Jack the Ripper: The 21st Century Investigation

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There have been countless attempts to solve the brutal murders committed overnbsp;100 years ago by Jack the Ripper, but this most famous of British criminal cases finally benefits from a clear, professional eye to analyze the evidence with all the benefits of modern investigative techniques. Former murder squad detective Trevor Marriottnbsp;considers a mystery that has enthralled millions. Casting aside the rumors, fantasies, and urban legends which have haunted this case for so long, he produces some startling results: whilenbsp;it has long been accepted that Jack the Ripper killed only five women, Marriot believes there were up to nine victims. Most astonishingly of all, a previously unconsidered suspect who alsonbsp;committed murders in America and Germanynbsp;has been firmly put in the frame. All previous theories are refutednbsp;in what may possibly benbsp;the final word on the Ripper murders.

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