Seven Weeks in Belgium, Switzerland, Lombardy, Piedmont, Savoy, Հատոր 2

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1838

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Էջ 152 - ... the inclinations of men should frequently be thwarted, their will controlled, and their passions brought into subjection. This can only be done by a power out of themselves ; and not, in the exercise of its function, subject to that will and to those passions which it is its office to bridle and subdue. In this sense the restraints on men as well as their liberties, are to be reckoned among their rights.
Էջ 76 - Clear, placid Leman ! thy contrasted lake, With the wild world I dwelt in, is a thing Which warns me, with its stillness, to forsake Earth's troubled waters for a purer spring. This quiet sail is as a noiseless wing To waft me from distraction : once I loved Torn ocean's roar, but thy soft murmuring Sounds sweet as if a sister's voice reproved, That I with stern delights should e'er have been so moved.
Էջ 76 - Lake Leman woos me with its crystal face, The mirror where the stars and mountains view The stillness of their aspect in each trace Its clear depth yields of their far height and hue...
Էջ 310 - Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves is as true of personal habits as of money.
Էջ 152 - Government is a contrivance of human wisdom to provide for human wants. Men have a right that these wants should be provided for by this wisdom.
Էջ 119 - Yet, amid these scenes — surrounded by the sublimest demonstrations of the eternal power and Godhead of the Almighty, a wretch has had the hardihood to avow and record his atheism, having written over against his name in the album at Montanvert,
Էջ 56 - Julia — thy daughter, the devoted — gave Her youth to Heaven ; her heart, beneath a claim Nearest to Heaven's, broke o'er a father's grave. Justice is sworn 'gainst tears, and her's would crave The life she liv'd in ; but the judge was just, And then she died on him she could not save.
Էջ 144 - ... they all shall wax old as doth a garment; and as a vesture shall he fold them, up, and they shall be changed : but he is the same, and his years fail not,
Էջ 178 - ... pine forests, &c. while brawling brooks intersect it in all directions, and often inundate it, in their precipitous course from the mountains to the Rhone, which runs through its centre. Were this valley beneath a tropical sun, it would be the seat of pestilence and death. As it is, the air must necessarily be bad ; for the high ridges of mountains!, which rise like walls on the north and south sides, prevent a free ventilation, while, in Summer, a powerful sun beats down into the valley, rendering...
Էջ 56 - And there — oh! sweet and sacred be the name ! — .In ' in — the daughter, the devoted — gave Her youth to Heaven ; her heart, beneath a claim Nearest to Heaven's, broke o'er a father's grave.

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