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Century Company, 1896
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Էջ 209 - And only the Master shall praise us. and only the Master shall blame: And no one shall work for money. and no one shall work for fame. But each for the joy of the working. and each. in his separate star. Shall draw the Thing as he sees It for the God of Things as They Are!
Էջ 144 - e might require, 'E went an' took — the same as me ! The market-girls an' fishermen, The shepherds an' the sailors, too, They 'eard old songs turn up again, But hep' it quiet— same as you ! They knew 'e stole; 'e knew they knowed. They didn't tell, nor make a fuss, But winked at 'Omer down the road, An' 'e winked back — the same as us ! "BACK TO THE ARMY AGAIN.
Էջ 2 - Keep ye the Law — be swift in all obedience — Clear the land of evil, drive the road and bridge the ford. Make ye sure to each his own That he reap where he hath sown ; By the peace among Our peoples let men know we serve the Lord!
Էջ 6 - We were dreamers, dreaming greatly, in the manstifled town; We yearned beyond the sky-line where the strange roads go down. Came the Whisper, came the Vision, came the Power with the Need. Till the Soul that is not man's soul was lent us to lead.
Էջ 130 - And they asked me how I did it, and I gave 'em the Scripture text, " You keep your light so shining a little in front o' the next!" They copied all they could follow, but they couldn't copy my mind, And I left 'em sweating and stealing a year and a half behind.
Էջ 101 - Green against the draggled drift, Faint and frail and first— Buy my Northern blood-root And I'll know where you were nursed! Robin down the logging-road whistles, "Come to me," Spring has found the maple-grove, the sap is running free; All the winds o' Canada call the ploughingrain.
Էջ 196 - eathen in 'is blindness bows down to wood an' stone ; 'E don't obey no orders unless they is 'is own ; 'E keeps 'is side-arms awful : 'e leaves 'em all about, An' then comes up the regiment an
Էջ 25 - stablished its borders unto all eternity, That such as have no pleasure For to praise the Lord by measure, They may enter into galleons and serve Him on the sea. Sun, wind, and cloud shall fail not from the face of it, Stinging, ringing spindrift, nor the fulmar flying free; And the ships shall go abroad To the Glory of the Lord Who heard the silly sailor-folk and gave them back their sea!
Էջ 44 - Mornin' Stars for joy that they are made; While, out o' touch o' vanity, the sweatin' thrust-block says: "Not unto us the praise, or man — not unto us the praise!" Now, a' together, hear them lift their lesson — theirs an' mine: "Law, Orrder, Duty an' Restraint, Obedience, Discipline!" Mill, forge an' try-pit taught them that when roarin' they arose, An' whiles I wonder if a soul was gied them wi
Էջ 172 - Oogli, Shy as a girl to begin; Aggie de Castrer she made me, An' Aggie was clever as sin; Older than me, but my first un— More like a mother she were— Showed me the way to promotion an' pay, An' I learned about women from 'er!

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