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Bond liable

be used for the weighing of grain after being found in. correct, until put in order and found accurate and ap

proved for further use by an authorized inspector. Violation,

SECTION 29. A violation of any of the preceding provimisdemeanor.

sions of this Act, (except in cases covered by Sectio:s six, twenty and twenty-five), by any warehouseman, owner, lessee, manager or employee of public warehouses created by this Act, is declared a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, the violators shall be fined not less than one thousand nor more than five thousand dollars, one-fourth of such fine to be awarded and paid to the informer of

such misdemeanor. County attor- SECTION 30. In all criminal prosecutions against a ney, duties of

warehouseman for the violation of any of the provisions of this Act, it shall be the duty of the county attorney of the county in which such prosecution is brought to prosecute the same to a final issue in the name of and on behalf of the people of the Territory of Oklahoma.

SECTION 31. If any warehouseman shall be guilty of a violation of any provision of this Act, to the injury of any person by such violation, it shall be lawful for such injured person to bring suit in any court of competent jurisdiction, upon the bond of such warehouseman, in the name of the people of the Territory of Oklahoma, to the

use of such person. Deputy chief SECTION 32. The said Chief Inspector shall be author- . inspector, assistants. ized to appoint a suitable person as Deputy Chief In

spector, to be acting Chief Inspector in the absence of the Chief Inspector. He shall also be authorized to appoint Assistant Inspectors, who shall not be interested in any public warehouse in this Territory: Provided. That be

shall not appoint more than three Assistant Inspectors. Oath and

SECTION 33. The Chief Inspector shall, upon entering bond, chief inspector. upon the duties of his office, be required to take an oath

that he will faithfully and strictly discharge the duties of his said office of Inspector, according to law and the rules and regulations prescribing his duties. He shall execute a bond to the people of the Territory of Oklahoma in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, with sureties to be

approved by the Board of Commissioners hereinafter provided for, conditional that he will pay all damages to any person or persons who may be injured by reason of his neglect, refusal or failure to comply with the law and the rules and regulations of this Act. SECTION 34. The Deputy Chief Inspector and all Oath and

bond, deputy

and assistants Assistant Inspectors appointed under this Act shall be liability under the supervision of the Chief Inspector, to whom they shall report in detail all service performed by them at the close of each working day. The Deputy Chief Inspector and each Assistant Inspector shall take the same oath as the Chief Inspector, and execute a bond in the penal sum of twenty-five hundred dollars, with like con. ditions, and to be approved in like manner as provided for the bond of the Chief Inspector, which bond shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of the Territory. Suit may be brought upon bonds of either the Chief Inspector, Deputy Chief Inspector or Assistant Inspectors in any court having jurisdiction thereof, in the county or city where the defendant resides, for the use of any person injured by any act of said Chief Inspector, the Deputy Chief Inspector, or Assistant Inspectors.

SECTION 35. The Chief Inspector of grain, the Dep- Board of comuty Chief Inspector, Assistant Inspectors and other em- rules, fees. ployees in connection therewith shall be governed in their respective duties by such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by a Board of Commissioners, consisting of the Territorial Secretary, Territorial Auditor and Attorney General of the Territory, and the said Commissioners shall have full power to make all proper rules and regulations for the inspection of grain not inconsistent with this Act, to fix the charges for the inspection of grain and other duties of said Chief Inspector, Deputy Chief Inspector and Assistant Inspectors, and to make and prescribe rules for the collection of the same, which charges shall be regulated in such manner as will, in the judgment of the said Board of Commissioners, produce sufficient revenue to meet the necessary expenses of the service of inspection, and no more.

Compensa- SECTION 36. It shall be the duty of said Board of Comtion.

missioners to fix the amount of compensation to be paid to the Chief Inspector, Deputy Chief Inspector and Assistant Inspectors, and all other persons employed in the service of inspection, and prescribe the time and manner of payment: Provided, That the salary of the Chief Inspector shall not exceed one thousand dollars per annum, Deputy Chief Inspector not to exceed six hundred dollars per annum, and the Assistant Inspectors not to exceed three hundred dollars per annum each; and the Board of Commissioners not to exceed one hundred dollars per annum each: And, provided further, That the Territory of Oklahoma shall not be liable for the payment of any of the above salaries in any manner what

soever. Neglect or SECTION 37. Any duly authorized Chief Inspector, fraudulent conduct, mis- Deputy Chief Inspector or Assistant Inspector of grain demeanor.

under this Act who shall be guilty of neglect of duty, or who shall knowingly or carelessly inspect or grade any grain improperly, or who shall accept any money or other valuable consideration, directly or indirectly, for any neglect of duty as such Chief Inspector, Deputy Chief Inspector or Assistant Inspector, or any person who shall improperly influence any Chief Inspector, Deputy Chief Inspector or Assistant Inspector of grain under this Act in the performance of his duties as such inspector, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be fined in a sum not less than five hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, or shall be imprisoned in the county jail not less than sit nor more than twelve months, or both such fine and

imprisonment, in the discretion of the court. Imposter, SECTION 38. Any person who shall assume to Act as misdemeanor.

an Inspector of grajn who has not been duly appointed, sworn and given bond under this Act, shall be held to be an imposter, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred


collars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than three months nor more than six months, or both such fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court, for each and every offense so committed. SECTION 39. Upon complaint in writing of any per- Inspector, re

moved son to the said Board of Commissioners, supported by satisfactory proof, that any person appointed or employed by said Chief Inspector under the provisions of this Act has violated any of the rules prescribed for his government, or has been guilty of any improper official act, or has been found incompetent for the duties of his position, such person shall be removed from his employment by the same authority that appointed him, and his place shall be filled , if necessary, by a new appointment. When it shall be deemed necessary to reduce the number of persons appointed or employed, their terms of service shall cease under the orders of the same authority by which they were appointed or employed.

SECTION 40. In all matters involving doubt on the Appeal, compart of the Chief Inspector, the Deputy Chief Inspector or any Assistant Inspector, as to the proper inspection into or out of any warehouse created by this Act, or in case any owner, consignee or shipper of grain, or any warehouse manager shall be dissatisfied with the deci. sion of the Chief Inspector, the Deputy Chief Inspector or any Assistant Inspector in matters pertaining to inspection, an appeal may be made to the committee here inafter provided for, who shall at once convene, and whose decision, after a careful inquiry into the questions at issue, shall be final.

SECTION 41. The Board of Commissioners shall, as Arbitration sooon after the passage of this Act as is practicable, appointed. appoint committees for the adjustment of differences between inspectors and warehousemen, or owners or representatives of grain, arising from the acts of inspectors, each committee to corsist of three persons well known as experts in grain; and a committee shall be appointed in each city or town where public warehouses under this Act are located, said committees to be known as the arbitration committees of the Board of Commissioners.


Board of SECTION 42. The Board of Commissioners shall make ommissione ers to make rules.

equitable and legal rules governing said committee's procedure, in the arbitrations, the manner and amount of compensation, the method of appointment and terms

of service. Standard of SECTION 43. The Board of Commissioners, as soon grades, changes in,

after the passage of this Act as is practicable, shall notice.

establish a proper number and standard of grades for the inspection of grain, with due regard to the prevail. ing usages of the markets of this Territory, the interests of both producers and dealers, and as near as may be to conform with standards of grade adopted by reputed leading markets of the United States: Provided, No modification or changes of grades shall be made or any new ones established without public notice being given of such contemplated changes, for at least twenty days prior thereto, by publication in three daily newspapers, one of which shall be printed in German, printed in this Territory: And, provided further, That no mixture of old or new grades, even though designated by the same

name or distinction, shall be permitted while in store, Report of SECTION 44. The Board of Commissioners shall, on commission

‘or before the first day of January of each year, make a report to the Governor of their doings for the preceding year, to contain such facts as will disclose the actual working of the system of the warehouse business of this Territory as contemplated by this Act, and such sug

gestions thereto as to them may appear pertinent. Inspection of SECTION 45. Said Commissioners shall examine into ware puse by

the condition and management, and all other matters concerning the business of warehouses under this Act in this Territory, so far as the same may pertain to the relations of such warehouses to the public, and to the security and convenience of persons doing business therewith, and to ascertain whether the officers, directors, managers, lessees, agents and employees comply with the laws of this Territory now in force or to be in force concerning such warehouses. Whenever it shall



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