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Eucharist, the, how received by the Churches | Pear of Hell pronounced by Pope Bene

of England and Scotland, as set forth in d ict XIV. a sufficient qualification for the Thirty-nine Articles, and the Scottish heaven, 596; considered by Mr. French as and Westminster Confessions, 6, 7; Protest synonymous with fear of God, ibid. ant doctrine concerning, held by various

fathers, 9.
Evidence, internal, of the Holy Scriptures,

Idolatrous hymn, 270.
Idolatry, dreadful specimen of, quoted by

Mr. French, 250.

Jael has the same title to be worshipped as Fathers, the, fallible, contradictory, unau- Mary, 323.

thorised, and their writings mutilated, 8; Jerome, inconsistencies and absurdities of, early, not in our possession, 254; several | 255. of, as Ambrose, Athanasius, Augustine, Intermediate State, disproved by Isaiab lvii. Chrysostom, Cyprian, Irenæus, and Jerome, 7; Eccles. xi. 3; John v. 24; 2 Cor. . virtually under the Papal anathema, 255; 1, 2; Luke ii. 29, 30; Luke xvi. 25; afford strong testimonies against many Acts vii. 56; Phil. i. 2, 3; Luke xxiii. 43 of the Romish doctrines, as AUGUSTINE -394, 395. protests against praying in an unknown Justin Martyr, his description of scriptural tongue, against Purgatory, against Mary's public worship, 129; calls the Sacrament maternal assumptions, and against Priestly a commemoration, 140. Absolutions, 566, 567. JEROME asserts Interpretation, figurative, adopted by the that Scripture is the sole Rule of Faith; | Church of Rome, Sl; the same in thirty. that, wherever true faith is found, there | seven instances, 59; Augustine, Euse is the Church; that all Bishops are equal; bius, and Origen quoted for figurative, SS. that Christ is the Rock; that the Church Ignatius holds that faith is the Lord's flesh, is the assembly of all the saints; that and love his blood, 26. the Apocrypha is uninspired ; and that Intention, doctrine of, 34. the judicial absolving power of the priests 'lepeus, a sacrificing priest, never applied to is usurped, 568 — 570. CHRYSOSTOM Ministers of the Gospel, 181. denies that Peter's person is the foundation; that any but God can forgive sins; that anricular confession is necessary; or that any minor intercessors are required. He also enforces the reading of Scripture, Latria and Doulia, 227. 571, 572. ORIGEN enforces the necessity | Liturgies, ancient, Dupin on, 172. of reading Scripture, and the spiritual Liturgy of St. Peter, disproved by Dupin, meaning of eating Christ's flesh and ibid.; disproved by Cardinal Bona, 172; drinking his blood, 572. ATHANASIUS I of SS. Mark and James, forgeries, ibid. protests against creature worship, 572. | Aerovpréw, translation of the word, 636. CYRIL of Alexandria against Purgatory, Acitoupyia, does not mean a Propitiatory 573. CYRIL of Jerusalem rejects the | Sacrifice, 178. Apocrypha, and makes Scripture the Luther, not quite rid of Popish corruptions, Standard of Faith, 573. JUSTIN MARTYR 614 ; no part of our Rule of Faith, 563. writes against the Mass and Transubstan. Liguori, his singular merits in the way of tiation, 573. EUSEBIUS calls the conse- self-flagellation, 601. crated elements symbols, ibid. THEODORET denies that Angels are to be worshipped, and maintains Salvation by

M. Grace, 574. GREGORY NAZIANZEN avers the true succession to be that of doctrine, Malachi i. 11, applied by Papists to the ibid. TERTULLIAN makes the Sacrament! Mass-Douay translation, 220. the figure of Christ's body, ibid. An. Mass, the Latin canon of, 171 ; of the BROSE denies the judicial power of the Ethiopians or St. Matthew, a forgery, 179; priesthood in forgiving sins, and contra asserted by the Canon of Trent to be an dicts Peter's supremacy, ibid. BASIL sets unbloody sacrifice, and to remit sins; but forth the Scriptures as a Rule of Faith, without shedding of blood there is no and salvation by grace, ibid. CYPRIAN ! remission, 180; a cheat, or God's word is against Supremacy, Purgatory, Images, deceives, 181; a propitiatory sacrifice reand Priestly Absolution, 575. HILARY | tained by the Eastern Churches, 212; the denies Purgatory, and aid by the merit or dogma of, reasons for its spread, 212; if others; and makes the Scripture the not wine but blood, strange it should Rule of Faith, and salvation the free gift intoxicate, 120; not apostolic, 125; if true, of God through faith, ibid. CLEMENS Christ has been bffered up 400.000.ko ROMANUS does the same, 576 ; and GRE times in forty years, 146; called a finite GORY THE GREAT denounces as Anti sacrifice by Bellarmine, 182; asserted to be christ whosoever shall take the title of a propitiatory sacrifice, by the Creed of Universal Bishop, ibid.

Pius IV., by canons of Trent, and by Fathers, not unanimous, 124, 365, 369 ; mo Doyle's Abridgment of Christian Doctrice,

dern divines have advantages over the, 176. 113.


Masses, prices of, 182; Mr. Bolger's bequest | Romanism obliged to take the garb of for, 183.

Infidelity to wound Protestantism, 495. Mother of God, when first applied to Mary, Rome shrouds the Sun of Righteousness 171 ; remarks on the term, 211.

from men's eyes, 152. Milner, Dean, his History mutilated in Mr. Romish Doctors maintain that Christ's soul

French's quotations, 465; his testimony went to hell in the way of punishment,

against Popery, 467, 468. Missions of Romish Church, not scriptural, Rule of Faith, Romish, not producible, 405; 480, 481.

difficult to prove, 408; bulk and weight of, Missal Romanum, awful blasphemy of, 470; contradictions of, 540; Protestant, 33, 34.

produced, 405 ; not affected by differences Murder, wholesale, instigated by Pope Pius of opinion among Protestants, as the V., 611.

Ronish is by differences among themMassacreof 20,000 Protestants, Papal exulta selves, 540; triumphant all-sufficiency of,

tion at, 613; of St. Bartholomew, 611; 643.

medal struck in commemoration of, 613. Muotýprov, twenty-six times translated Mys

tery, only once Sacrament, in the Rhemish Testament, 560.

Salvation, full, free, and priceless, 222; as

taught in the Romish Church, rests on a contingency. Truth, holiness, and justice,

concur in the Gospel plan of salvation, 151. Papists, invitation to them to receive the Saints in heaven, unable to hear prayer, 286 ; Gospel, 619, 650.

on earth, allowable to ask their prayers, 225. Passover, the, a symbol, 32.

Scripture, its excellency as a Rule of Faith Peter, a staunch Protestant, 228; supremacy proved, by 2 Timothy iii. 16, 17; Psalm of, overthrown by Augustine, 507.

xix. 7; John v. 39; John xx. 31-440, 441; Paris, Archbishop of, with hundreds of his blessed nature of, prored by its effects,

followers, worshipped the Goddess of 646 ; glory of, compared to the sun, 647. Reason, 510.

Sandys, Sir Edwin, his opinion inisreprePatrick, St. his endless repetitions, 596.

sented, 399-401. Philip, St, and the Devil, ib.

Success in making proselytos no test of Prayer to God, universal privilege and effi-| truth, 437.

cacy of, 232; to the Virgin, specimens of, Scape-goat, 218. 284, 285; blasphemous, 292—294; for the Septuagint preferred to the original Hebrew, dead, not to be confounded with Purgatory, 1 by Mr. French, 639. 358.

Spirits, seven, before the throne, Augustine Protestant unity, one hope, one faith, one and Gregory Nazianzen on them, 230, 231.

baptism, one God, 511, 512. Protestants, Papalized, abandoned to the

enemy, 283; too much Popery remaining

among them, 646. Protestantism, its text, 153.

Tractarians, 283. Pope's denunciation of religious liberty, 605. Traditions, corrupted, 433; contemned by Popes and Councils, reciprocal railings Matt. xv. 1, 2, 3; Mark vii. 5, 6, 8; 1 Pet. between, 559.

i. 18, 19; 2 Thess. ii.-439. Purgatory, not sanctioned by the fathers, | Transubstantiation, doctrine of, as esta

369; the true, 393; of St. Patrick, de blished by the Canons and Catechism of scription of, 391; disproved by Heb. ix. the Council of Trent and Creed of Pope 25; 1 John ii. 2; Rev. i. 5, 6-394.

Pius IV., 5, 6; first started by Rhadbert Priesthood, sacrificing. not ordained in the Pascasius in the ninth century. Duns

Christian Church, 143; argument against Scotus admits it was only rendered necesa succession of, from Heb. vii. 145.

sary to believe it by the decree of the Prodigal Son, an encouragement to all, 261. Fourth Council of Lateran, A.D. 1215. Parable of the lost sheep, 287.

Duremetus, Bishop of Meaux, said he would not believe it, as the Church did not compel him, 14; disproved by

Acts iii. 21; Matt. xxvi. 11; and 2 Cor. Quotation, mistakes in, made by Mr. French, v. 16; also by Mast. xxiv. 26-10,11; if true, 538.

Christ's body is not a real body, 12; evidence of senses against, 28, 29; absurdities and impossibilities involved in the prin

ciple of, 29 : so anomalous, that only the Regicide, lawfulness and propriety of, - most positive and inevitable declaration of

proved by Gregory de Valentia, Jolet, God's word could establish it, 54; CardiBellarmine, Sauvez, Salmeron, Lerarius, nals Camarensis, Roffensis, Cajetan, and Molina, Emmanuel, the Seraphic Thomas, Scotus, against it, 85; awfully degrading and a dozen others. Denied by Dr. to Christ, 87; Isidore and Augustine Murray and Mr. French, 564.

quoted, against Transubstantiation, 215; Relics, inventory of sundry curious and disproved by a passage quoted by Mr. precious ones, 599.

French from the Book of Common Prayer Rosa Sta., her marvellous doings, 600,

in support of it, 116.

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Translation, Protestant, unjustly cavilled at,

475; Douay, dishonesty of, 477. Trent, Catechism of, asserts that bones and Virgin Mary, specimens of blasphemous nerves are contained in the wafer, 77; worship addressed to her, 254, 225, 22Council of, admits various interpretations 294; set forth as Mediator, 315; her of the fathers, 85; commands Invocation blessedness, rightly shown by Augustine, of Saints, 224.

324; horrible blasphemy in praise of, 003.

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Union of Church and State approved by Pope Walthen and the Devil, 603

Gregory XVI., 597.
Unity of Protestant Confessions, 598.





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