The history of the life of king Henry the second, and of the age in which he lived. To which is prefixed, A history of the revolutions of England from the death of Edward the confessor to the birth of Henry the second. 3 vols. [and] Notes to the second and third (fourth and fifth) books, Հատոր 2

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Էջ 371 - Wales, fays, that formerly they hardly ever married without a prior cohabitation ; it having been cuftomary for parents to let out their daughters to young men upon trial, for a fum of money told down, and under a penalty if the girls were returned.
Էջ 58 - Glocester himself had |ho inconsiderable tincture of learning, and was the patron of all who excelled in it ; qualities rare at all times in a nobleman of his high rank, but particularly in an age when knowledge and valour were thought incompatible, and not to be able to read was a mark of nobility. This truly great man...
Էջ 502 - Of Fees holden either immediately of the king, or of others who held of the king in capite ; and if alienated, whether the owners were cnfeoffed ab antique, or de novo ; as also fees holden in frank-almoigne, with the values thereof respectively.
Էջ 271 - ... in their defence. Thus he deftroyed the only ground upon which he could ftand, and changed the nature of the queftion between him and Matilda, making her caufe, and her fon's, the caufe of the nation, inltead pf a perfonal claim of inheritance.
Էջ 227 - Welch and the Scotch, calling themselves allies or auxiliaries to the Empress, but in reality enemies and destroyers of England, have broken their bounds, ravaged our borders, and taken from us whole provinces, which we never can hope to recover ; while instead of employing our united force...
Էջ 370 - ... of it was recent in their minds ; but it was frequently carried back, by a falfe fenfe of honour, even to very remote and traditional quarrels, in which any of their family had been ever engaged. For not only the nobles and gentry, but even the loweft among them, had each by heart his own genealogy, together with which he retained a...
Էջ 373 - Notwithstanding their poverty they were fo hofpitable, that every man's houfe was open to all; and thus no wants were felt by the moft indigent, nor was there a beggar in the nation. When any ftranger, or traveller came to a houfe, he ufed no other ceremony, than, at his firft entrance, to deliver his arms into the hands of the mafter, who thereupon offered to...
Էջ 39 - Yet that hiftorian affirms, that, even in the latter years of his reign, broken as he was with inceffant toils, and heavy from a too corpulent habit of body, if any thing happened in any part of his kingdom, by which the royal majefty was hurt or offended, he never fuffered it to continue unchaftifed.
Էջ 228 - England must pay the price of their services : our lands, our honours, must be the hire of these rapacious invaders. But suppose we should have the fortune to conquer for Stephen, what will be the consequence ? Will victory teach him moderation ? Will he learn from security that regard to our liberties, which he could not learn from danger...
Էջ 375 - ... paid, in his days, a more devout reverence to churches and churchmen, to the relics of 'faints, to crofles, and to bells, than any other nation. Whenever any of them happened to meet a monk, or other ecclefiaftic, they inftantly threw down their arms, and, bowing their heads, implored his bleffing.

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