A system of mechanical philosophy, Volume 2

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Printed for J. Murray, 1822 - 50 էջ

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Էջ 113 - My attention was first directed in the year 1759 to the subject of steam-engines, by the late Dr Robison, then a student in the University of Glasgow, and nearly of my own age. He at that time threw out an idea of applying the power of the steam-engine to the moving of wheel-carriages, and to other purposes, but the scheme was not matured, and was soon abandoned on his going abroad.
Էջ 119 - I call the steam-vessel, must, during the whole time the engine is at work, be kept as hot as the steam -that enters it ; first, by enclosing it in a case of wood, or any other materials that transmit heat slowly ; secondly, by surrounding it with steam or other heated bodies ; and, thirdly, by suffering neither water or any other substance colder than the steam, to enter or touch it during that time.
Էջ 114 - It soon occurred to him that this was caused by the little cylinder exposing a greater surface to condense the steam than the cylinders of larger engines did, in proportion to their respective contents...
Էջ viii - Newcomen's engine, with a wooden cylinder six inches diameter, and twelve inches long in the stroke. 6th, I had measured the quantity of cold water required in /every stroke to condense the steam in that cylinder, so as to give it a working power of about 7 Ib.
Էջ 113 - Papin's digester, and formed a species of steam-engine by fixing upon it a syringe one-third of an inch diameter, with a solid piston, and furnished also with a cock to admit the steam from the digester, or shut it off at pleasure, as well as to open a communication from the inside of the syringe to the open air, by which the steam contained in the syringe might escape. When the communication between the digester and syringe was opened, the steam entered the syringe, and by its action upon the piston...
Էջ 119 - That vessel in which the powers of steam are to be employed to work the engine, which is called the cylinder in common fire engines, and which I call the steam vessel, must during the whole time the engine is at work, be kept as hot as the steam that enters it; first, by...
Էջ 370 - Its beginnings are insignificant, and its infancy J is frivolous ; it plays among the flowers of a meadow ; it waters a garden, or turns a little mill. Gathering strength in its youth, it becomes wild and impetuous. Impatient { of the restraints which it still meets with in the hollows among the mountains, it is restless and fretful ; quick in \ its turnings, and unsteady in its course.
Էջ 114 - ... gained by making the cylinders of some substance that would receive and give out heat slowly : of these, wood seemed to be the most likely, provided it should prove sufficiently durable. A small engine was therefore constructed with a cylinder six inches diameter, and twelve inches stroke, made of wood, soaked in linseed oil, and baked to dryness. With this engine many experiments were made ; but it was soon found that the wooden cylinder was not likely to prove durable, and that the steam condensed...
Էջ 134 - ... single crank was sufficiently obvious. In these circumstances I thought it better to endeavour to accomplish the same end by other means, than to enter into litigation, and if successful, by demolishing the patent, to lay the matter open to every body.
Էջ 134 - I proceeded to make a model of my method, which answered my expectations ; but having neglected to take out a patent, the invention was communicated by a workman employed to make the model to some of the people about Mr Wasbrough's engine, and a patent was taken out by them for the application of the crank to steam-engines.

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