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Compensation to Indians, rates prescribed.

struction of the railway. Each of the referees shall receive for his compensation the sum of four dollars per day while engaged in hearing of any case submitted to them under this Act. Witnesses shall receive the fees usually allowed by courts within the district where such land is located. Costs, including compensation of the referees, shall be made part of the award or judgment, and be paid by such railroad company.

SECTION 4. That if any such company shall fail to construct and put in operation one-tenth of its entire line in one year, or to complete its road within three years after the approval of its map of location by the Secretary of the Interior, the right of way hereby granted shall be deemed forfeited and abandoned ipso facto as to that portion of the road not then constructed and in operation: Provided, That the Secretary may, when he deems proper, extend, for a period not exceeding two years, the time for the completion of any road for which right of way has been granted and a part of which shall have been built.

SECTION 5. That where a railroad is constructed under the provisions of this Act through the Indian Territory there shall be paid by the railroad company to the Secretary of the Interior, for the benefit of the particular nation or tribe through whose lands the road may be located, such an annual charge as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, not less than fifteen dollars for each mile of road, the same to be paid so long as said land shall be owned by such nation or tribe, which payment shall be in addition to the compensation otherwise required herein. And within the Indian Territory upon any railroad constructed under the provisions of this Act the rates and charges for passenger and freight service, if not otherwise prescribed by law, may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior from time to time, and the grants herein are made upon condition that the company shall transport mails whenever required to do so by the Postoffice Department.

of March 3, 1875 appli

SECTION 6. That the provisions of section two of the Section, Ac Act of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, cable. entitled, "An Act granting to railroads the right of way through the public lands of the United States," are hereby extended and made applicable to rights of way granted under this Act and to railroad companies obtaining such rights of way.

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SECTION 7. That the Secretary of the Interior shall Secretary make all needful rules and regulations, not inconsistent scribe rules. herewith, for the proper execution and carrying into effect of all the provisions of this Act.

SECTION 8. That Congress hereby reserves the right at any time to alter, amend, or repeal this Act, or any portion thereof.

Approved, March 2, 1899.


AN ACT authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to permit the use
of the buildings on the Fort Supply Military Reservation by Okla-
homa Territory for an insane asylum.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress Assembled: That the Secretary of the Interior is authorized, under rules and regulations to be provided by him, to permit the use of the buildings on the Fort Supply Military Reservation, and so much of the land as may be necessary for such use, by the Territory of Oklahoma for the purpose of an insane asylum for said Territory. Said authority may be revoked, at the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior.

Approved, February 10, 1899.

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AN ACT for the protection of the several counties of the Territory of Oklahoma, and regulating the business of abstracting in relation thereto.



Be it Enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Oklahoma: SECTION 1. That it shall be unlawful for any person, bond of; confirm or corporation to hold themselves out as abstracters and to engage in the business of abstracting title to real estate in any of the counties of the Territory of Oklahoma, without first having executed and filed with the county clerk of the county in which said person, firm or corporation intends to engage in the business of abstracting, a bond, to be approved by the board of county commissioners of said county, with three or more good and sufficient sureties residing in the county, and worth not less than double the amount of the bond over and above all debts, liabilities and exemptions, in the sum of five thousand dollars, conditioned that he will properly demean himself in the business of abstracting, and will pay all damages that may accrue to any person by reason of any incompleteness, imperfections or error in any abstract furnished by him, and will in no way mutilate, deface or destroy any of the records of the several offices to which he may have access, and that he will not in any way interfere with, hinder or delay the several county officers in the discharge of their duties, while using said

Certificate, how issued.

records in the prosecution of said business of abstracting: Provided, however, That the records shall in no case be taken from the county office to which they belong. The person, firm or corporation who shall execute and file said bond of five thousand dollars for said purpose, shall, together with the sureties thereon, be liable on said bond to the Territory of Oklahoma in the penalty of one hundred dollars ($100); and to any county or person who shall be in any way damaged by any mutilation, injury or destruction of any record or records of the several county offices to which he or they may have access, to the amount of damage actually done said county or person; and to any person or persons for whom he or they may compile, make or furnish abstracts of title, to the amount of damage done to said person or persons by any incompleteness, imperfection or error made by said person, firm or corporation, in compiling said abstract.

SECTION 2. It is hereby made the duty of the county clerk, after the bond of any abstracter has been filed and approved, to issue to such abstracter, on demand, a certificate of authority in writing, under his hand and official seal, to make abstracts. After such certificate shall have been issued, a person, firm or corporation holding the same during the continuance of such certificate, shall have free access to the county records of the several county offices, for the purpose of the prosecution of their said business of abstracting, and the compiling, posting and keeping up of their abstract books necessary for the proper conduct of their said business, under the direct supervision of the county officers having the legal custody of said records; and while handling and using said county records for any of the purposes of this Act the said abstracters shall be under the same obligation to protect and preserve said records as the several county officers who have the legal custody of same, and subject to the same penalties for a violation of such duty as said officer would be. And it is hereby made the duty of such

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