Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Alabama, Том 51

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Стр. 488 - ... from sale on execution or other final process of any court, issued for the collection of any debt contracted after the adoption of this Constitution.
Стр. 136 - ... a municipal corporation possesses and can exercise the following powers, and no others: First, those granted in express words; second, those necessarily or fairly implied in or incident to the powers expressly granted; third, those essential to the accomplishment of the declared objects and purposes of the corporation — not simply convenient, but indispensable.
Стр. 73 - All courts shall be open; and every man, for an injury done him in his lands, goods, person, or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice administered, without sale, denial, or delay.
Стр. 454 - An Act to Provide Internal Revenue to Support the Government, to pay Interest on the Public Debt, and for Other Purposes...
Стр. 5 - Ohio ; and all prosecutions shall be carried on in the name and by the authority of the state of Ohio ; and all indictments shall conclude against the peace and dignity of the same.
Стр. 228 - We admit that the acts of the several States in their individual capacities, and of their different departments of government, executive, judicial, and legislative, during the war, so far as they did not impair or tend to impair the supremacy of the National authority, or the just rights of citizens under the Constitution, are, in general, to be treated as valid and binding.
Стр. 536 - All demands against the bankrupt for or on account of any goods or chattels wrongfully taken, converted, or withheld by him may be proved and allowed as debts to the amount of the value of the property so taken or withheld, with interest.
Стр. 97 - CD his heirs and assigns, that I am lawfully seized in fee of the premises ; that they are free of all incumbrances ; that I have good right to sell and convey the same to the said...
Стр. 220 - Conveyances of unconditional estates and mortgages, or instruments in the nature of a mortgage of real property, to secure any debt created at the date thereof, are void as to purchasers for a valuable consideration...
Стр. 450 - The time within which an act, in an action or special proceeding, brought as specified in the last section, is required by law to be done, must be computed by excluding the first, and including the last day ; except where it is otherwise specially prescribed by law. If the last day is Sunday, or a public holiday, it must be excluded.

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