker (Velson, Pilsgrave place, Temple Bar.) Hopkins T. West Green, Middlesex, varnish maker (Dore, Berkeley square.) Howland T. Than.e, Oxtord, carrier (Rse and Co. Gray's inn.) Harwood A. Malden, Essex, ir nmonger (Sherwood and Co. Canterbury-square.) Hibbert W. Helangwood, Lancashire, victualler (Barlow, Oldham.) Hob on M. and R. St ry, Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, drapers (Parker, Bishop Wearmouth.) Jackson R. West Winch, Norfolk, but her (Goodwin, King's Lynn.) Jones. J. Eglwysila, Glamorganshire, maltster (Williams, Ca.dif.)

Longstaff W. Morton, Lincolnshire, cornfactor (Duckle, Cainsborough.) Locke C. Reading, horse dealer (Newbery, Reading.)

Movio T. Newcastle-under-line, draper (Wilson. Tempie.)
Moorhouse, J. John-street, Adelphi, wine merchant (Clay-
ton and Co. Lincoln's inn New square.)

Pearson J. New inn, Wych street, money scrivener (Yeates,
Hampton street, Walworth.)

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Alphabetical List of Bankruptcies and Dividends.

oberts T. Heleston, Cornwall, grocer (Mayow, Gray's inn.) Redhead D. St. Margaret's Hill, Southwark, tin-plateworker (Williamson, Clifford's inn.) Roberts Cha. Great Tower street, victualler (Noy, Mincing lane.)

Saxby H. Charlton, Kent, gardener (Sherwood and Co. Can-
terbury square.) Sanders S. Love lane, wine merchant
(Noy, Mincing lane.)

Taylor J. Monk wear mouth, Durham, ship builder (Blakis-
Tennant J.
ton, Symond's inn.) Townsend Job, Barnsley, York, gro
cer (Gatty and Co. Throgmorton street.)
Lower Brook street, Hanover square, (Williamson, Clif-
ford's inn.)
Webster J. and J. Harrison, Liverpool, merchants (Windie,
Wilkinson J.
Bartlett's Buildings.) Wesoby E. Great Grimsby, Lin-
colnshire, shopkeeper (Jackson, Hull.)
draper (Willis, Warnford court,
Wills G. High street, Whitechapel,
Throgmorton strect.)
(Harman, Wine-Office court, Fleet
Middlesex, tailor
street.) Wade S. Albion place, Blackfriars road, brewer
(Palmer, and Co. Warnford
(Swaine and Co. Old Jewry.) Wilhelmi H. Martin's lane,
Cannon street, merchant
court.) Wild W. Nottingham, milliner (Piercy, Notting
ham.) White G. Whitechapel road, grocer (Smith and
Co. Great Prescot street. Watson A. Stockport, Chester,
alehouse keeper (Edge, Manchester.)


Ayres N. Liverpool, dealer in earthenware, May 8. Archer J. St. Catherine's Dock, Middlesex, hoop-bender, May 25.

Baker J. Peck.
Brown M. St. John's square, Clerkenwell, printer, April 27.
Boyes J. Wellclose
Bradley S. Holborn, victualler, April 30.
Batson W. Oxford,
ham, Surrey, carpenter, May 18.
equare, wine merchant, April 23.
chinaman, April 20. Beck J. Workington, Cumberland,
wine merch. April 23. Bennett, J. Blackman st. Borough,
arpenter, May 11. Brooks J. Liverpool, porter brewer,
April 30. Bags C. Liverpool, merchant, May 11. Bade-
Burchall L. Sout ampton,
ley S. and J. Walpele, and J. Woodcock, Jun. Halesworth,
Suffolk, bankers, May 8.
Burnand W. Manchester, fruiterer,
draper, May 11.
Carritt E.
May 27.
Colluis J. St. Paul's Churchyard, confectioner, April 20.
Candlish M. Whitehaven, mercer, April 26.
Jate of Louth, Lincolnshire, sadler, April 30. Caldwell C.
and T. Smyth, Liverpool, and J. Forbes and D. Gregory,
London, bankers, April 23. Castell S. and W. Powell, Lom-
Cooper W. Nottingham,
bard street, bankers, April 30. Croix de Saint, M. Homer-
ton, coal merchant, May 4.
Cortissos A. H. Leman street, Good.
Coulson J. Crown
grocer, April 30.
Cripps J. G.
man's fields, merchant, April 27.
Curwen J. Lite of
street, Finsbury square, grocer, May 29.
Bury St. Edmunds, May 11 and 25.
Clarke F.
Cakerham, Lancashire, horse dealer, May 25.
G. Villiers street, Strand, victualler, May 14.
Rotherhithe street, mariner. June 15. Croskey G. D. and
R. Westall, Basinghall street, Blackwell Hall factors,
Chadwick N. Bolton, Lancashire, inn keeper,
May 25.
May 27.
Dousbery R. Limehouse, timber merchant, Apri! 20. Dor-
vel M. and W. Wells, shopkeepeis, April 25. Dunsterville
Deadley T. and
T. Eart Stonehouse, Devon, shipwri, ht, April 27. Dale
J. R. Exeter, earthenwareman, April 30.
J. Hallett, Little Queen street, coachmakers, May 4. Da-
vies S. Manchester, dealer in cotton, May 6. Disting W.
Plymouth, tallow-chandler, May 18.

Edwards E. Pevensey, Sussex, dealer, April 20. Emerton
T. late of Stony Stratford, May 3. Ndwards, J. Bensing-
ton, Oxfordshire, miller, May 3. Early R. Chelmsford,
coal merchant, May 6.

Furnell J.
Fish J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, soap-maker, April 20. Ford
Foster J.
James, Chiswell street, shoemaker, April 50.
Kent Road, Camberwell, fellmonger, May 4.
Whitehaven, Cumberland, merchant, April 29.
Giles W. Stoke-
Chilman J. Great Yarmonth, linen drapet, April 20.
frey D. Moorfields, broker, April 27.


Green W. Ramford,
Essex, linen draper, May 6. Gill, J. Naburn, Yorkshire,
draper, May 2. Gill G. Charles street, Berkeley square,
Green C. and S. Marsland, Heaton-
Giorgi B.
sadler, May 11.
Norris, Lancashire, cotton-spinners, May 15.
Ratcliffe highway, chyniist, June 11.

Newington, merchant, April 30.

Hunt W. Chipping Wycombe, Bucks, innholder, May 25.
lague J. and J. Sawyer, Tower Royal, merch. April 23.
Heblam E. the younger, la c of Bury St. Edmunds, Suf-
folk, chymist, April 30. Harris W. lat of Drury lane,
woollen diaper, May 4. Hunt W. Putney, grocer, May
11. Hancock, C. Hernca-tle, Lincoln,
Helmes D. Liverpool, grocer, May 8.

tailor, May 2.
Hughes H. and
Hudson R. L. Hun-
M. Moorhouse, Manchester, dealers, May 8.
E. Castle street, brewer, June 25.
tingdon, merchant, May 21. Huggins R. Bristol, cabiner
maker, May 13. Hart S. Swaffham Prior, Cambridge-
shire, May 11.

Jones, R. H.
Jackson H

K ng

Stourbridge, Worcester, clothier, April 29.
Mincing lane, merchants, May 21.
Jarritt, J. Bristol, cabinet-maker, April 30.
R. St.John's lane, Clerkenwell, yintner, May 7.
Jorn in Bet
Luard, P. R. London, merchant, April Se. Tiptron J. White-
Knight J. B. Camomile street, cordwainer, May 4.
chapel, distiller, May 6. Lingham A. St.
warding, Worcestershire, glove manufacturer, May 13,
Morton S. Whitney, Oxfordshire, blanket werer, d
20. McKinlay D. and A. M., Belesario, Size Lane, m.
chants, April 23. Millar J. Shad Thames, sonrkw
Mait J. Gravesend, plumber,
biscuit baker, April 27.
May 11.

Nowlan J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, soap boiler, Apr2 0.
Newlove E. Great Drifield, Yorkshire, vintner, May L
Newton W. 11. Golden lane, Barbican, liquor mechart,
May 7.

Owen J.
Osbaldeston, A. Brute
Ovens J. Cardiff, Glamorganshire, tanner, May 8.
Holborn, watchmaker, May 4.
street, worstedman, June 15.

Peck, A.
Parker J. Narrow Wall
Percival J. Crew-
Gravesend, carpentel, June 11.
Lanibeth. Surrey, victualler, April 27.
Price J. Finsbury quare, merchant, May 7.
don, stable-keeper. Parker J. Sodbury, Gloucester, mer
cer, May 7.
Richold, M. Brighthelmstone, wine merchant, May 7.
Russell G. Br
Raven W. Colchester, linen draper, April 18. Richates
Rowe R. Grandchester,
R. Corporation row, merchant, May 18.
mingham, merchant, April 30.
Robbins M
Cambridgeshire, nurseryman, May 1. Rennison J. Quees
street, Cheapside, corton merchant, May 7.
and C. Birmingham, shopkeepers, June 15. Robaits G.
Sculceats, Yorkshire, spirit merchant, May 24.
R. Leftwich, Chester, and W. Okell, Liverpool, merchants,

May 16.

Shrapnell J. Sen. and J. Jun. Charing Cross, silversmiths,
May 22. Sharland G. Southmotton, Devon, moner-k
Smart J. Wolverhampton, bokseller,
ner, April 27.
Scott A. Working
May 7. Stanle J. Fleet Market, May 7. Stain J. Lubes
ham, Leicestershire, farmer, May,
ten, mercer, May 17. Sawyer J. Tenteiden, Keat, gra
Zict, May 2.

Tucker E. Dep'ford, tallow chandler, April 16. Tongue W.
Birmingham, silt-to-man, April 29. Thompson A. Br.
minzham, merchant, April 26. Townsend J. Stone's And
Southwark, wine merchant, June 11. Thomson A. and
B. White, Bow lane, hosiers, May 11. Trench F. Liver
pool, merchants, May 15.

Walter R. Plymouth Dock, hatter, May 13. Winder T. and
W. Jewhurst, Westminster bridge road, iron-touncers,
Walker W. Chancery lane. tailor, May
May 11.
Wright T. Essington, Bucks, coach-master, April 30.
Wright R. Bankside, Southwark, coal merchant, May
Worthington G. late of Manchester, merchant, May 13
Williams G. Tooley street, cheet:monger. June 1
Whire T. Borough, haberda her, May 21. Williams To
Mincing lane, ship-broker, May 25.


5. V.'s additions and emendations came too late for the purpose he designet


We have been under the necessity of postponing the publication of several favours from our correspondents.

We regret to say that many interesting articles of literary intelligence came too late for insertion this month all notices of works in hand should, at latest, be sent by the 20th.

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