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ind confound our adversarics! But Now, mark the words ! : must lay the book down, merely! “IT IS HE (CHRIST) HIMSELF unning my eye over it, and stating, WHO SAYS, “MY FLESH IS MEAT hat I find as I go on most copious INDEED, AND MY BLOOD IS DRINK xtracts from St. Hilary, St. Cyril INDEED. IIE THAT EATS MY FLESH, of Jerusalem, St. Gregory of Na- AND DRINKS MY BLOOD, REMAINS IN ianzum, St. James of Nisibis, St. ME, AND I IN HIM. THERE IS NO Ephrem of Edessa, St. Gregory of ROOM LEFT FOR DOUBTING OF THE Vyssa, St. Optatus of Milevis, FLESH AND THE BLOOD; FORASit. Epiphanius, St. Ambrose, St. MUCH AS BY THE DECLARATION ferome, St. Acterius, St. Augustine OF OUR LORD HIMSELF, AND BY f Alexandria, St. Leo the Great, whAT OUR FAITHI PROFESSES, IT it. Proclus, St. Isidore of Pelusium, IS TRULY FLESH AND TRULY ind from the council of Ephesus, in BLOOD. IS NOT THIS THE TRUTH? he year 431, and the council of LET IT BE CALLED IN QUESTION Chalcedon in the year 451; all ac- BY THOSE ALONE WHO DENY THAT knowledging in the clearest, most CHRIST JESUS IS TRUE GOD!” xplicit, and incontrovertible lan- There, my friends! there is gloriguage, the uncontested primacy of ous testimony to lower the towerPeter and his successors!

ing crest of my learned opponent. I shall conclude this discussion, What! shall I be told exultingly ny friends-as my opponent made by my antagonist in the recapi. one more attempt, and a feeble tulation of the exploits he has one it was, to overturn that eternal achieved since the commencement logma of Transubstantiation—not of this discussion, that, amongst by selecting, but by taking at others, he has, to use his own random, the first extract from the rather inelegant words, smashed fathers on the subject that shall for ever the doctrine of Transubstanpresent itself to my view on open- tiation? ing this immortal production of the But what says St. Hilary? Rev. Mr. Kirk, « The Faith of Why -- " Let the doctrine be Catholics!”

doubted by those alone who deny Here it is—the great St. Hilary, that Christ Jesus is true God.” in the year of our Lord 353! Talk after this of smashing – Listen most attentively :

there's a smasher for you, my learned, “ Ipse enim ait, Caro mea vere my reverend antagonist. (Sensaest esca, et sanguis meus vere est tion.] St. Hilary, you see, by this potus. Qui edit carnem meam et denunciation, sends men like you to bibit sanguinem meum, in me manet, I join the ranks of the Unitarians. et ego in eo. De veritate carnis et I adjure you then, my Protestant sanguinis, non relictus est ambi- friends, who seek for truth, not gendi locus ; nunc enim et ipsius conquest, most solemnly to weigh Domini professione et fide nostra the meaning of those words which vere caro est, et vere sanguis est. Et I have just read to you from the hæc accepta atque hausta id efficiunt, magnum ævi sui lumen, the great ut et nos in Christo, et Christus light of his age, as Erasmus desigin nobis sit. Anne hoc veritas non nates him, from whose edition 1 est? contingat planè his verum non have quoted it. Answer me wit! ess. qui Christum Jesum verum yourselves. Is it not too badS& Deum negent.”-St. Hilary, l it not intolerable—is it not dis: Ed . Erasmi, vol. i. p. 136.

ingly repulsive, after such an

irious testimony of such an early | for all the many galling, tauan century as that which I have just epithets bestowed on you, of afered laid before you, to hear a frothy esteem for your benighted, vada. declaimer in the nineteenth cen- ing souls-(laughter-join with tury bellowing out, over and over bui in silence - you silent, ka again, that Paschasius Radbert, for- I repeat thanks to the Almigny sooth, a poor obscure monk in the Inspirer, by whom I have been s ninth century, invented the glorious powerfully assisted in this discusona, dogma? I really think that, if the and whilst I exclaim boldls on tee learned gentleman has not blushed part of the Catholics, Paria for these ten years past, it is high toria est,The victory is mos! time for a little distinguishable tinge enemy of Catholicity is carquistes. *** to suffuse his cheek this evening; Rev.J. CUMMING and many others it is high time for his admirers to exclaimed, “ No! no!” which tä hang down their heads and blush followed by applause and hisses. around him. For tell me, my Pro Order being with difficulty restored. testant friends, when ye read this votes of thanks were unanimous!, doctrine of Transubstantiation thus passed to the respectire chairman heralded forth by St. Hilary in /who briefly returned thanks. the year of our Lord 353, can you

| A gentleman then rose and said, upon any future occasion listen with

"I have a resolution to submi, patience, I should rather say with.

which I am perfectly sure your endurance, to the loud blast of the

| all approve of. It is, That tb. Calvinistic trumpet in the mouth of|

thanks of this assembly be presented my reverend opponent, solemnly, |

to the Committee of the Brits gravely, pompously proclaiming that

and Foreign School Societs for the the doctrine taught by St. Hilary

use of the present room." - Hear, in the year 353, was invented by Paschasius Radbert, who was not

hear,” and applause.) born before the ninth century!!! GEORGE FINCI., Esq., then rose The happy collocation, my friends, to state that the meeting was nr of this glorious extract, for which concluded. I am indebted to the blundering of The audience, which entirelr filet my friend, will shine, I confidently the spacious room, then retired in trust, in the last part of this discuss the greatest possible order, appar. sion, as a glittering jewel to the ently highly gratified. enlightenment of innumerable eyes; or, to speak less figuratively, to the We certify that this Report is fails conversion of innumerable souls to fully and correctly giren : the Catholic religion. And as to you, my Catholic friends, by way of con

J. CUMMING, M.A. solation for all the copious abuse


Barrister-et-Lo which you have experienced so often

Cuas. MAYBURY ARCHER, during the course of this discussion,




0, 131.

Abel, the first Protestant, 152.

Cain, the first Romish sacrificer, 152; his
Absolution, judicial, as practised by Romish sacrifice an unbloody one, 174.

priests, objected against by sundry of the Christ, his human flesh did not come down
fathers, 9, 570, 571 ; declared by Augus from heaven, 37; if in the wafer, his body

tine to be a blasphemous assumption, 567. | is broken up, 78; sufficiency of his one
A'Becket, Thomas, bis shrine at Canterbury, offering proved, 146-149; must suffer as

often as offered, 148; treason against, to be
Access to God, Protestant doctrine of, 217. met and repelled, 317 ; his advocacy all-
Altar, the true, 151.

sufficient, 325 326 ; his body spiritually
Angel of the Lord, is the Lord Jehovah, 23

discerned in the Sacrament, 120.
Antiquity, the true primitive, 258.

Church cleansed by the Reformation ; pri-
Apocrypha not inspired, 319; not sanc mitive, heresies and divisions existed in
tioned by fathers, 372.

it, 508 ; scriptural and apostate, strong con-
Aquinas, Thomas, the seraphic doctor, de trast between, 649.

crees the extermination of heretics, 50; Church of Rome, denies salvation out of her
Romanists pray for grace to follow his pale, 24; splendours of, her ceremonies do
doctrine, 75; measures the degree of ido not feed the soul, 175; disgracefully visi-
latry due to various images, 564.

ble, 114; treats the fathers like syco-
Altar, Protestant and Romish, 139.

phants, 122; dependent on wine-merchant
Augustine asserts that Christ is figuratively and baker for a true Sacrament, 125 ;
eaten in the Sacrament, 593.

teaches hard thoughts of God, 150 : pen
'arapáßBatov, translation of the word, 209. trait of, by Sir E. Sandys, 400; teaches

things contrary to Christ's commandments,

436; her fanaticism, 509; inconsistencies of,

510; her unity that of the Tipperary volun-

teers, 511; her infallibility hard to find,
Babylon, exhortation to flee out of, and take 536; gives a false gospel, dazzles, deludes
shelter in Christ, 649, 650.

and destroys, 607; her corruptions testified
Baronius, his testimony against the corrup against by Baronius, Genebrard, and the
tions of Popery, 407.

Council of Pisa, 433.
Bellarmine, Cardinal, admits that Scripture Chrysostom shows the utility of reading

does not prove Transubstantiation, 53 ; Scripture, 474.
acknowledges that the Protestant interpre Cyprian against Papal supremacy, 640.
tation of John vi. is received by several Confessional, iniquities of the, stated by
writers of his Church, 49.

Nolan and O'Crolly, 605, 606.
Bible, the, an appeal to it alone is not

Deism, 60; English version of, admitted
to be fallible, 80; the most accurate ever
made, 318; glorious fulness of, 401-403 ;
its inspiration proved by Rev. Hartwell Decretals of Gratian, their provision for the
Horne, 497-502; contrasted with Popery,
641; duty of studying, 642 ; sufficiency of, Delahogue admits communion in both kinda
as a Rule of Faith and practice, 648.

till twelfth century, 80.
Bible, Douay, and Authorized Version, re- | Discussion, the, its origin, 5.

spective translators of, 475; bears out | Dominic, preposterous stories of, 256.
Mr. Cumming's interpretations, 561; ad Dupin on ecclesiastical history, and on the
mits that Babylon means Rome, 563 ; | ancient Liturgies, 171; his character, 594;
Romish versions of, approximating more his honesty, 363.

and more to Protestant, 529.
Blasphemy, superlative against Christ, 605.
Bolandists, their disgusting absurdities, 256,

Bossuet, his commendations of extermina-
tors of heretics, 565.

Eagle, the, a type of the believer, 261.
Bolger, Mr., his bequest for masses, 183. Earth, the, canonized, 313.

practice. Sency of, Danmarried

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Zirst he bow received by the Churches Fear of Fell promote

st England and Sent.and, as set forth in bet IT. I s et
stre traine Sracies, and the Scottish hesres. 596, c serebe
and Te ster nessions. 6.7. Protesti synonymous with

e G et doctrine concerning, held by various!

Erudencs, atemal, of the Holy Scriptures,

Idolatrons by 27.
Idolatry, dreadful specime se

Mr. French, 250.

Jael has the same title to be Pachers, tre, fible, contradictory, unaucursent, and their writings matilated, 8; Jerome, iacuasistencies an a cte easy. Bet in our possession, 254 : several 255. of, as Ambrose, Ananasius, Augustine, Intercediate State, disprovedbi Casaoston, Cyprian. Irenæus, and Jerome. 7; Eccles. xi. S; John 1. 24; : CEE virna ander the Papal anathema, 255; L 1, 2; Luke 7, 29, 30; Late asford string testimonies against manyl Aets vii. 56: Phil. i. 23: Late s of the Romanssh doctrines, as ATGOSTISE -394, 395. protests against praying in an unknown Justin Martyr, his description of series tongue, against Poratory, against Mary's pable worship, 129: calls de Seces matemal assumptions, and against Priestly a commemoration, 140. Absolutions, 566, 567. JEROME asserts Interpretation, figurative, adopted to be that Scripture is the sole Rale of Faith; Church of Rome, 31; the same is that, wherever true faith is found, there seven instances, 59; Anguez, E is the Church; that all Bishops are equal; bias, and Origen quoted for centrs that Christ is the Rock ; that the Church Ignatius holds that faith is the Less is the assembly of all the saints; that and love his blood, 26. the Apocrypha is uninspired; and that Intention, doctrine of, 34. the judicial absolving power of the priests Tepeus, a sacrificing priest, nerer et is usurped, 568 - 570. CHRYSOSTOM Ministers of the Gospel. 181. denies that Peter's person is the foundation; that any but God can forgive sins; that arricular confession is necessary; or that any minor intercessors are required. He also enforces the reading of Scripture, Latria and Doulia, 22 571. 572. ORIGEN enforces the necessity Liturgies, ancient, Dupin on, 172. of reading Scripture, and the spiritual Liturgy of St. Peter, disproved by Dan meaning of eating Christ's flesh and ibid. ; disproved by Cardinal Book 172: drinking his blood, 572. ATHANASIUS of SS. Mark and James, forreries, 2 protests against creature worship, 572. Aestovoyéw, translation of the word, 6% CYRIL of Alexandria against Purgatory, AEITOrpyia, does not mean a Propis 573. CYRIL of Jerusalem rejects the Sacrifice, 178. Apocrypha, and makes Scripture the Luther, not quite rid of Popish costess Standard of Faith, 573. JUSTIN MARTYR 614 ; no part of our Rule of Faith. writes against the Mass and Transubstan- Liguori, his singular merits in the way tiation, 573. EUSEBIUS calls the consel self-flagellation, 601. crated elements symbols, ibid. THEODORET denies that Angels are to be worshipped, and maintains Salvation by

M. Grace, 574. GREGORY NAZIANZEN avers the true succession to be that of doctrine, Malachi i. 11, applied by Papists to the ibid. TERTULLIAN makes the Sacrament Mass-Douay translation, 220. the figure of Christ's body, ibid. AM-Mass, the Latin canon of, 171: tk BROSE denies the judicial power of the Ethiopians or St. Matthew, a forgery, Iz: priesthood in forgiving bins, and contra asserted by the Canon of Trent to be dicts Peter's supremacy, wid. BASIL sets unbloody sacrifice, and to remit sips; forth the Seriptures as a Rule of Faith. without shedding of blood there is and salvation by grace, ibid. CYPRIANI remission, 180; a cheat, or God's word is against Supremacy, Purgatory, Images, deceives, 181; a propitiatory sacrifice and Priestly Absolution, 675. HILARY tained by the Eastern Churches, 212; the denies Purgatory, and aid

dit or dogma of, reasons for its spread, 212;! others; and min

the not wine but blood, strange it to Rule of Faith

ift intoxicate, 120: not apostolic, 195: tr . of God the

NS Christ has been bffered up 400.000, ROMANTI

times in forty years, 146: called Gap GORY

sacrifice by Bellarmine, 182; asserted to chris

de of

a propitiatory sacrifice, by the Crede

Pius IV., by canons of Trent, and by Far

369 ; mo Doyle's Abridgment of Christian Doctrice uver the, 176. 113.


Salvation, full, free, and priceless, 222; as
taught in the Romish Church, rests on a
contingency, Truth, holiness, and justice,

concur in the Gospel plan of salvation, 15).

om to receive the Saints in heaven, unable to hear prayer, 286; apists, invitation to them to receive the Saints in heaven.

on earth, allowable to ask their prayers, 223,
Gospel, 649, 650.

Scripture, its excellency as a Rule of Faith
Passover, the, a symbol, 32.

proved, by 2 Timothy iii. 16, 17; Psalm
Peter, a staunch Protestant, 228; supremacy

xix. 7; John v. 39; John xx. 31-40, 441;
of, overthrown by Augustine, 507.
Paris. Archbishop of, with hundreds of his blessed nature of, proved by its effects,
followers, worshipped the Goddess of 646; glory of, compared to the sun, 647.
Reason, 510.

Sandys, Sir Edwin, his opinion misrepre-
Patrick, St. his endless repetitions, 596. sented, 399-401.
Philip, St, and the Devil, ib.

Success in making proselytes no test of
Prayer to God, universal privilege and effi-| truth, 437.

cacy of, 232; to the Virgin, specimens of, Scape-goat, 218.
284, 285; blasphemous, 292-294; for the Septuagint preferred to the original Hebrew,
dead, not to be confounded with Purgatory, by Mr. French, 639.

Spirits, seven, before the throne, Augustine
Protestant unity, one hope, one faith, one and Gregory Nazianzen on them, 230, 231,

baptism, one God, 511, 512.
Protestants, Papalized, abandoned to the

enemy, 283; too much Popery remaining

among them, 646.
Protestantism, its text, 153.

Tractarians, 283.
Pope's denunciation of religious liberty, 605. Traditions, corrupted, 433; contemned by
Popes and Councils, reciprocal railings Matt. xv. 1, 2, 3; Mark vil. 5, 6, 8; 1 Pet.
between, 559.

i. 18, 19; 2 Thess. ii.-439.
Purgatory, not sanctioned by the fathers. I Transubstantiation, doctrine of, as esta-

369; the true, 393; of St. Patrick, de blished by the Canons and Catechism of
seription of, 391; disproved by Heb. ix.
25; 1 John ii. 2; Rev. i. 5, 6-394.

the Council of Trent and Creed of Pope
Priesthood, sacrificing, not ordained in the

Pius IV., 5, 6; first started by Rhadbert
Christian Church, 143; argument against

Pascasins in the ninth century. Dans
a succession of, from Heb. vii. 145.

Scotus admits it was only rendered neces. rodigal Son, an encouragement to all, 261.

sary to believe it by the decree of the arable of the lost sheep, 287.

Fourth Council of Lateran, A.D. 1215. Duremetus, Bishop of Meaux, said he would not believe it, as the Church

did not compel him, 14; disproved by otation, mistakes in, made by Mr. French,

Acts iii. 21;Matt. xxvi. 11; and 2 Cor. 38.

v. 16; also by Matt. xxiv. 26-10,11;if true, Christ's body is not a renl body, 12; ovidence of senses against, 28, 29; absurdities and impossibilities involved in the prin

ciple of, 29 : 5o anomalous, that only the Nous Gregory de Valentia, Jolet,

most positive and inevitable declaration of suvez, Salmeron, Lerarius,

God's word could establish it, 54; Cardi

nals Camarensis, Roffensis, Cajetan, and oma snon others.

Scotus, against it, 85; awfully degradiv Denied by Dr.

to Christ, 87; Isidore and Augus avsJozo of sundry curious and

quoted, against Transubstantiation, disproved by # passage quoted by French from the Book of Common ! in support of it, 116.

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